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How to cycle or run to work without ending up a hot mess

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Now that summer has arrived it’s time to get outside and exercise outdoors. And there’s no better exercise than running or cycling to work. Think about it, you save money by not hopping in the car or on the train, you gain an hour because you’ve already done your workout and you get to have a big dose of vitamin D – and that’s before you’ve even sat down at your desk.

Exercising outdoors has so many wonderful benefits but when you’re heading to the office the last thing you want to is sit at your desk all day feeling a hot mess.

But never fear, you know that Maison Du Vann is your one stop shop for good advice and here are some top tips on how you can run or cycle to work and still turn up at the office feeling fresh…

Wear the right clothes. You’re going to get hot so even if you step outside and it feels bit chilly (this is a British summer after all) don’t be tempted to wear that uber thick hoodie. Instead use layers wisely. That way you can peel them off as your temperature starts to rise.If you’re planning on wearing your workout gear in the office go for shades that won’t show any sweat patches and light fabric to let the air flow around you.

Keep a wash kit at work. Wet wipes are your best friend. Keep a small bag of things that will help you freshen up such as wipes, deodorant, perfume etc. Even if you don’t have showers and changing facilities in your office, this will be enough to keep you feeling clean.

Apply your make up when you get to work. There’s no point in spending time applying a full face of make up only for it to feel like it’s running off your face by the time you get to work. Take your make up kit to the office and give yourself the full treatment once you’re there.

Dry shampoo. Wait until your hair has acclimatised to the air conditioning in the office before giving your hair a quick spritz. You’ll have fresh, manageable hair in no time.

Think about your route. Rather than taking the busy main roads, try cutting through the side streets. The air will be cleaner, it’ll be quieter and way more relaxing.

Find your nearest shower. You have to love technology because there’s an app called FlowFinder which will help you find your nearest ‘pay as you go’ shower facilities. Users of the app can also purchase a grab and go bag which includes everything you need to take a shower on the go. The bag includes a waterproof bike seat cover that doubles up as a shower cap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, a microfibre towel, a reusable plastic bottle plus a razor and blade. The bags will cost just £20 plus P&P for a limited time. The app is free and available for download on apple and android.

Biking or running to work may not always be possible but why waste summer evenings at the gym when you can get your workout for free and in the fresh air.

Do you have any more tips on how to actively travel to work without looking like a hot mess? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Healthy Eating Fads

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More and more of us our succumbing to healthy eating fads and posting up dishes that we believe to be good for us.

For the record let us just clarify who is in the know.

Many of the high eProfile foodies are not qualified nutritionists, or dieticians. This is published usually in small print on the website to inform readers. I don’t know about you, but as far as my health is concerned I prefer to leave it to the scientists and medical professionals who have deeply researched their work and are basing their recommendations on wholly knowledgeable fact.

Interestingly protein powders are not the ideal supplement for smoothies and the like, because they may contain soy, dairy, gluten or other allergens so the rule of thumb appears to be on message; only use real food for your ingredients.

Starting the day with a smoothie is a good accompaniment to eggs, or yoghurt whatever you prefer, but use the whole entire fruit/vegetable when creating your recipe, and do bear in mind that you should only consume what you would do so raw.  Overeating is so easy with a blender that is liquefying the mountain of unused food in the fridge.

Best breakfast options comprise eggs served your way; natural live/bio yogurt (ideally full fat for satiety and fat soluble vitamins) – with optional berries in season; milk (again full fat – or your preferred dairy/non dairy variety) – a nice frothy cappuccino.

Did you know that you feel fuller too when your brain recognises the visual stimulation of seeing a plate of whole food this way?

Whatever you choose, make wise and informed decisions not based on whatever celebrity of the moment is telling you to do so.


Women in Leadership Balance That Matters

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Online, there’s no shortage of the list of the most powerful women in the world, a list of the most powerful women in the past century, a list of the most powerful women in politics…you get the picture.  But if you take them out one by one, you will note that they are just one woman in a company dominated by men, the only female in an all-male industry or the unusual choice for a male-oriented culture.

But female leaders matter. Big time.

Women in leadership are important. Female leaders have a lot to offer, especially in business and company management. Moreover, they bring that much-needed balance in any setting.

