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Law Of Attraction

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Law Of Attraction How It Works

The principal of this law is that whatever you focus on you will get.

Emotions and thoughts generally drive the laws of attraction. Let’s say you think about money, but whilst you have this thought you feel fear. This then creates a lack of money. The same with love, if you feel sad when thinking about love then you are creating a lack of love.

Your reality is then created by emotions and thoughts together.

What you feel when you think about something in specific is a magnet that then attracts circumstances, opportunities, things and people. We all have thousands of thoughts each day and not all of these will manifest themselves. This is why emotion plays a part in the laws of attraction.

What you feel, think and act upon in relation to the essence of a topic will draw a reality that is inline with that essence. The way that you feel when you receive the reality will be the same feeling that you had when you created it.

The laws of attraction can be applied to change your reality and to create something different. In order to do this, you will need to force the essence or the thought to change.

Instead of trying to determine the essence that you were applying before you should determine the outcome that you desire.

If you are looking for love for instance then you need to think about that which you are truly seeking and the emotional fulfilment that it will bring you.

Once you have thought of this then you need to apply those positive feelings to the thought.

This is how the laws of attraction work, apply the thought combined with a feeling, which will create your reality. Be Zen and positive and always seeing the best in the situation.


Find Me Love

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Tips On How To Date Carefully Online

As technology has developed so has the way we date with more and more people looking online to find partners and love.

Online dating has grown in popularity, but there are risks associated with online dating even though it can be a low pressure and fun way to meet potential partners.

You must always practice caution when dating online, so here are some tips on how to …

Use A Trusted and Reputable Site

There are thousands of online dating sites to choose from, but not all of these are safe. There are even apps and sites that target students or specific groups of people.

There are reputable and trusted sites and these are popular with users. The best thing to do is to research. Find out what other users are saying about the website, if they have had any complaints and if they are a real company.

Protect Your Contact Information

Any potential match will most likely run your name through an Internet search. This could lead them to your workplace, your home or give them your phone number.

You should never post any details on your profile that could identify you, which includes your personal email, your address or phone number. The information available on other social media platforms should also be limited and your security settings should be on max.

TIP: Do not allow an app to post your location.

Be A Detective

It is a good idea to verify your suitors in terms of who they are by finding other photos they have posted online. Also using other social media accounts to learn more about them could reveal real time intelligent information such as unsavoury personality traits or fake photos.

TIP: Copy the photo from the dating site and search via Google which will look for any matches to that image.

Face-to-Face Meetings

If you have found someone that you would like to meet then select a venue that is highly visible and with plenty of foot traffic. Always inform someone of your appointment. You can also arrange for a friend to call you during the date to make sure everything is fine. Do not allow anyone to collect you make your own way there and back.

Do not agree to meet up in a secluded location or at your home, this is a red flag and you should walk away and report it to the dating website, together with any strange or aggressive behaviour.

Dress For Success

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Your clothing communicates to others, which means the way that you dress can impact on your ability to achieve success.

The fact is that we are judged by others; by the way we dress and present ourselves. This is definitely true in the workplace. Clothing is able to influence the way that others perceive you and the way they speak and communicate with you.

Your appearance actually influences the perception of the others in terms of your authority, your financial success, your trustworthiness, and your intelligence and if you are suitable to hire or to promote.

This then means that it is able to influence your level of success.

Also when your appearance is combined with your communication skills it can influence whether or not others will comply with your request, give you access to decision makers, trust the information that you have given them, hire you or even buy a product or service from you.

You will then want to ensure that your clothing has a positive impact on your success. Here are some tips that you can use so that you are dressing for success.

Keep Skin To A Minimal

You should never show too much skin at work. You shouldn’t wear strapless tops, short skirts or shoes that hardly cover your feet.

Make Sure They Are Clean

It may seem obvious that you shouldn’t wear dirty clothes to work, but many actually try and wear a dirty shirt one more time before it gets cleaned.

Iron Out The Wrinkles

Clothes that you wear to work should always be ironed. Your appearance will be a lot neater and you will look more put together.  If you are strapped for time then hang your items up in your bathroom and let the heat from the water work its magic.

Clothes Should Fit

At work, you need to wear clothes that fit you well. This means they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. An easy way to make sure clothes fit and are flattering is to have them tailored.

Keep Makeup and Jewellery To A Minimum

Makeup and jewellery should be kept to a minimum. This will change the way people see you and will give you a more professional and polished look.

Wear The Right Shoes And Accessories

The jewellery that you wear should not be too flashy or too in your face and the shoes that you wear should be comfortable and appropriate for work.

