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Added Sugar

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Added Sugar

Of all the dietary causes of obesity, consumption of added sugar leads the charge. A wealth of information now exists on the ever-increasing amounts of sugar steadily added to the diet, largely in the form of packaged and processed foods. Here are the top 5 offenders:


Sugar-sweetened beverages were confirmed as the top source for added sugars among children and adolescents.  According to some estimates, overweight and obese adolescents are drinking enough of these beverages to account for an average of 15% of their total daily energy intake. An average 12-ounce can of cola contains over 8 teaspoons of sugar! So, by drinking just one small soft drink, a woman would have already far exceeded her recommended daily sugar maximum, and a man would have nearly reached his. With numbers like this, it is easy to see how the average person can consume 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day, far beyond the recommended maximum. Extrapolating from that, it is even easier to see how this level of high-calorie sugared intake could contribute to the rise of the obesity epidemic over the course of time.

cake dessert

These are the pies, biccies, and cakes that so many love to eat for dessert. Basically, anything that is made with any kind of flour counts as a grain dessert. And, according to the latest findings, we as a people are eating far too many of them.

fruit drink

Fruit drinks are seldom 100% fruit juice, but usually a combination of added sugars and syrups with some blend of fruit juices thrown in. These added sugars include ingredients like sucrose (table sugar), cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, juice concentrate, and other additives that are essentially sugar as far as the human digestive system is concerned.  Additionally, 100% fruit juice has the essential fibre of the whole fruit removed, and thus is much higher in unopposed sugar content than one would get with eating the original fruit.  Fruit drinks have been found to account for 8% of overall added sugar intake.


No surprise… According to recent estimates, consumption accounts for 6.7% of overall added sugar intake.

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This is the category that includes ice cream and frozen yogurts, and accounts for 5.6% of overall added sugar consumption.  Beware of low-fat versions of dairy desserts; to compensate for the loss of fat, many manufacturers add more sugar to these than would be found in the higher- or full-fat versions.


Keep on track!

Collagen Drinks And Why

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Collagen Drinks And Why

Do collagen drinks work? what are the benefits and why should you be taking them…Well we have seen reported proof that ingesting collagen in this way does increase and bolster up the layer in the epidermis creating a nice plump look in our skin which in turn lends it a youthfulness. Other positive side effects are that you will beget better hair and nails.

collagen creams and pill

To enhance the efficacity of these potions we also recommend topping up and using alongside collagen and related vitamin mineral supplements and creams, this is going to be a trial by error exercise for you individually so just see what works best.

Here at ‘the house’ we take gold collagen daily together with ginseng and bilboa and evening primrose oil.  The higher the concentration in mg contained in them the harder they will work for you.

Finally, the results will speak for themselves #theMirrorDoesn’tLie




Be A More Adventurous Veggie

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Be A More Adventurous Veggie

Artichokes on sale at an outdoor market in France. The artichoke was first cultivated in Italy. The artichoke is the basis of the Italian alcoholic drink Cynar.


OK so you have decided to become wholesome and healthy and join the veggie world! However, one thing that will soon strike you is that it can become somewhat mundane.  Once you have relished the delights of purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages what is next?

purple cauliflower

Kale sprouts

You may be unfamiliar with this veggie, but you most certainly know its parents: kale and Brussels sprouts. This veggie newcomer, which can be grilled, sautéed, roasted or enjoyed raw, contains all the nutrients found in both of its superfood parents, including bone-strengthening vitamin K and immune-boosting vitamin C. And don’t be worried: Kale sprouts are a non-GMO food that’s a result of natural, non-GMO cross-hybridization.

swiss chard

Swiss chard

This isn’t a new veggie, but it is gaining new popularity in the produce aisle. The leafy green is a great source of magnesium and potassium, which helps manage blood pressure and protect bones. It’s also a beauty booster because it’s loaded with antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Try it sautéed with garlic and olive oil, or simply add it raw to your salad or sandwich for extra crunch.