An evaluation of the competency model for leadership development, created by Zenger Folkman and published in the 2012 Harvard Business Review, revealed that women scored higher over certain characteristics compared with men. They also possess more qualities essential to a leader.

The competency model showed that women are more empathic, influential and with better conflict management. Misunderstandings and conflict are sure to arise within a team, a female leader would prove beneficial. In the same competency model, women also scored high in terms of self-development, self-awareness, and talent. So it’s not a surprise that women came out as more respected and more impressive than their male peers in an organization.

But can women in leadership really bring balance?

COO of Facebook and Founder & Board Chair of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, says that “equality in the workplace and the home will make all of us better off”. After all, when the husband and wife are equal partners in the home, the marriage is stronger and more successful. The same thing is true in an organization that uses the full talents of everyone in the team.

Founder of Global Women’s Leadership Summit Grant Wattie also agrees that when women are not taking equal participation, “we are using half of our talent and usually hearing half of the story”. There is clearly an imbalance going on.

As for Claudia Chan, CEO of the multi-platform women’s empowerment media company S.H.E. GLOBL MEDIA, “the world need feminine and masculine traits to solve problems”. Some may say that what men can do, women can do better or vice versa, but there are situations when it is better to have both male and female input. Going back to what Sandberg said, “use the full talents of the population”.

Moreover, women these days are involved and engaged in a wide range of socio-economic activities, such as literacy, education, children, poverty eradication and climate change. When presented a leadership role, women would be able to perform their duties to the utmost and even take on more responsibilities. Anyone would admit that with more power, a woman would feel empowered and would have an increase capacity to do more.

According to Wattie, “Research shows that companies—and countries—do better when more women are in leadership positions”. So why wait to make this happen?

How Makeovers Transform People

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How does it affect you when you dress for success? have you noticed the effect it has on those around you too?

Many people consider makeovers as either narcissistic or unnecessary, or both. After all, why should they change their appearance when they already like how they look? But, if you feel the same way, you have to realize that there’s nothing wrong with overhauling your fashion and beauty habits. In fact, it can even be helpful in several instances!

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, for example, had made a few simple changes to his wardrobe in the past few months. He had swapped his trademark brown suit and white shirt with a navy suit and blue shirt which, according to many people, made him look more like a Prime Minister. He had also ditched his favourite vest and creased shirt and replaced them with a perfectly ironed blue shirt minus the vest. Both instances left him looking more professional and put-together and strengthened his presence as a leader.

New Prime Minister Theresa May, on the other hand, seemingly doesn’t need a makeover because she makes it a point to wear stylish clothes that perfectly fit her. She has made several fashion faux pas in the past but, overall, she has become known for her elegant sense of style and her bravery to wear bold prints and bright colours.

If you have an innate sense of style like Theresa May, you probably don’t need an overhaul since you know what works for you. But, if you can empathize with Jeremy Corbyn, you can look into getting a makeover and find out how it can work for you. Specifically, makeovers can help you transform because they:


Highlight your best features

One of the main purposes of makeovers is to emphasize your best features. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face that’s hidden beneath your fringe, you might want to grow out your hair and try a different hairstyle that puts the spotlight on your face shape. If you have gorgeous hips or athletic shoulders, you can look for clothes that highlight these areas and emphasize the curves and planes of your body.


Hide your problem areas

Another purpose of a makeover is to replace your makeup or clothes with those that effectively mask what you perceive to be your problem areas. Most people have something that they don’t really like, hence you should focus on how to minimize these areas and prevent them from sapping your self-confidence. If you’d like to make your thighs look thinner, for example, you can invest in dark high-rise skinny jeans. If you want to downplay your chest, you can opt for solid-coloured tops in black, navy, and other dark hues.


Give yourself a new look

Obviously, giving yourself a revamp results in a whole new look. This can be beneficial even if you like how you looked before; after all, it’s good to shake things up every now and then and experiment with various styles. Even Theresa May, with her trademark tailored suits and eye-catching dresses, can benefit from trying a new colour or pattern and playing things up with different accessories.



Refashioning can greatly transform people both inside and out. Get one now to enjoy the benefits listed above and find your re-fashionista today.