Avoid Wearing Shorts

There are some workplaces that are fine with men and women wearing shorts, but if you want to portray yourself as a professional then it is best to avoid them.

If you want to be successful then you need to dress for success and avoid any clothing that gives the impression that you are unprofessional. Your clothing should show that you are credible and have the right work ethic.


The Quick Guide to a Decluttered Home

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Clutter is not good for your mind, body or soul. Trust me, as a former clutter bug it can have a serious effect on all aspects of your life.

But one of my favourite habits is having a decluttered home.

I now realise that I always disliked the clutter, but I put off thinking about it because it was unpleasant.

The thought of having to deal with all that clutter was overwhelming, and I had too much to do, or I was too tired, so I procrastinated.

Clutter, it turns out, is procrastination.

But I learned to deal with that procrastination one small chunk at a time, and I cleared it out. That was truly amazing.

Amazing because I didn’t really believe I could do it until I did it. I didn’t believe in myself. And amazing because when it was done, there was a background noise that was removed from my life, a distraction, an irritation.

Decluttering my home has meant a more peaceful, minimal life. It’s meant I spend less time cleaning, maintaining my stuff, looking for things.

For anyone looking to begin decluttering, I’d like to offer a short guide on getting started. Know that this guide isn’t comprehensive, and it can take months to really get down to a decluttered home … but if you do it right, the process is fun and liberating and empowering, each step of the way.

Start small. Clutter can be overwhelming, and so we put it off. The best thing I did was to just focus one one small space to start with. A kitchen counter (just part of it) is a good example. Or a dining table, or a shelf. Clear everything off that space, and only put back what you really need. Put it back neatly. Get rid of the rest — give it away, sell it on gumtree, donate it, recycle it. The clearing and sorting will take 10 minutes, while you can give stuff away later when you have the time.
Work in chunks. If you start small, you’ll feel good about it, but there’s still a whole home full of stuff to deal with. So just like you did one small area to start with, keep doing that, just 10 minutes a day, maybe more if you feel really enthusiastic. If you have a free day on the weekend, spend an afternoon doing a huge chunk. Spend the whole weekend if you feel like it. Or just do one small piece at a time — there’s no need to rush, but keep the progress going.
Follow a simple method. For each small chunk you do, clear out the area in question and put everything in one pile. Pick up the first thing off the pile (no putting it aside to decide later) and force yourself to make a decision. Ask yourself: do I love and use this? If not, get rid of it. If the answer is yes, find a place for it — I call it a “home”. If you really love and use something, it deserves a home that you designate and where you put it back each time you’re done with it. Then go to the next thing and make the same decision. Working quickly and making quick decisions, you can sort through a pile in about 10 minutes (depending on the size of the pile).

Put stuff in your boot. Once you’ve collected stuff to donate or give away, put them in boxes or shopping bags and put them in the boot of your car (if you don’t have a car, somewhere near the door). Choose a time to deliver them. Enjoy getting them out of your life.
Talk to anyone involved. If you have a significant other, kids, or other people living with you, they’ll be affected if you start decluttering the home. You should talk to them now, before you get started, so they’ll understand why you want to do this, and get them involved in the decision-making process. Ask them what they think of this. Send them this article to consider. Ask if they can support you wanting to declutter, at least your own stuff or some of the kitchen or living room, to see what it’s like. Don’t be pushy, don’t try to force, but have the conversation.

Be OK if they resist. Try to change the things that you can control (your personal possessions, for example) and see if that example doesn’t inspire them to consider further change.
Notice your resistance. There will be a lot of items that you either don’t want to get rid of (even if you don’t really use them), or you don’t feel like tackling. This resistance is important to watch — it’s your mind wanting to run from discomfort or rationalise things. You can give in to the resistance, but at least pay attention to it. See it happening. The truth is, we put a lot of emotional attachment into objects. A photo of a loved one, a gift from a family member, a memento from a wedding or travel, a treasured item from a dead grandfather. These items don’t actually contain the memories or love that we think are in them, and practicing letting go of the items while holding onto the love is a good practice. And practicing tackling clutter that you dread tackling is also an amazing practice.
Enjoy the process. The danger is to start seeing decluttering as yet another chore on your to-do list. Once you start doing that, it becomes something you’ll put off. Instead, reframe it to a liberating practice of mindfulness. Smile as you do it. Focus on your breathe, on your body, on the motions of moving items around, on your feelings about the objects. This is a beautiful practice, and I recommend it.
These steps won’t get your home decluttered in a weekend. But you can enjoy the first step, and then the second, and before you know it you’ve taken 30 steps and your home is transformed. You’ll love this change as much as I have.

