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Swap Spinning To Treadmill Classes








Swap it up for some fun and change to treadmill classes!  It is good for the mind, body and soul to vary the routine and work different muscle groups.

The treadmill has long been known as the last resort of the gym. Workout class enthusiasts try anything from zumba to barre to avoid the dullness of machine cardio. Runners endure the elements over less-than-stimulating treadmill runs. So when we heard that New York was home to an incredibly popular treadmill class, we were curious—and intrigued. Could treadmill classes be the new spinning?

Similar to spinning, the classes incorporate low lights and loud music, providing that pump-you-up dance club setting. Participants are led through intervals (both speed and hills) as well as core and arm strength training for a balanced workout. While the core and arm specifically target running form and speed, they’re beneficial for the non-racer as well.

Exercise goers like to indulge in the newest thing.

For the experienced runners, treadmill classes offer an opportunity to run without being exposed to extreme conditions, as well as providing motivation and community.

Running is a lonely sport, and while workout classes have always been a way to exercise with a community, they were traditionally considered an off-day from race training. Treadmill classes bring that community aspect to running, providing motivation from both the community and the coach.

With the growing popularity of running in general, treadmill classes seem like the natural progression. The benefit of running on a machine means that your joints are better protected too.

Always consult a professional before undergoing a regimen.


Smokey Eye Tutorial No Retouch Needed

Smokey Eye








The smokey eye. One of the most high-maintenance. Touch-ups are almost always required. So here is a smudge-proof smokey eye.


Start with eyeshadow primer this is key to make any look last longer.

eye cream primer

Waterproof eyeliners are #aMust they can be hard to blend so choose one that has a creamy consistency and reads waterproof. This is complemented by a pencil that will glide on and set. Try using a kohl liner that doubles as a base.

eye shadow and liner

Shadow should be applied in layers, building up the colour as you go, it also is a less messy technique.

Eye shadow

After you apply the base, follow with eyeliner and blend, you are then ready to layer on the shadow.   Now apply another line of eyeliner and blend.  Spritz on a light mist of setting spray.

Make up setting spray


Superfood Snacks

Nuts and berries






You are hungry and need a quick fix, here are our top tips for superfood snacks that will replenish your system and not add the chemicals that cause problems like overweight, eating unhealthily etc.  Remember portion sizes are those that fit into the palm of your hands.

greek yoghurt blueberries

The greek yoghurt itself contains vital nutrients, probiotics and whey protein, no sugar added and blueberries for antioxidant goodness.

hummus and veg

Make it yourself hummus! Chickpeas, olive oil, salt, tahini, lemon juice in a small blender. Fresh, healthy goodness.

hard boiled egg

Hard boiled eggs are probably one of the easiest snacks to make and rich in quality protein, B vitamins and choline.


raw nuts supplies healthy fats and fibre linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and successful long-term weight loss.

Avocado sandwich

Avocados are full of essential vitamins and healthy fats promoting healthy lipid profiles (cholesterol) and weight loss. Great on oat crackers, salads or in celery!

celery and peanut

Peanut butter is full of protein, healthy fats and fibre.  The National Health Institute reports peanut butter positively impacts health and provides long lasting portable energy.


Oats are not just for breakfast anymore and are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre.  They also contain beta-glucan fibre linked to improved immunity and lowered cholesterol.

Various fruits

Fruit is quick, easy, and a great low-calorie snack anytime.  Fruits like apples are high in quercetin, a natural anti-inflammatory and excellent for post-workout muscle recovery.

Add your own great ideas for quick healthy good snacks too! Remember that organic is best and no added sugars please!

Vitamin D The Sunny Factor

vit d








Do we understand the importance of Vitamin D The Sunny Factor, and how we can incorporate it safely into our daily diet?

Firstly it is just the umbrella term for a group of fat-soluble compounds vitamin D2 and D3 that are converted by the kidneys and liver which makes it act like a hormone and in turn protects our bones.  In recent years, an increasing number of studies have linked a deficiency of D to everything from macular degeneration to breast cancer.

In centuries past, people got almost all of their vitamin D from the sun. But as we started spending less time outdoors, our levels of this crucial nutrient dropped. Factor in our use of sunscreen in response to concerns about skin cancer …

Clearly, supplementation with vitamin D is a must. But how much should you take? We like the DLux spray for adults and kids.

It’s tempting to pass up supplements and rely on the sun’s rays to get your fill of vitamin D. But you’d not only be risking a burn, you’d likely miss out on the protective benefits of this important nutrient. With vitamin D, supplementation is the way to go.

Always consult a professional before embarking on a regimen.


Cleaning Charitable Causes

Cleaning for Cancer








We felt compelled to share a lovely post that was written about a Company called Cleaning For A Reason who have setup a charity that provide a cleaning team for cancer sufferers.

Cleaner pink

Their vision is to create a stress free cleaning regimen for people who need to focus on their health and not on housework.

Cleaner supporting cancer

The public can get involved by making charitable donations.

In our opinion this type of company doing good deeds are in short supply and we should follow them as a role models.  They deserve all the support that we can give them and to battle these unnecessary illnesses.

