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When Do You Know It Is Time

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In life we are presented with moments, but when do you know it is time to act? during our time here on this planet we are gifted with many opportunities, some of which we relish and take advantage of.  But the thing is, we are never presented with anything that we cannot handle, really! Even if you may not understand that at the exact interval you will actually know.  So it is important to act on gut instinct.

You are an incredible being and it is being able to tune in and feel when it is appropriate to press your advantage.  We never miss out, the universe heals us and propels us forward to another opening…

If you ask someone when they knew; for example, to get married, to have a family, to change their career, in fact any and most specific life events, the response will usually take the form of ‘I just knew’.

Hence if you want something to happen, or believe that it is right for you, simply make the choice to do it, follow it, desire it, dream it and make it yours, own it! What is the worst that can happen? you make a mistake, this is also part of the educative process.  When we seemingly fail, we get better at succeeding, we try harder, we find an alternative route.

As the saying goes; ‘Seeing is believing’ and you can do both, you have the power and the wisdom.  Do not allow anything to block your way, negativity is not an indicator of anything other than fear.  Believe in yourself, be yourself, and do yourself justice.  That is what you are here for.  Do not over solicit counsel.

Whatever you are planning, envisaging or desiring, it is within your grasp otherwise you would not be having these thoughts in the first instance.




Sex And Miss Great Britain







In the news recently we have all been made aware of the sex and Miss Great Britain debate.  As sponsors of contestants for this competition we are firmly behind the decision that was made to remove the crown from the existing winner because if you want to be an icon you have to be a role model.

We all know that sex is natural and we live an age where we can talk about it and pretty much lead our own lives in our own ways, however, we still have to maintain standards and this was compromised during the latest story of Love Island.

There is no shame in being sexually active, but bear in mind that with great power (of the media) comes great responsibility to act appropriately.  In life the way that we learn, progress and basically move forward is by making mistakes, but we have to face the consequences of our actions otherwise they are meaningless.

There is no judgement only that bearers of the Miss Great Britain title need to be conducting themselves in a seemly manner.

It is up to us all to set an example and to remember that impressionable and young people will be following ‘TV stars’ it is a hard line to draw but a boundary that must indeed be imposed.



The Truth About Collagen

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You’re bound to have heard all about collagen, especially when it comes to beauty. Collagen is essential for youthful looking skin and when we are young it comes to us naturally as our skin is around 80% collagen. However, once we hit 25 we start to loose this at around one percent per year meaning that by the time most women hit 50 they are left with around 55% of  natural collagen in their skin which is what causes wrinkles and the dreaded sag.


So what is collagen?

Excuse us a moment whilst we get all scientific. Whilst all the cosmetic branding you may have seen for collagen hails it as an essential weapon against ageing, it’s actually way more useful than just being a protector against wrinkles.


Collagen makes up around 30% of protein in the human body and is one of the most common proteins found in mammals (we’ll get to this later – trust us, it has EVERYTHING to do with beauty). Simply put, collagen is what holds our tissues together, it supports our skin, muscles, tendons, teeth and more.


Benefits for health AND beauty – and how to get a natural injection


We mentioned how collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals and we told you that we’d bring this back to the all important issue of beauty. Basically, when you see collagen and elastin named as an ingredient on many skin care products, it’s not by any means human. This collagen is harvested from cows or birds.


When it comes to collagen in the skin our natural reserve can be restored or at least slowed down by our lifestyle. Collagen is what helps keep our skin supple and wrinkle free. It works in partnership with elastin (which is another protein found in human tissue) to make sure that the skin stays flexible and returns to it’s regular shape when we do things like talk, eat, pull faces etc.


As with any beauty regime, if you smoke, use sun beds or over indulge in a high sugar diet then you’re going to find that you age a lot faster than your abstaining counterparts.


So our first piece of advice would be to try to do everything in your power to keep your natural levels topped up.


If you smoke, think about quitting so that your skin absorbs nutrients such as Vitamin C which is key to constructing collagen.  Smoking also interrupts the enzyme matrix metalloproteinase which regulates collagen and will leave your skin full of wrinkles.


When it comes to sunbeds or spending a large amount of time in the sun without protecting your skin, it’s obvious that this is going to age you and do so fast. The intense heat and burning UV rays will zap your collagen levels and leave your skin looking not only brown but like a bit of billatong. Trust us when we tell you that no tan in the world is worth ruining your looks (or your health) for.


