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Doing Your Best

do your best






What does it mean to you in “doing your best”? To me it signals that I must do the best that I can do.  My values and efforts may not be the same as yours, that doesn’t make them any less significant, it makes them personal.


First of all, the least helpful, unattractive method is in comparing your results; your dreams and desires with anyone else.  You will have heard the saying that “Comparisons are odious” and that could not be more true.  Comparison (especially of people) is counterproductive and can lead to unpleasant consequences. People should be judged on their own merits. It is a destructive process to draw similarities in that the goals achieved by one person will not be in alignment with another. How could they be? we all perceive thoughts differently…


Evaluating the facts is the way to go for you, to successfully conclude what it is you desire, what is the outcome you are aiming for and essentially what you hope for in the result.  What I want and what you want may sound like the same thing, however, there are limiting factors in that my abilities, creativity, talent and resource will be different to yours.  These criteria that set us apart are what fundamentally underline our persona and play a huge part in the relationship that we have with ourselves and with other people.

good and bad

After all, there is no good and bad when it comes to doing your best.  You either give it all you have or you don’t.  There is no magic.  Play to your strengths. A problem is a chance for you to do your best. Duke Ellington.  If it doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t do it.




Scaremongering Really

scare crow







Scaremongering, really? Is it still a thing…Surely the first thought that should occur when you are feeling pushed or manipulated into a situation is the question of why.

If something makes good sense, the prudent route would be to list or understand all of the pros and cons involved and to be able to then come to a decision based on the facts.

Are you noticing more and more the trend of news being delivered in such a way as to create a frenzy, a chaotic twirl of the masses running for the day.  It is like watching a mass exit when the word ‘fire’ is shouted.  We all know that calm is the only method of reaching a sensible conclusion in any matter.  Hence we should apply the theory of controlled thought patterns in our daily lives no matter the ‘doomsday’ announcements that take place.

We are sentient, intelligent beings and as such it is our role to clearly cogitate on what is being presented to us.  What value does it bring, what is it teaching us, and do we have the evidence to support a valid response.

Why do you react to certain information that is available has it been substantiated and if we are all doomed is there anything that can be done to undo such a consequence?  I think we need to adopt more stringent evaluation methods when we are making decisions and not to get carried away with the throngs of who shouts loudest.

As we all know, what we have today will be improved tomorrow, why should we always be resistant to change? Let us fully embrace all the various options and then resolve our next step. Scaremongering needs to be consigned to the recycle bin.



Only You Can

shamanic tools






We can always use a little bit of help in our busy chaotic driven lives.  It is true that only you can set yourself free and pursue happiness and personal fulfilment, and there are gurus to help you achieve just that.

Being in a state of peace and clarity is what you should aim for every day, getting the most out of your time and enjoying it in the process.  It is of course inevitable that there are hiccups to that but the flow should be just so.

When you are out of kilter everything seems to go out of balance with you.  Healing is a very important service and one that can be administered by recognized and trained practitioners.

Making time for yourself is essentially at the root of this because when you are at oneness and in a state of quiet reflection; this is when the magic is able to happen.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to cram more hours into the day, to be more productive, well then this is for you.  We all crave stillness even those of us who believe they don’t like to be alone…

This is your route to freedom, to discovering how this world can fit with you in it. Being stuck in the cortisol cycle (fight or flight) creates problems from the brain down to the swollen ankles, incorporating diet, health, wellness and other issues that affect daily life, finances, our perception of our own existence.

Feeling good and looking better is key to our own desires, knowing that we can comfortably take on the challenges that lie ahead, but learning how to do this is what heals us from the inside out.  Amazing when you think that all bones and tissue are interconnected and they can all suffer in differing ways.

#OnlyYouCan with a little help.


Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services






Come the Bank Holiday, come the desire for declutter, debris removal, spring cleaning you name it! Help is on hand with Fantastic Services.