Find Me Love

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There are plenty of ways to meet new people and meeting new people may mean that you are able to find love.

Here are the top ways that you can find love.

At A Bar

A common place for people to meet new people or to find someone they could date is at a bar or club. Bars and clubs create an atmosphere where people are able to mingle easier than they would if they just met on the street. The problem with this is that people are usually drinking alcohol, so this can lead to bad choices and doesn’t always make the best way to find a real love interest.

At Work

At work you see the same people everyday, which means it is a great place to meet new people and because of the environment you are forced to interact with one another. Getting to know people like this can help to form a relationship and someone that you may have not normally considered is now the person you are interested in. However, be warned that if a relationship doesn’t work with a colleague then it can make things awkward.

Speed Dating

Speed dating is where a group of men and women chat with one another for just a few minutes before they swap. Speed daters are then able to get the contact details of the person that they are interested in so they can arrange a date.  Speed dating allows people to meet a lot of potential partners in a short period of time with the option of seeing them again if both parties are willing.

Internet Dating

There are plenty of dating sites out there nowadays, where users will need to fill out questionnaires about themselves and create a profile. The site will then find you potential suitors by the answers that you gave.

Internet dating is fun and easy. You are also able to determine beforehand if you want to see any of your matches for a date or if they are not the person for you. There are sites that will also allow you to engage in chats with the potential partners so you can get to know them better. The real downfall of Internet dating is that people may lie about whom they are, but this can happen in the real world too, but the physical appearance of someone online could be a lie.

Friends and Family

You can tap into your friends and family and see if they know anyone that might be suitable for you.

Regain Your Love Life with Office Yoga and Meditation


Stress, lack of sleep and muscle-tensions can be the death of your love life. Here is what to do.

Pounding the keyboard at work. Frequent visits to the coffeemaker for stimuli. Paying attention at yet another meeting. No wonder if you’re tired and tense after a long day’s work. The words, ‟not tonight, honey”, aren’t just a cliché out of movies. In reality, both men and women are turned off from sex as a consequence of stress and exhaustion.

For most couples sex is a central part of the relationship. It brings us closer together, gives us vitality and that smile in the morning. However, according to various studies, we deprive ourselves of some of the most vital experiences in life – because we’re exhausted and stressed out.

“On top of this stress makes you lose sleep – and then you become even more stressed out due to the lack of sleep. It is a vicious cycle. Having a lot of things on your mind can have an adverse effect on your sexual performance as well as your experience of joy during sex”, says Sally Megyessi, yoga teacher and developer of the meditation app TakeTime and continues:

“And if you are having sex despite being stressed out and exhausted, you will most likely not be entirely present. You might be thinking about the things on your to-do-list, what you’re going to write in your next email or what your colleague meant by that remark. This poses a problem as the key to any great experience, such as sex, is focus and presence.”

However, stress, exhaustion and muscle pain aren’t magically going to go away; you will have to work on it. Meditation and yoga can help you not only to focus and be present during intimate moments, but you can also reduce muscle tensions, which can improve several aspects of sexual functions, for both men and women, such as desire and overall satisfaction.

TakeTime Yoga
TakeTime is more than meditation – it is also about your physical well-being. Trisendi, the company behind TakeTime, has added TakeTime Yoga to the meditation app. TakeTime Yoga features 7 easy yoga exercises that will help you relieve muscle tensions after a long day at the office – it will add 8 more exercises before Christmas. Doing this Yoga, it is less likely that you will experience muscle pain if you perform the exercises on a regular basis. They will stimulate blood flow, loosen up your joints and muscles.
Based on many years of experience with meditation and yoga, here are the 3 best office yoga exercises to loosen up and revitalise your tense and tired body and mind, making you ready to regain your love life:

Finger Yawn
Straighten your arms, stretch your fingers and then clench them together, loosening up any typing-habits. Repeat at least 10 times or until your fingers get warm.


Bye Bye tired feet  

Sit on a chair with your legs together. Straighten your legs and flip your feet up and down as far as you can stretch them, pumping the blood all the way to your toes. Breathe normally. Do the flips at least 10 times. 


The only way is up!

Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground, keeping your knees at a 90-degree angle. Keep your back straight and rest your hands on your lap. Inhale and exhale through the nose, slowly and steadily, focus on getting the breath all the way into the belly. As you inhale, lift your arms up, interlace your fingers and stretch your arms up, while pointing both index fingers to the sky. As you exhale, relax your shoulders and as you inhale stretch your arms up over your head as far as you can. Take at least 5 long deep breaths. 

