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When Not To Stick Your Neck Out

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Many people are so gung ho to strengthen their core that they forget about their neck posture.  How to position your whole body – before getting too deeply into an exercise program – particularly one that is designed to help stabilize your core –  may help you avoid a painful cervical spine injury later.

This means choosing the weights and types of movements that you can handle without breaking your form.  In fact, it means becoming familiar with form in the first place.   Making an appointment with a physical therapist to get started is a good idea if you have an injury.  If you don’t, consider asking a personal trainer for help.

Keeping the twist out of exercise movements that don’t call for it is important because neck or back injuries can be brought on by rotation when the spine is also loaded.  Examples include using free weights, where you’ll need to use core muscles and good trunk positioning to stabilize your posture, instead of almost having it done for you by a gym machine, and smaller workout aides such as a resistance band which will load your spine.

In general, remember that for good exercise posture, the head is an extension of the spine.  It shouldn’t be positioned forward or back of the rest of your trunk, as this is an invitation to strain or sprain.



Eyebrow Guru








Thicker brows flatter all face shapes and sizes!

Dark thick and intense brows – use a brow mascara.  We recommend Nars product it works easily and quickly.

Medium dark colour brows – use a firm, narrow pencil a shade lighter than your hair colour; we are passionately in love with Trish McEvoy brow pencil which gives amazing definition and blends like a dream with the attached spoolie at the other end.  Being a mechnical utensil it won’t need sharpening either!

Medium brows – because it’s very difficult to grow eyebrows back, tread lightly in terms of shaping. Never overpluck just enough to rid yourself of strays.

Sisters not twins – it’s perfectly natural for one eyebrow to be flatter than the other, so don’t stress too much about overshaping them into arched perfection…that’s how plucking accidents happen.

Blondes – don’t have to match their hair colour to their eyebrows, plump for a neutral greyish taupe brow it provides depth and contrast without being too stark.

Well trimmed brows – cutting your own eyebrows can be a bit of a fraught concept (it’s really easy to get carried away and denude an entire area) but it’s made a lot easier with the Tweezerman Brow Scissors and Brush Set.  The scissors are ultra small and very sharp, which encourages you to take the time required and produces perfect results.

Perfectly groomed – keep your look natural with a clear brow gel like Rimmel Brow Gel in Clear.



Can We Overdrink Water

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Water intoxication sounds like an oxymoron. How can water, a refreshing drink that everybody needs for sustenance, cause intoxication? Drinking enough water certainly is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. But drinking too much water leads to serious health consequences- swelling of the brain, brain injury, and ultimately stroke – leading to disability or even death.

It is not only the amount of water consumed that causes overload- water toxicity is caused by drinking too much water too fast.

Most people who overdose on water are not aware of the consequences.

The idea of drinking water because it is pure and devoid of calories is popular among dieters and health enthusiasts. Ideal consumption is approximately 8 glasses per day.

When the body takes in extreme amounts of fluid, the excess water literally flows into the brain
cells. The causes brain tissue compression and lack of normal function. Regions of the brain
subsequently lose their normal calcium and sodium concentration and begin to function
abnormally. Some brain cells may die from physical compression, and some from the
electrolyte and water imbalances.
The key to a healthy lifestyle is balance and moderation.
If you are concerned about any such health matter consult a professional.

Quick Snack Fixes Without Blowing Calorie Budget

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Quick Snack Fixes Without Blowing Calorie Budget

Popcorn is our go to favourite, but make sure that it is the 90% fat free guilt free variety! you can give them a bit of a makeover by adding some pine nuts, rice cakes, even try some raisins or freeze dried fruit?

Berries frozen grapes and pomegranates are the next go to, a handful is enough!

How about some home made crudites! Celery, carrot and cucumber sticks with some hummus goes down a treat.

Kale the newer kid on the block taste great oven baked with a sprinkling of sea salt flakes.

Courgette, butternut squash, sweet potato roasted in the oven until crispy make a delicious and satisfying crunchy (the brain recognizes that as really indulgent!) bites.