And then there’s your diet, if you eat a high sugar diet then you need to put that chocolate bar down and start to embark on a sugar free lifestyle. What happens to collagen when sugar is introduced in to the mix can easily be described as bringing those collagen proteins floating around your system to an almighty halt. Sugar will stiffen the molecules up and stop them from doing their job – which is to keep your skin juicy and flexible.


Now, one of the benefits of trying to boost your collagen the natural way is that by default your health also improves – or at least your diet.


Here are some foods to add in to your diet for that natural collagen boost…


Dark leafy green vegetables: It’s obvious that increasing your vegetable intake is going to make your look and feel better. But dark leafy greens such as spinach, cabbage and kale are higher in antioxidants, packed full of Vitamin C and include a vital element to collagen production: lutein.


Anything red: I know you know this but just to make it clear, I’m not talking about red wine or red velvet cake here. Instead I’m talking about tomatoes, peppers, beetroot and berries. These foods increase the production of collagen because they are stuffed full of yet more antioxidants and lycopenes.


Lentils and Beans: Not only will beans and lentils save you money on your weekly shop but they are packed to the rafters with anti-ageing properties. The are high in protein and contain hyaluronic acid which retains water and in turn keeps your skin hydrated.


Soy: There’s some debate as to whether soy is actually good for you. However, as long as you steer away from processed soy you will see the benefits. Soy helps lower cholesterol and has inbuilt collagen forming effects.


Olives: Help promote collagen formation because of the sulphur. They also go extremely well with a vodka martini which you should be able to get away with on your sugar free diet (don’t ever tell us we don’t give you the best tips!).


Carrots: Rich with Vitamin A these bad boys will also help you see in the dark AND will build up your natural collagen levels.


Don’t forget the bones – of an animal that is…


But it’s not just fruit and vegetables that will give you a boost. Another popular way to get a fix of collagen is through cooking with bones. You may think that bones are just for the dog but you’re missing out on a brilliant beauty tip.


Eating bone marrow has become rather popular thanks to many celebrity chefs serving them up at their fancy restaurants, but whilst the marrow is extremely healthy – what about the bones? Well, these are where you’ll find the most collagen fibres and cooking them up can help heal a leaky gut and work wonders for your skin, hair, teeth and bones.


Try a miracle bone broth…


You’re going to need:

Around 5lbs of bone – I’d recommend beef but you can go with whatever you prefer.







Apple cider vinegar


The method is pretty simple and you’ll ideally need a slow cooker for this. Just add a glug of apple cider vinegar to your bones (the acids from the vinegar will release more nutrients from the bones) and fill with water. Leave for around 24 hours on a low heat setting. Once the 24 hours has passed chop up your veg and add to the liquid. Leave it simmer away for a further 8 hours.


You’ll then need to make sure the marrow has left the bone, use a pair of tongs to lift the bones out to check. If it’s still in, just use a fork to push them out.


Let the broth cool down and drain through a colander.


The broth lasts around 7 days and can be stored in glass jars (plastic is never a good idea). Excess broth can also be frozen.


Drink a bit of this broth each day to really reap the benefits.


Going under the knife


Well, not quite under the knife but you can get your collagen fix via plastic surgery. By opting to receive facial injections people who are serious about boosting their collagen can target the areas which are visibly starting to age them. The solution used most commonly is made up of polylactic acid which, when injected in to the skin will stimulate the fibroblast cells triggering the collagen production. Whilst the injections are precise and can last up to two years, they’re also a pretty costly option with the price ranging from £500 – £1,500 for a course.


Over the counter collagen…


But getting more collagen doesn’t have to just be via the natural route. There are also many cosmetic alternatives.  For a start you can go down the over the counter route. Supplements containing collagen are extremely popular at the moment. A lot of these products are designed to help trigger an increase in collagen production.


For example, take Proto-Col collagen skin supplement capsules which have gained huge recognition from beauty editors and celebrities alike. They use type 1 and 2 collagen and work to  release amino acids and proteins to help stimulate the bodies natural collagen production.


Creams are also another source of collagen. Whilst there have been some criticism of creams due to scientists claiming that the collagen molecules find it hard to break through the skin when applied topically there are creams that do work and that’s all down to the chemical matrixyl. Matronly helps skin look youthful by doubling the production of collagen. So top tip: always check the ingredients list before purchasing.




More health benefits



Taking supplements and getting injections isn’t just about how you look it can also have a huge benefit to those who suffer from medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and brittle bone disease. Collagen can help stimulate the growth of new cartilage in joints. This means that daily collagen supplements can give people relief for the agony they’re enduring every day.


Taking collagen capsules can also help circulation because they strengthen the blood vessels and improve the elasticity, allowing the blood to flow freer. And we all know what happens when your circulation is good – your skin looks healthier and more radiant.


So when it comes to health and beauty collagen is an important aspect. By combining healthy living and carefully selected collagen products you can hold back the effects of ageing as well as boosting your overall health.


Rachael Phillips – Editor




What Is Sexy

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According to most people asked, sexy is when you know yourself and project that image to the world.  What is sexy is best described as being in control, allowing life to ebb and flow and you are in rhythm with it.

It is important to own our failures, possibly even more so than our successes because how would you achieve and go on to greater and better if you do not know what it is that doesn’t work.  The vital point to note is that owning our non-achievements is in fact winning!

Each time we do not get the ending we envisaged, it is actually an opportunity to turn things round and triumph from it.  The universe presents us with such amazing gifts and all we have to do is to tune in to realise it.

We have already made stunning victories, in that we as a global entity have embraced that there are no stereotypes to beauty to perfection, that everyone has something to offer and that their inner beauty shines in recognition of that.

‘Owning it’ has never been more critical, it is from this starting point that we are able to go forth and radiate wondrousness.

Be who you are in all areas of your life and stun everyone you meet with your conscious awareness this is the essence of you as a being and it speaks directly to those you come into contact with, the veracity of you is what connects with them and draws them to you because they too are in alignment with truth.

Being happy and confident is part of the package when you are being the best you! This is what defines sexy.



What Makes You Happy

7 steps to happyh








What makes you happy? is it the sunshine or just pure light surrounding you, is it a particular music track or the smell of roast coffee.  Whatever delights your senses and brings you to a place of complete and utter serenity and peace in the world, do it!

Did you know that when you are happy you release endorphins and you work harder, faster and more effectively than before.

Happiness is the goal that everyone should be working towards, because at the end of it all, what we are here to achieve is harmony, peace and happiness in other words our health and happiness are paramount in each day of our lives.  Striving for this is not only possible but it is our destiny our fate and our duty!

We must endeavour to solicit this in all forms every day.  Yes we all get cranky and overwhelmed but this is our indicator to stop and take stock.

Charge forward in the pursuit of happiness and infect everyone around you with your glee it is vital that you relish all aspects of your existence.  Find a charming way to convey to those around you your feelings be they in accordance with your tribe or not!

“Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.” Stanley Gordon-West


Me Time Is So Important

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You think you cannot afford the time, but Me Time is so important and the benefits that it will bring you are abundant.

Have you noticed how much better and more efficient you are in undertaking and completing your tasks when you have had a break, for example a short holiday? That is because you have allowed yourself the downtime.

Achieving the correct work life balance is critical and it varies for each person.  What is needed in your life, your daily schedule is the happiness factor, where you feel fulfilled and grateful for your existence.

The best daily routines will usually begin with a healthy drink to set you up for the day ahead something like fresh ginger, lemon, turmeric and mint leaves.  Let your mind gradually awaken with clarity and perspective which is bestowed upon you from the healthful nourishment you are giving yourself.

Plan your activities out but allow plenty of room for leniency, sometimes ‘the mood will take you’ and you may desire to spend more time being creative or industrious in different ways, having linear and inflexible boundaries just creates stress.  As long as you hold yourself accountable for what requires to be done, the rest will flow naturally.

It is always a more pleasing result to have spent the day joyfully engaged and feeling content and satisfied at what has been achieved.

If you need help, please contact us here we are experts at #planning #scheduling



Rules Of Sex






Seriously, are there now rules of sex and if so what are they? Why do we now need guidelines, is it not just a basic function created way back in the beginning.

Apparently it is all about female emancipation and male education and yes you can put the two together, in the first instance the sisterhood is encouraged to take a stand and ask for what they want (can we include diamonds from DeBeers I wonder, but I digress).  Those of us with male partners have peace of mind that they are being instructed on the how to of pleasuring their partners.  So far so good…

So basically what we have here is a group of people who are being told to ask for what they want and another group who are being taught to listen and deliver on the requests.  But the question of why we would need this keeps on being raised.  Surely we are emancipated to a point where we can communicate effectively.