End this session by sitting with your eyes closed, hands resting easily in your lap and gently count your breath from 1 to 10. Once you have reached 10 breaths, bring your attention back to the body, gently open your eyes and continue with renewed energy.


Do you take part in office yoga? Has it made a difference to your productivity, creativity and sex life? Share with us in the comments below…

Ban Women from Attending University

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The Independent was granted permission to see the decree that says that the Satmar sect will be very strict about this issue and will no longer tolerate girls that attend their school to study and get a degree. They say that this is dangerous and if girls do not comply with the decree they will be asked to leave the school.

Women have been banned from attending university by Ultra Orthodox Jewish rabbis.

The decree, which was issued by the strict Satmar sect, warns that it is dangerous to allow university education for women.

The decree that was translated from Yiddish also says that a new trend has emerged where girls and married women are getting degrees in special education. They say that the girls either go to class or take online classes. The decree also says that they are informing parents about this issue because it goes against the Torah.

The decree also says that they will not give jobs or teaching positions in the school to girls that have a degree or have attended college. They say that they want to keep their schools safe and they will not allow any secular influences in their holy environment. They also say that this goes against the base on which the Mosed was built.

This decree that was issued from the sect’s base in New York applies to all followers of the faith group throughout the world.

If you are not sure exactly what Ultra Orthodox religion is, it is an interpretation of traditional Judaism pre-enlightenment and the religion also discourages any interaction with the modern world and the secular elements it contains.

In the Ultra Orthodox religion, men are seen in 19th century Eastern European dress, which includes black hats and long black coats and women who are married have to cover their hair and dress modestly.

It has been estimated that about 30 000 strict Orthodox Jews live in the UK according to the Board of Deputies of British Jews. From this number the largest sect is Satmar.

Not so long ago it was reported in North London that some Ultra Orthodox Jews declared that driving was immodest and banned women from it.

The Executive Director of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, Dr Sharon Weiss-Greenberg criticised the decree and said that this decree would force people to remain in their communities. The Satmar community believes that the materialistic elements of the world would ruin the lives and beliefs of those that think of themselves as religious and this is why they choose to live in isolation. She also said that when you don’t have access to education, career opportunities are not there. This means that a person has to stay in the community as personal and professional lives become entwined.

Rabbi of Maidenhead Synagogue and chair of the Accord Coalition, Dr Jonathan Romain does praise the Satmar group, but also says that their choice to segregate themselves from the world is not a view that is shared by other Jews that do not have a problem of being integrated into the wider society and be rooted in Jewish identity. He also says that university is an experience for women and men, who are seen as equals, which means they should have the same opportunities and that limiting this is disappointing.

Are Women Genetically Programmed To Have Affairs?

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Dr David Buss from the University of Texas has said that the principal mating patterns of humans are not characterised by lifelong monogamy.

According to a research paper, women are inclined to have affairs because of their genetics. These affairs are said to be back up plans that women have in place for if their relationships fail.

The assumption that humans have evolved to have monogamous relationships is being challenged by scientists at the University of Texas.

The Mate Switching Hypothesis has been put forward by the team’s research. This hypothesis states that humans have in fact evolved to constantly test their relationships and look for better long-term options.

Dr David Buss is the senior author of the research and has said that life monogamy does not depict the main mating patterns of humans, but actually breaking up with one person and mating with another is a better description of the human mating strategy.

This could stem from our distant ancestors as in these times very few people lived to be past 30 because of poor diet, disease and a lack of healthcare. This meant that humans would have to look for a more suitable partner, researchers proclaim.

There has actually been no study that shows humans are inclined to monogamy or not, despite anecdotal cheating claims.

At Oxford University, Rafael Wlodarski and a research team, carried out a study that showed the correlation between the likelihood of someone cheating on their partner and the length of someone’s ring finger. However, this team of researchers did declare that they were not able to find any causal link.

Robin Dunbar, a professor at Oxford University said that the differences were subtle and could only be seen when a large group of people were looked at. There are many factors that influence human behaviour including life experience and the environment. He also said that what occurs in the womb might only have a modest effect on something that is as complex as sexual relationships.

Dr Buss went on to say that affairs are a type of mate insurance in that a backup mate is kept in case there is ever a need to make a switch in the future. He also said that a regular mate might cheat, die, defect or decline in value as a mate.

In our ancestors’ time if a woman did not have a backup mate then they would be vulnerable, as they would lack resources and protection.

According to the study, it would seem that women are predicated to cheat when it is based on our ancestral behaviours, but if this is true is yet to be seen.