If we do one good thing today it will be to show our generosity in this area.  Let’s Beat Cancer Sooner…




Cheat Days Make You Leaner

Diet concept








Decreasing carb intake can help you lose weight and burn fat faster, there can be a negative side affect to low carb dieting.

Restricting carb advantages:

– Reduce body fat
– Lower blood pressure
– Lower blood sugar and improve symptoms of diabetes and helps you burn more fat
– Increase your good cholesterol (HDL)
– Lower triglycerides

love rice

Restricting carb disadvantages:

More than 5 to 7 days at a time can lead to a downward spiral of metabolic problems including:

– Suppressed thyroid output
– Decreased testosterone production (needed to burn fat)
– Compromised immune system function
– Slower metabolism and potential adrenal fatigue
– Muscle loss
– Slower fat burning and weight loss plateaus
– Leptin resistance (fat burning hormone)

This is more damaging if you exercise intensely 4+ times per week. To counteract this we should be increasing carb intake after an aggressive burst of lowering carbs for a few days and reverse negative side effects. Incorporating a 5 day “mini” cycle that let’s you eat what you want every 5th day.

Italian Cuisine

Therefore every 5th day which can be considered a feeding day, you should eat a carb rich menu.  Some great ideas are to eat little treats that are within the healthy range such as chicken rolled in spices and lightly floured, rices, pastas, strawberry dipped in dark chocolate.

chocolate dipped strawberries

Remember always consult a professional before embarking on a regimen.

DIY Four Poster Pet Bed

Pet bed







We all know that those of us with pets really rule the home! the question is do they have the appropriate lodgings that accompany this regal status!! Here is a quick step by step guide to creating a four poster bed from an old table…

occasional table

Drill four holes at each corner and insert bun feet which will stabilise and provide the support for your new bed (when it is flipped over). Spray it with whichever colour paint you fancy and be as creative as you desire.  The four legs will become the four poster uprights when the bed is finished.

pet bed four poster

Then insert the bedding and your pampered pet is ready to go!

pet four poster

These inspired ideas came from Best out of Waste on Facebook!



Resolutions To Success







Did you know that envisaging your resolutions to success will lead you directly there. Some of us like to write them down in some form or another and then it is easy and encouraging to tick them off as you go.

Before dismissing them as a waste of time, it is worth noting that resolutions are important. They increase focus and will clarify what you really want to achieve in life. Providing ourselves with positive goals and the tools to implement them, will boost our self-esteems and give us a renewed sense of motivation. Resolutions encourage us to do things that we wouldn’t do normally.

Equally important is to focus on the end result, don’t pay too much attention to the various routes that may take us there, but just enjoy the journey.  It will be inevitable that some paths lead up a convoluted street but in the end it is not the distance we travel but the participation in it all.

It is easy to become overawed by all that we want to achieve but simply work towards the goal and let everything else fall into place.  Because all roads lead to Rome it is not possible to know how each and every step will pan out, but that is the beauty of it all and it is vital that we trust and believe.


Enjoy your journey and don’t give up.

Souper Food

Souper food






Is soup the new food craze! If so, it is rightly so providing that you are making it at home, using organic and healthy ingredients.  This way you know exactly what it contains which means no chemicals!  The portion size can be regulated too.

healthy soup

With soup, there are a number of ways to incorporate different types of vegetables – you can put in pretty much anything that is going off in the fridge.  Also add nuts and seeds as toppings which make this a meal in a bowl.

Soup is generally low in calories and the high volume of fluid means you feel fuller more quickly. Research has shown that veggie soup remains in the stomach longer than the equivalent amount of vegetables eaten with just a glass of water, so you also feel fuller for longer.

The energiser: Bean soup such as a ‘Five-bean Soup,’ as beans are a good source of slow release carbohydrates and protein, so you get quite a balanced meal out of it.

The metabolism firestarter: A spicy Pho soup. There’s a small rise in metabolic rate when eating spicy food.

The complexion pick-me-up: A Laksa, due to the vitamin E from the coconut.

The immunity booster: Butternut squash soup is a good source of vitamin A which is important for the immune system.

The antioxidant medley: Watercress soup it contains very high antioxidant levels.











































































Get the gloss

New Year New Hair

New Hairstyles Men & Women






It is time to reinvent ourselves again!  This applies to both men and women.  A new hairstyle is always the perfect remedy to satisfy this quest.

hair style

Contrary to public belief we do not change our hair at the critical times in our lives because we are rebirthing but instead it is due to us showing that we are always who we are at all times, even when the exterior is changed!

Our predictions for this year will be new year new hair in all tones of brunettes dominating the stage with the varying shades of ombres, shadings, layers and various other inventions.  The length this year will be similar to the bob with longer layers but a lot more playful.  The ingenuity of this cut is that it can be applied to all face shapes hence it will suit everyone.  It has limitless potential.

hair cut

There is no denying that cutting our hair gives us a feeling of renewal and freedom as the chop chop of the blade scatters our tresses to the floor.  There is something definitely cleansing and a state of newness with our shorn locks.

coloured hair

Adding the extra oomph with colour to new hair creates a vibrancy when we look in the mirror which seems to signal to our brains that we should be zany and bright!

Go forward and find yourself!