Let’s drink to health







There is nothing that says British summer time more than sitting in the garden of your local pub enjoying an ice cold pimms or a chilled chardonnay. It’s a British tradition, we love having a few alcoholic beverages in the sunshine. And why not, after all, we don’t have year round sunshine like some countries so it’s most definitely something to celebrate.

But, if you’re trying to watch your weight or you’re determined to stay fit and healthy over the summer, alcohol can be a something that’s better off avoided.  After all, it’s packed with empty calories and can leave us feeling sluggish and fuzzy around the edges. Not the feeling you want when you’re determined to enjoy the nice weather.

But warm weather get togethers don’t have to be avoided. You can still enjoy a summer friendly tipple without sabotaging your health.

So here are some top tips on ensuring your summer tipple is a healthy one…

Add some lemon and lime. What would a gin and tonic be without a squeeze of lemon or lime? Not only does it add to the taste but you’ll also have a nice big dose of vitamin C which boosts immune support and neutralises free radicals that damage skin cells and tissues.

Reach for a bloody mary and add a glug of hot sauce. Now, I don’t know about you, but a bloody mary is one of my favorite drinks. Not only do you benefit from the goodness of the tomato juice but by adding a dash of hot sauce you’ll find it reduces your appetite and increases metabolism, helping you eat less and burn what you do eat faster. Not to mention a splash of worcestershire sauce to get your vitamin B6 in.

Reach for a margarita and add plenty of sea salt to the rim. When it’s hot, we obviously sweat more and lose important nutrients, but sea salt will replenish electrolytes and keep you feeling good.

Skip the sugar. One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to cocktails is the amount of sugar that is included in the drink. However, you can request a perfect cocktail without the added sugar. Try a sugarless Tom Collins by adding a shot of gin, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, before topping off with soda water.

Ditch the tonic for soda water. Whilst slimline tonic may have no calories, you can make a vodka or gin and tonic even healthier by adding soda water instead. You still get the fizz and the taste but also rehydrate at the same time. Essentially it’s a win/win.

Treat yourself to Zen and Tonic: Savoury and Fresh Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker. This book is all kinds of awesome . It provides a guide to creating your own delicious cocktails using the freshest, healthiest ingredients. It’ll teach you how to take away the refined sugars and the rubbish and instead make infusions with immune boosting fruits, herbs and veggies that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. You can purchase it from Amazon for just £13.99

Although, a word of warning (and sorry in advance if I sound like your mum) just because these drinks are the healthier options, it doesn’t mean that you should consume more of them. Remember the less drinks = the less calories = the less long term health problems. So make sure you drink in moderation and be sensible – oh and drink plenty of water so you combat the dehydrating effects of any alcoholic beverages that you enjoy.

Have We Learnt Nothing

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It is with great reverence that I have to ask ‘have we learnt nothing’ the news spirals on unabated with hatred seeping from all pores of all people.  We are angry about Brexit, we are intolerant of colour, creed, religion, sexual preference and most of all we are now hating ourselves.

Because in the end that is what this boils down to.  Who really cares how the opinions and values of one person to another differ? Can we only really be peaceful if everyone believes the same thing as us otherwise they are to be ostracized or worse?

What we seem to be forgetting in amongst all of this nonsense is that things are always the way they are supposed to be…hence what is the great rush and anxiety to change everything.  Surely we are emancipated enough to believe that all happens as and when it is meant to do so?

Exactly what do we establish or indeed even achieve by killing and torturing others? Are we not just damaging ourselves further? When will we realise that we will only make this a better place by healing ourselves, our futures, each other…

It does not matter what the politics, socio economics, race, colour, creed, belief system or size we are, what is important is how we are, how we behave to each other, and invariably to ourselves.  This is the important education that is seemingly taking many centuries to be understood.

Until we evolve and learn to really love one another, and indeed ourselves, and embrace life with all of its rich tapestry, we will not truly comprehend the richness of living.

So today, I leave you with this thought and trust that we can each spread the love and end the jealousy and ugliness.  Turn to music moguls who can inspire you with their messages remember @michaeljackson songs all about healing and being wonderful human beings.  @Adele had to remind the crowds @GlastoLive on Saturday night to be good to each other, to love each other. Let’s start rebuilding the human race.