This company claims to be the solution; a cure-all if you will…”The one-stop shop for all your home needs in London,South East & North West England: cleaning, gardening, moving, handymen & many more!” So we decided to put them to the test, and the good news is that they didn’t disappoint.

Fantastic Services are a reliable company who respond quickly and efficiently with minimum intervention (e.g. having to telephone and speak an arduous task we grant you), to secure your booking.  Their colleagues work in a professional manner both quietly enough for you to go about your day without a constant reminder of noisy tradespeople on your property, and effectively getting the jobs done to a high standard.  They are able to use a high degree of initiative in leaving your premises looking well curated and removing all debris with them (instead of the usual H&S fob offs leaving you to sort out the aftermath).  Using them on a Bank Holiday (during premium peak time) was a breeze and we would urge you to connect with them to simply get those jobs done, and boxes ticked.  You can book online or use their app.  No hassle. No worry.

Maison Du Vann readers are entitled to a promotional discount as follows:

Promo code: MDV10
T&C: The code gives 10 GBP off first service (any service). Min. charges apply. Subject to availability
and area coverage. Valid till 31.12.2016.


Our Faves; Classic Must Haves

lust have






Here are some of our faves; classic must haves:

Fairy Drop mascara is brilliant from application to removal.  The ingenious serum feeling formula glides on easily and remains in tact for hours on end.  No flaking or irritation.  The ingredients list is comprehensive with an impressive amount of nourishing and conditioning properties. The wand incorporates the best of all the products that are available and will lift, extend and coat each lash for maximum impact.  The brush on fibres are fantastic and create dramatic length, so you can be the best version of yourself!

Axilla deodorant is practically perfect in every way, good for you, your underarm skin, the environment and it works like a charm.  The clay makes it a sweat wicking product and keeps your armpits smelling fresh as a daisy all day, even after the gym.


The Word No








The word no, what does it mean? it differs by scenario really. However, most of the time that we hear this phrase it is resoundingly negative and conjures up feelings and sensations that accompany situations of dissent, denial or refusal and usually pertaining to permission!

Should we really believe that no always means no? there are many occasions when it means the opposite and we are being invited; nay, challenged to see this opportunity.

• If I’m having a bad day, NO means I don’t want to talk to anybody and just want to be left alone.

• NO means you haven’t convinced me enough

• NO means I prefer the devil I know

• NO means I’m really busy right now and just don’t have time

And there are literally dozens more reasons and excuses as to why it may mean perhaps or yes.

It is important to note that whenever you hear the word #banning you from further progress, there is always another route round it.  There is a better way, and you are being directed to that pathway.

What I used to struggle with in all this, was the determination of what was really underlying and what it could mean, in other words, I was not quick at recognizing the opening and thus the perfect moment to rethink and regroup.

I would say the big takeaway from all the above, is that there is no one way of achieving your aims.  Do not take anything personally, just use this first step as the conversion into an affirmative…


What Is The Newest Anti Age Trend









What is the newest anti age trend now? to be #onFleek is constantly evolving, some staples remain as basic good sense and scientifically proven remedies.  However, what happens when we turn our attention to antioxidant products.  Yes we are still ingesting the goodness but are we still smearing it over our face and body?

We should all be looking at the cutting edge technology of DNA Repair Enzymes the DNA renewal range appears to be the new flurry of excitement in all that is skin care and the age reversal phenomenon.

Dr Moy the pioneer of this latest attack on age! Harnessing the power of plant and marine based ingredients to deliver the brilliant formula which will correct damage and reverse historical issues…


DNA Renewal Cult Beauty

Our bodies naturally manufacture DNA Repair Enzymes however, the production line slows down around age 30; help is here.


Our advice is to get yourselves over to cult beauty and start cleansing, toning and moisturising with these miracles to judge for yourselves.

Start undoing DNA damage with the basics and reveal a younger, curated self. Treat yourself to a pamper session restoring youth with the mask .