I know that I would not feel overly comfortable under instruction in a student filled venue where one of you is getting naked to experience the tutelage but for those of us that are quite at home with this practice I am impressed and keep up the good work.  The more of us who can listen and make each other happy can only be a good thing.








BRAC1 Gene

gene test







The BRAC1 Gene testing is now prevalent in our society.  It is a blood test that will determine if you are carrying the gene passed down to you from either or both of your parents. Obviously one of your parents need to have been diagnosed as a carrier.

blood test results

If you have tested positive:

#Science tells us that women who have a BRCA1 or BRCA2 abnormality, the risk of developing breast cancer in your lifetime is 40%-85%, risk of ovarian cancer is 16%-44%. Men with BRCA abnormalities have a higher lifetime risk of male breast cancer, especially if the BRCA2 gene is affected. They are also at increased risk of developing prostate cancer.


This is a lot to take on board so relax.  You have two choices:

Firstly to take no instant action and to be screened frequently using ultrasound (not mammograms) and internally, as there are no warning signs of ovarian cancer.


Secondly to consult a surgeon about what type of procedure is available. Masectomy with or without reconstruction. The bilateral is with reduced surgery time and little scarring, but could involve a follow up procedure depending on the aesthetic result; the flap method involves taking skin/fat/tissue from other areas of your body (if it is feasible) and implanting it into the breast with a much longer surgery but less likely to involve any follow up procedure.

Much will depend on your age and plans to have a family and thus a specific proposal to suit your needs will be drawn up.

information research

Because of the extensive information available it is better to start and the beginning and add the detail as and when you want to.

Some excellent resources are available once you have established what you want to do and with which surgeon and they will introduce you to their patients so you can chat with people who have shared your experience. Below you will find links to two surgeons who are top in their field.









Would You Consume 5000 Calories For One Meal

huge burger









Would You Consume 5000 Calories For One Meal? Apart from the obvious digestive issues it raises, it would only comprise one of your three meals per day, unless you are on five to six mini meals in bowls in which case you are definitely, #onfleek!

How are we supposed to raise and educate ourselves and others with this kind of carry on?

sunday roast burger

Brainchild of a man who created the burger to bridge the cultural divide between America and Britain by marrying classic Sunday roast to American cuisine. It comprises the following ingredients (heart attack on a platter). Two 20oz burger patties and 2lbs of diced chicken breast smothered in mozzarella cheese and gravy before being sandwiched between two giant Yorkshire puddings.  The meal is served with chips and a pint of milkshake.


It screams at you doesn’t it? Is it any wonder that we are having so many obesity problems and heart health issues.  Has common sense left us for good, or is it the case that nowadays if we take on a challenge so utterly stupefying we will have our 15 minutes of notoriety?

Confused, Baffled, Bewildered - Arrow Signs

Are we becoming a globally fame hungry obsessed planet? Because there can be no other reason than greed for agreeing to prepare such a ridiculous dish, never mind embarking on a plan to consume it…

moral compass

Just as the government have imposed sugar tax and transparency of ingredients and useful self help hacks, no sooner are we presented with militant stupidity in the quest for money and fame.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them – Dalai Lama














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Emotional Relief






Listen to the following track to engender emotional relief and allow you to totally relax and immerse yourself in the soulful audio.

Whilst you are listening try to imagine yourself in a forest or near a babbling brook or anywhere that is particularly serene and close to nature.

sunbeam morning stream

This is the sort of activity that you should undertake once a day, to unblock yourself, free your mind and allow your thoughts to wander randomly.  We do not take enough time to literally set ourselves free.

video of waterfall in MDV playlist here on You Tube channel on the website.

It is during this liberating process that we are able to imagine wondrous ruminations and thoughts that collect to inspire and motivate us in our daily lives.


There are no dreams that are too big, in fact the bigger the better.  Abundance is everywhere and we can tap into it whenever we need it or just want it.


As far as your eye can see, that your dreams will take you, is where you will travel and manifest and bring about reality into your everyday.


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. Confucius quote.

no restriction

Do not allow anyone or anything to stand in your way, be an army, find another route, but do get to the destination you desire.  It is not feasible to give control to another authority, it is only correct that we follow our hearts, our intuition and make our journey.  That is what we are here for.  In kindness and in love you will always succeed, it may not be in the exact way you have envisaged, but each failure is really a success because you will find an alternative avenue.