Melt Fat Away

Melt Fat






The HOT RAGE right now is AMPk
5′ AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPK or 5′ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase is an enzyme that plays a role in cellular energy homeostasis. It consists of three proteins (subunits) that together make a functional enzyme, conserved from yeast to humans.

The enzyme in your body that burns away belly-fat and body-fat and are the primary reason ANY exercise burns off body-fat, and without them you’ll be going for hours and not shedding a pound.

Together with the right eating plan using common sense lifestyle choices.

It starts off in your LOWER BODY this is where it gets switched on and starts to activate the AMPk

30 second set lift up right leg and lunge back repeat on same leg. 15 second rest

30 second set plie squats. 15 second rest.

30 second set reverse lunge and lift up leg. 15 second rest.

Repeat these three exercises on the left leg.  Repeat both cycles three times on each leg in this sequence.

Do this three times per week.

30 second set down on all fours/elbows. Use core and draw up right leg and kick back. Repeat on left leg.

30 second rest. Stretch back.

30 second set down on all fours. Use core and lift right leg bent at knee and draw up to hip level.

30 second set on all fours hands under shoulders. Straighten left leg and cross over and down to floor lift up and bring forward and down to floor (oblique movements).

30 second rest and stretch back.

30 second on all fours hands under shoulders.  Bend right leg and foot press on ‘ceiling’ control via core. To intensify movement come up onto toes instead of all fours on knees. Repeat on left leg.

30 second rest and stretch back.

Repeat cycle 3 times on each leg. 3 times per week.

Front leg bent back leg bent up towards head to stretch out muscles. Repeat on other side.

Mini meals (2/3 hours) provide energy in small amounts. Breakfast should include protein; egg, coconut oil for cooking, mid morning protein shakes (egg white) with almond milk and a nut butter, flavour with cinnamon.  Lunch tuna wraps in lettuce or avocado & quinoa wraps too. Mid afternoon apple, or handful blueberries or raspberries (quick energy).  Dinner kale or spinach with fish or chicken (or vegetarian options potato, corn, peas, pine nuts, hummus etc). After dinner snack egg white fritatta with mushroom, green peppers, chillies.

– Cut out salt it holds water in the cells

– Sweat out toxins daily e.g. exercise, sauna

– Build muscle it gets rid of cellulite

enzymes help us digest food

Remember to consult a professional.

Fast Fat Loss Via Increased Capillary Blood Flow

Heart Blood Health








Fast Fat Loss Via Increased Capillary Blood Flow

It is no secret that fat loss takes place via lipolysis which is the burning of fat within our system activated by a healthy blood flow, thus to increase the effects and to get there quicker we need to stimulate this process.

Simply put, the number of capillaries in fat tissue are much greater than the number found in muscle, which means that more blood flow and hormones can travel to fat tissue.

One of the easiest ways to create this “effect” is to alternate back and forth between high intensity (HIIT) exercise bursts and exercises that are closest to your trouble spots.

For example, super-setting back and forth between sprints and ab exercises can potentially help you target more belly fat.  However it takes a long time to get to a low body fat ratio to see the results of this.

Using a suspension training system will do the job, quicker, faster and effectively whilst at the same time activating Norepinephrine the hormone that releases trapped fat.

The secret comes from a new and constant stimulus (blood flow) that forces your body to use new muscle groups in ways you’ve never used them before.

These exercises create microscopic muscle tears, and when your body begins to rebuild and recover…your metabolism is elevated, and more fat is burned (even while resting).

suspension training

A suspension trainer uses all 600 muscles on your body and it is in the combination of exercises and protocols that blast your body into new levels of fat loss, heightened metabolism, and muscle building.

Remember to consult a professional before you undertake any new exercise.



Constantly Seeking Solace In Food

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Constantly Seeking Solace In Food

The longer a need goes unmet, the harder it becomes to resist satisfying the need, and several things will happen:

  1. one’s attention becomes increasingly focused on meeting the need;
  2. it becomes hard to concentrate on anything else;
  3. a powerful craving to meet the need is experienced;
  4. one becomes increasingly irritable and unhappy; and
  5. when the need is finally met, a larger than normal amount is needed to make up for the deprivation.

Take for example, sleep deprivation if you stay up very late on consecutive nights, by the end of the week, you probably are irritable, have trouble concentrating, and when you finally do sleep, you sleep longer than on the typical night.

So how does this play out with food?

When a person diets, they usually become preoccupied with eating and start to experience intrusive thoughts about food, making it hard to concentrate on other things. This is the primal drive trying to ensure survival. When needs are met, preoccupations with that need subside. People on diets may also become increasingly irritable just like people who are sleep-deprived.

If you find that you are preoccupied with thoughts about food, you might want to keep food records for a week and then review them. Reflect on your eating patterns and experiment with increasing your intake by satisfying your hunger and see if your preoccupation changes.

If life does not improve with this intervention, then it is time to seek help from a professional.



Rules Athletes Live By

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Rules Athletes Live By

These rules apply to all athletes from beginners to elite competitors.

male and female exercising


The principle of individual differences simply means that, because we all are unique individuals, we will all have a slightly different response to an exercise program. Well-designed routines should be based on your preferences and what works for you.


exercise overload

In order for a muscle (including the heart) to increase strength, it must be gradually stressed by working against a load greater than it is accustomed to. To increase endurance, muscles must work for a longer period of time than they are accustomed to or at a higher intensity level. This could mean lifting more weight or doing HIIT which is highly recommended.




The Principle of Progression documents the need for proper rest and recovery. Continual stress on the body and constant overload will result in exhaustion and injury. You should not train hard all the time, as you’ll risk overtraining and a decrease in fitness.


Varied Exercise


Adaptation explains why beginning exercisers are often sore after starting a new routine, but after doing the same exercise for weeks and months they have little, if any, muscle soreness thus it reinforces the need to vary a workout routine if you want to see continued improvement.


Happy Healthy Bodies!

Help For Water Retention









Help For Water Retention

Having consulted a professional you now learn you are dealing with water retention.  The bloat can be caused by many factors and to aid riddance of it you need to taken on board more water (yes really!) and eat sensibly that is moderate portions and a good balance ratio of all the food goups.  Exercise will also play its part, but for immediate and satisfying results the following is also recommended:



The dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is rich in vitamins, minerals and has been used to treat liver problems.  The leaves are used to enhance flavours in salads, sandwiches, and teas.  It is this component that stimulates the body to make urine and eliminate excess water.

green tea

Green tea is commonly known to be a strong antioxidant, increase metabolism and help with fat burning.  What has also been discovered about green tea is potential use as a natural diuretic and removing excess fluids from the body.



Parsley is known for gracing plates as a garnish but it just may have better use as a natural diuretic and potential to increase urinary volume.  Parsley may be an alternative for those unable to handle the side effects of prescribed diuretics.



Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) has tube-like stems and leaves similar to a fern.  It is a medicinal herb historically used as a natural diuretic whose leaves and stems are made into liquid extracts, dried teas, or capsules.


Juniper (Juniperus Communis) is an evergreen tree and used in herbal medicine as a diuretic for centuries. Alpha-pinene may significantly contribute to the diuretic effects of juniper, this is a reactive organic compound naturally occurring in the oils of coniferous trees.


Here’s to a healthy approach…




Lets Get Transforming









Lets Get Transforming

If you are tired of being out of shape and are looking for a way to dramatically change your body then these exercises are deceptively simple, but they have been proven to not only strengthen you, but also help burn unwanted pounds from your body.


skipping rope

Skipping Rope

A cheap and effective means of getting into shape. In fact, jumping burns more calories per minute than practically any other exercise.


I could sit here all day


Squats tone your glutes, strengthens your body, and burns lots of calories. And if you want to really ramp up the benefits of his exercise, just make it into a jump squat, and throw in a weight to blast the fat.


woman fitness Medicine Ball exercises silhouette


Pushups have a lot of beneficial effects, including working a wide variety of muscles as well as cardiovascular health.




If you are in need of help with toning and strengthening your legs, lunges are one of the most effective means of doing this. Doing several sets of lunges and jump lunges will show results fast.

Try HIIT in 20 mins doing 15 reps of each cycle with a wall sit inbetween it works! Make sure to consult a professional if needed.