Anything that simplifies the routine of cleansing and caring for the skin and body has to be good, and whilst the antioxidant and stem cell technology is still a strong contender for all things beautifying, there is an argument to be had for boosting collagen and elastin and undoing all the damage wrought through the years by using this newest range.  How many times have we wanted to turn back the clock in the mirror, and now it is available via the ‘Youth Guru’…yes please!



Hair Skin And Nails Supplements The Low Down








Do you down vitamins every day and do you take hair skin and nails supplements, the low down is here, along with the question of whether or not it is worth taking them, do they have any effect.

Biotin and Vitamins

Biotin contributes to the process that releases energy from food and in the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes. It also contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of normal hair. Tip: it is great if you are suffering from brittle weak nails or hair, otherwise it is not necessary.

Vitamin B is antioxidant for the skin which can assist in removing bacteria and helps to reduce stress and calm the adrenal glands to prevent breakouts.

Omega 3 fatty acids helps protect and repair skin cells, moisturising the skin from the inside out it will also protect skin from burning and overexposure to UV rays (not to be used without a topical SPF).

New supplements that increase human growth hormones is helpful if you have pituitary gland concerns, there is no proof that it will do anything for anti-ageing.

Always consult a professional before starting on any kind of regimen especially if you’re taking other medications.





You Are Your Own Worst Enemy







Are you a self saboteur? the answer is yes because you are your own worst enemy! Why? Usually it will boil down to a lack of faith.  Let us explore this a bit further.

New Year Goals

December 31st is the most prolific time to make resolutions.  Be it diet, health, success, work, life, balance you name it this is the time that most of will decide what steps we are taking starting tomorrow. In order that you do not set yourself up for failure, do not expect miraculous results immediately. Whilst all our focus and energy will be directed at attaining each goal, the time element is crucial.  This is why when you diet it is helpful to take pictures constantly because then you have something to look back on to keep you motivated.  That you are on the right path.  That this is worth it.  That you are deserving of it!


Before you embark on any path remember that you are worthy of this undertaking.  Do not allow negativity to block you, fear is a stumbling block.  If you think you will fail, then you will. Never underestimate the power of belief.  Identify your enemy, if it is you, then most likely the cause of that will be due to the seed of doubt planted by your closest circle! Some people don’t even realise that they are feeding this down spiral.

Little steps every day contribute to the glowing end result.  Start now and don’t stop until you are finished.  Revise your goals and achievements daily or at a frequency that suits you.  List down why it is working.  Failure or perceived states of that mean that you need to review what is not working for you.

Find something that buoys you up be it a group, a mentor, a confidante. If you need recommendations then let us know, we have our little Black Book to hand!



Beauty Cult

beauty culture






The Beauty Cult is a movement and an association that is good to be involved in! unlike other cults this one is all accepting and all encompassing.  So unless you have been hibernating or otherwise occupied, you will know that the how to of skincare and beauty regimens is to adopt our Korean cousins’ routines.  So that would comprise a gentle cleanse using a clean organic oil like rosehip or almond to soften mascara followed by a micellar oil or water or similar tonic to refresh and wipe away the day’s face! and then a good facial wash with a balancing soap to gently lather up and rinse away all the residues.  This is one of the reasons why oil cleansers are essential to the routine so as to preserve all the humectant properties in our skin.

The above are all components of step one which is to remove makeup or impurities and then to wash.

Moving on to step two you will then be looking to indulge your epidermis with much needed moisturizing products.  We like the ethos of the hard working and multi tasking hydrators  that not only infuse the layers with goodness but also add gorgeous ingredients that plump and pamper such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins etc…

Finally step three is the overnight masks and day serums, an absolute must to radiant, glowing, youthful glamour.  There are adventurous items on the market from snails right through to magnesium so get out there and get trying.  Remember to use one product for each desired outcome so that you will know after 30 days if it is working on you!

Always go organic and natural so that you can achieve the desired results.  Consult a professional if you need advice about ingredients.