New and clever ways to use the classic pick are the key. It is an ideal stand-in for carb-rich comfort food, like mashed potatoes and pizza. Try cauliflower mashed potatoes or spinach. The cruciferous chameleon light in carbs, and filling fibre. The purple variety is loaded with the antioxidant anthocyanin (which gives red cabbage and red wine their purple hue), and some vitamin C.

tiger nut

Tiger nuts

They are small tubers that have a slightly sweet, nutty flavor. They have been used for centuries in Africa as a fix for diarrhoea, gas and indigestion and are a good source of fibre. These versatile goodies can be enjoyed raw, roasted, dried, baked or as tiger nut milk or oil. The flour of roasted tiger nuts is great on cereals and salads etc.

Consult your fave maven chef for recipes, inspiration and more!


















Condiments A Cautionary Tale

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Condiments A Cautionary Tale

clean eating, healthy, raw


How do we go from using clean eating, healthy and raw ingredients to the mush like pulp that is often served at the table? Easy, it is pure laziness…

We need to stay on track and focussed to enjoy our healthy eating plans and regimens, by eating any condiments in excess or mixed together to form unhealthy dips is to sabotage our journey.  Did you know for example that the ingredients like butter and olive oil per tablespoon are 120 and 100 cals however, when you look at the raw ingredients that have not been interfered with and are still in their natural states such as pepper or chillies that are approximately 21 and 55 cals.  It is easy to get carried away with ‘seasoning’ but it is the common misconception that they are virtually free and don’t count, however when you consider that a meal should consist of 400-500 cals per time and one teaspoon of condiment can then account for one quarter of the dish, it is simple to spot where they can destroy our good habits.

Here is a list to keep you mindful and observant! Note that they are measured by tablespoon (3 teaspoons) and constitute one serving, thus if you are having more than that on the side then multiply as appropriate.

  • Butter – 100 calories
  • Cream Cheese – 50 calories
  • Duck sauce – 40 calories
  • Guacamole – 25 calories
  • Half & Half – 20 calories
  • Heavy Cream – 52 calories
  • Ketchup – 20 calories
  • Mayonnaise (regular) – 95 calories
  • Olive oil – 120 calories
  • Ranch dressing (regular) – 70 calories
  • Sour cream – 23 calories
  • Sugar – 60 calories
  • Tartar sauce – 32 calories
  • Vinaigrette dressing – 50 calories

bottles sauce

By ditching these items you will notice a dramatic improvement both externally and internally almost immediately. With the physical wellness replacing tired and bloated gassy feelings it is worth it.



You can also make your own beautiful fresh relishes created from raw and fresh spices noting the above guidelines and safe in the knowledge that they are low in calories and unhealthy fats. The obvious benefits also being that there is nothing to mislead our tastebuds and create unwanted cravings.


Go Create And Enjoy!






























Slim And Healthy How To

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Slim And Healthy How To


Step away from the magazines and other images, look at yourself in the mirror…the first step in your body makeover is to redefine “skinny.” Your body’s version is going to be different than the version we are presented in the media.


Decide what is your best version of skinny. Think about how you feel when you looked your best; active, fit and confident.

Fresh berries with water splash over white background


Weight loss happens in the kitchen, not the gym. If you want to make drastic changes to your body, then you need to implement them in your diet, examine the foods you eat, avoid those with low nutritional value and cause bloating. The best nutrition is those that are naturally low in calories and sodium. Try strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe or raspberries as they have a high water content, radishes, cauliflower and peppers are great; they keep you hydrated, they’re crunchy and spicy and offer healthy nutrients. Build each meal around a single serving of lean protein and then fill the rest of your dish with fruits and veggies.

Mature adults exercising in the park.


Skip intensive vigorous exercise initially, the decrease in calories from your diet overhaul will affect your energy level and the fatigue that happens afterward could cause you to binge eat or to rest on the couch. Use natural methods to keep your energy levels high and increase your daily non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), the calories burned from NEAT will rival a workout. Go walking, hiking, brisk swim etc and let the intensity build up as the eating regimen settles in.

target achieved

Once you reach your goal make adjustments to your quick weight loss plan to maintain the level and check your caloric intake to build your exercise gradually.  Try the 5 day fast or 80/20 plan for a more balanced lifestyle going forwards.  If something doesn’t work ditch it and get the inches off and start again!















Chocolate The Weight Loss Aid?

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Chocolate The Weight Loss Aid?

Is it too good to be true that chocolate can be used as a slimming aid? