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New Year Time To Review

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As the New Year sets upon us, it is a great time to review everything.  Goals, targets, aims, life purpose and who we invite to share our time with us.  It is true that we need to de-clutter from our contents to our hearts and this includes any toxicity that we may have inadvertently engendered along the way!

Relationships are an integral part of life, motivating you to follow your dreams and encouraging you to be a better person. It is important to choose your friends wisely, surround yourself with others who are true and kind.

Young beautiful woman having quarrel with her friend in the city

The User is a fairweather friend, seemingly there for you, unless something better comes along. Someone who takes advantage until you have served your purpose, after which they will be gone.


The Negative friend who is never satisfied with anything. Much time is exhausted on whining and grumbling with dislikable opinions about almost everything. Invest your time and energy with those that can be happy for you and supportive. Life is always infinitely better with a smile and kindness.

Drama Queen

The Drama Queen’s life is like one long soap opera filled with daily disappointments, letdowns, heartbreaks, and sadness. You are constantly acting as a problem solver but because they thrive on drama your advice will go unheeded whilst they plough on with their self-absorbed existence and not interested in you!

Business bully

The Critic is mean and controlling directing little jabs and digs to you, often in front of others and passes comments off as “jokes.”


The gossip who is always in the know , spreading rumours and fuelling talk discussing your and everyone else’s issues!


The Leech always needs you and expects you to drop everything when called!


The Rebel seems adventurous and exciting, it is also very dangerous. This friend will surely get you into trouble. What’s more, the instability and unpredictability of this friend can be draining after a while always expecting you to right the wrongs they commit.

These are the main types of friends you really don’t need.




Vegetarian Protein How To

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In the daily objective of staying healthy and focussing on eating the right way, it is a struggle to ensure that protein sources are being included in a vegetarian diet.  Our favourite go to guru is Lisa Lillien, this hungry girl is not a nutritionist she is simply a girl who enjoys food!

As we have always advocated, use your common sense and consult professionals when needed and it works.

Becoming a vegetarian does not ensure immediate weight loss, nor does it preclude bad choices at meal times, so with this in mind here are a few tips.

Fake meat that is roughly 150 cals per 4 oz portion containing approximately 20g protein is the ideal substitute.  Beware of salt levels (also known as sodium) in all foods, snacks, drinks etc!

Eggs, protein powder (egg white derivative is very good and filling), cheese, beans, lentils, greek yoghurt, tofu, are all good sources of protein but again check the calories and relevant contents.

Remember to count chemicals as a big no-no when faced with the choice go for higher calorie count.  Always eat as natural as possible.

Nuts, crispy kale, dark chocolate, seaweed are all good snacks to keep in the car on the go remember it is a handful for portion size.

Keep carbohydrates to a minimum and substitute sweet potato, butternut squash where possible.

Courgetti, Carrot spirals, grated cauliflower and broccoli are all great for pasta themed dishes.

To create a fabulous sandwich, wrap or bun use lettuce! Cook or steam your food keep the microwave to a minimum it is good for heating up otherwise it destroys vital nutrients.

Eat and enjoy!!!!


De-Stress Now

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This time of year is well known for causing anxiety, panic, commotion and chaos.  It is time to de-stress now!

Slow down your breathing. Many people don’t pay attention to their breathing during an anxiety attack, when in fact their breathing usually becomes shallow, rapid and erratic. This decreases the oxygen in the brain which will trigger fear and panic (a reflex which is part of our biological wiring). When you take slow deep breaths, you increase the blood flow to your brain which will put you back in control. Learning how to breathe from your diaphragm by lying down on a flat surface and placing an object (book or similar) on your stomach and as you inhale it rises and exhale it lowers.

The breathing technique will make you feel stronger and at that point you can consider speaking to a professional if the thoughts you are facing seem overwhelming.

Usually by feeling calm and relaxed the distorted panic dissipates and the world becomes a clearer and better place to be in again.

Many of us crave indulgent carbohydrates like biscuits, candy, ice cream, pretzels, and other sweet and starchy foods when we’re stressed, anxious, or tense. These foods can have a soothing effect, and it may have something to do with low serotonin levels during these mood states.

Drinking green tea has also been shown to have a positive effect in decreasing these feelings of anxiety and stress. Green tea is very soothing—it contains theanine, an amino acid that gives flavour to green tea and also promotes relaxation, it is a caffeine antagonist, meaning it counters the stimulating effects of java.

Consult a professional for advice.


LBD Your Go To Wardrobe Staple

Set of  three little black dresses hang on ribbons








So the party season is in full swing and you are in the festive spirit, it is time to call on our LBD again! there is a plethora of stock in your wardrobe, so how will you make it look different and suit the occasion!!

LBD all black wardrobe staple

Going all black; head-to-toe in ebony is hailed by fashion gurus (editors, buyers, models) all black is super chic. Incorporating a hint of feminine lace, plenty of skin to keep it after five looking, sheer black legs and long wavy hair rending the look soft and alluring.

black dress red bag LBD wardrobe staple

Look how easily you can transform the overall picture by accenting in strong colours, also try metallics and neons.

LBD statement jewellery wardrobe staple

Let your accessories do the talking when you add a statement necklace to your outfit, ensure you keep other accessories to a minimum letting the jewellery take center stage.

Rock Star LBD wardrobe staple

Channel your inner rock star with a gorgeous LBD either in leather itself or complemented by a leather jacket any colour!!!

LBD nude shoes wardrobe staple

For endless legs, wear nude shoes with your little black dress. Keep footwear simple minor detailing, the effect is still leg-lengthening. Drama with full on length, opt for nude pumps.

LBD red lips wardrobe staple

Red lips are a statement all on their own! keep everything else to a minimum, choose the correct shade of ruby for you and remember it is two points because it is festive too!!!!!!!

Little black dress with golden belt wardrobe staple

Create waist definition or add colour with a belt to your little black dress, bright or metallic will contrast; black belt with a black dress to accent your waist in a more subtle way.

You probably have been inspired to a veritable fashion feast and can create your own unique look from the suggestions put forward above.  Go create and enjoy. If you fancy uploading your accomplishments to us we would be thrilled to see the results.




How Much Water Do We Need?

Precious water







We all know that H2O is a precious gift, but how much of it do we need?  Our body comprises about 60 percent of our total body weight. It helps regulate body temperature, transports nutrients and helps remove waste. Every day it is lost through natural functions such as breathing, sweating, waste and that liquid needs to be replenished and these quantities vary for each individual, given their lifestyle and medical status.

Most people can gauge their water intake by looking at urine colour which should be pale yellow or colourless, certain dispositions will affect this ‘test’ for example taking dietary supplements that contain riboflavin produces a bright yellow result.

Thirst is the desire to drink something. It can be triggered by the loss of fluid volume in and around cells and in the blood. It can be triggered by aromas and flavours.

Trouble concentrating can be a signal that we are needing aqua, obviously the hotter our surroundings will require us to take on board libation!  Physical exercise, pregnancy, flying or high altitudes will similarly impose the same requisites.

This is just a guide and some helpful hints, and always consult a professional before changing or varying your routine.





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De-Stress or decompression is very important in the role of health.  We must be able to let go after we have cranked up the volume so to speak.

The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. With family time and festive holiday parties, also comes shopping in crowded stores, planning epic dinners and completing work deadlines. Don’t wait until January to get your head screwed on straight again. Take just ten minutes out of your day to try these simple stress reducers starting now!

1. Take a Walk
The easiest way to beat stress is to walk away from the immediate source. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, get up and take a quick stroll to gather your thoughts, get your blood flowing and release mood-boosting endorphins.

2. Meditate
Five minutes of meditating will lower your heart rate and blood pressure and relax your muscles. To get started, find a quiet place to sit and try to clear your mind of any thoughts. Then focus on one thing — your breathing, a picture in your head or repeating a mantra. Still having trouble? Follow an app to keep you on track.

3. Drink Tea
Decaffeinated green tea is soothing because it contains theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation. Avoid caffeinated versions because they can worsen stress.

4. Deep Breaths
Only have one minute? Stop whatever you’re doing, close your eyes and focus on your breath as it goes in and out.

5. To-Do List
Choose three most important tasks and jot them down. Work on one at a time and check them off as you go. If you have time leftover, pop down a few more and keep going.

6. Light Reading
Reading any type of fiction will take your mind away from the present and essentially allow you to enter a new world. Sometimes, a little distraction is all you need.

7. Lavender Candle
Or essential oil, lavender aromatherapy slows brainwaves associated with drowsiness. It is also a mood booster.

8. Chocolate
When you’re stressed you have low serotonin, a brain chemical that controls calmness. Sweet and starchy foods, such as chocolate, levels which in turn relaxes the body.

9. Music
Select your favorite music it promotes better circulation as a result. Blood vessels actually open wider — slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, relaxing the muscles and creating an overall feeling of relaxation. Do not listen repeatedly to the same song it has the reverse effect!

If none of the above help (and they are only tips) consult a professional.



All About That Bass

Fitness Stability Ball Glute Kickback







When it comes to getting your glutes in shape, you don’t have to be reliant on endless sets of squats. Although they have proved their efficacity, there are some squat-free workout alternatives that will help you get your best booty ever.

All the moves below will take place while you’re laying on your stomach. After you’ve completed all the variations on the right leg, repeat on the left.

Set It Up
1. If you’re working out on a hard surface, roll your mat to create a thick fold.
2. Lie flat on your front side with your hips lining up to the fold you created.
3. Prop yourself on your elbows so they’re lined with the shoulders. Your pinkies should be pressed into the floor, thumbs up and chest off of the floor.
4. Tuck your pelvis and move any arch from the lower back. Squeeze your glutes.
5. Pull your abs in with an exhale. Pull in your abs always, while keeping a deep pelvic tuck and squeeze your glutes.

Isometric Lifts
Press your lift leg into the floor. Float your right leg off the ground (it should barely get off the floor) keeping your toes pointed and your leg straight.
Lift it in a tiny “up and up and up” motion 16 times.

Isometric Squeezes and Presses
Squeeze your right leg in towards the mid-line it won’t go far.
Feel your inner thigh activate and squeeze 16 times.
Next, press your right leg out to the right diagonal and press 16 times.

Bend Stretches
Point your toes and lengthen your leg as straight as it will go.
Next, take a tiny micro-bend at your knee and then lengthen it. 
Perform the tiny bend-stretch movement slowly for six times.
Increase to a faster bend-stretch for 10 times.

Quick Stretch
Lay completely flat with your arms folded in front of you to stretch out.
Rock your hips side to side.

Repeat the moves on the left

Bonus Set
Bend your knees so the soles of your feet face the ceiling.
Bring your feet to a touch—or in first position with your feet flexed.
Press your heels up and up and squeeze your glutes. This should create a lifting movement. Do this for 10 reps.
Bring your feet to a point with the heels still touching. Creating the lifting movement for 10 more reps.



Remember to always consult a professional first.



Healthy Family Food Swaps

healthy kids foods








At some point during the day you will be nagged for a snack! Even it is for yourself…In this day and age it is vital that we healthily nourish ourselves and the old fashioned fast food joints are not the answer.

Here are some helpful re-calibrations of old faves that will hopefully keep you and yours in check without too much shouting and placating!

Mac n cheese – organic pasta, gluten free and throw a few veggies into the sauce combining veggies that blend in, such as shredded steamed carrots and diced cauliflower. If get the green light!! add nutrient-rich steamed broccoli, spinach, kale or peas.

Processed meats are tops on the list of dietary no-nos. You can serve this dish with real ingredients, for example an all-beef, or all chicken natural sausage that doesn’t have nitrites or nitrates. Serve it on a whole-wheat bun with a side of veggie sticks.

Crudites kids love celery, apple, cucumber and carrot even tomatoes raw on their plate, you can garnish with a teaspoon of houmous, or salt flakes to zip up the taste but usually they will want it plain.

Grilled Cheese can be replaced (let’s face it no-one wants to consume 500+ cals for a snack?) Use naturally low-fat, low-sodium cheeses such as mozzarella on organic bread (without wheat) or on oat crackers.

Peanut Butter organic varieties are best and serve lightly spread atop some crackers with cut up banana.

Chips/French Fries can be swapped with vegetable crisps or grill your own using butternut squash, sweet potato, kale – experiment!

Juice do not be fooled, these are laced with sugars and other names for sugar! sweetners, chemicals etc…

Fizzy Drinks possibly the worst invention ever, do not consume!



Remember to consult a professional for food allergies etc.

Hair Colours And What They Reveal About You

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Redheads are perceived as feisty and opinionated. The word associated with red is hot – hot-headed and hot-tempered, but also sexy. Contrarily ladies in red also can be seen as homely – with freckles, frizzy orange hair and pale lashes.

Exotic, sultry, tough and mysterious is associated with black hair, remember that it will show every imperfection in your skin so be prepared to keep your makeup perfect. Highlights in a strong contrast like red or blond are a gorgeous accessory.

Brunettes can be dull when their hair is monochromatic attributed to the monotony of one tone but it can be spiced up with lowlights, sexy cuts and layers.

Blondes are often thought of as the sex bomb and are often not taken seriously.  Confidence is key when wearing blond hair it is compared to wearing high heels…It’s a statement and an attitude. The eye is drawn to lighter shades so there is more attention focussed on this colour.

The eye is drawn to lighter shades so you naturally attract more attention (on the face of it) hence it is said that blondes have more fun; purely because they have more opportunity to grasp that fun!!

Always consult a professional before colouring your hair.



Workout Myths Debunked

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If you haven’t worked out in a while or you’re trying a new kind of workout plan – you’ll probably be sore the next day. This is a good sign, it means that the workout created “good” micro-tears in the muscles, which heal on their own and make you stronger. Should the discomfort last more than 48 hours then the damage will take six weeks to heal.

Sweat isn’t a good indicator of how hard you’re working, too many factors affect perspiration,
temperature and humidity also have a bearing on this.  During moderate-intensity exercise, you should be able to speak but not sing.

There’s no direct metabolic correlation between abdominal muscles and the fat cells surrounding them, our body pulls fat from everywhere. It’s sent to the liver to be converted into fatty acids, which travel back to your muscles as fuel, the secret to shedding fat is to follow a balanced program of cardio and strength training, plus eat a healthy diet.

HIIT mini-workouts 10 minutes three times a day are just as effective as a continuous 30-minute workout with hard effort.

Weight loss requires burning more calories than you take in. Exercise does not burn it off again alone!

Resistance training (body weight) increases a woman’s bone density and allows more efficient fat burning. It also improves posture, muscle tone, endurance and strength.

The best time of day to exercise is whenever you’ll actually do it. That could mean lunchtime, after work or later in the evening when the kids are in bed.

Lose your scales; muscle is more compact than fat, so it takes up less space in your body. Which explains why the readings may not budge, even as your belt gets looser and clothes fit better.

A regular dose of cardio, strength-training, flexibility and balance exercises fights stress and improves brain and nervous system function. It isn’t all about losing weight.

Staying hydrated during a workout is important, but unless you’ll be sweating it out for 90 minutes or more, don’t drink anything but water.


Remember to consult a professional before undertaking any new regimen.