Collagen Drinks And Why

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Collagen Drinks And Why

Do collagen drinks work? what are the benefits and why should you be taking them…Well we have seen reported proof that ingesting collagen in this way does increase and bolster up the layer in the epidermis creating a nice plump look in our skin which in turn lends it a youthfulness. Other positive side effects are that you will beget better hair and nails.

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To enhance the efficacity of these potions we also recommend topping up and using alongside collagen and related vitamin mineral supplements and creams, this is going to be a trial by error exercise for you individually so just see what works best.

Here at ‘the house’ we take gold collagen daily together with ginseng and bilboa and evening primrose oil.  The higher the concentration in mg contained in them the harder they will work for you.

Finally, the results will speak for themselves #theMirrorDoesn’tLie




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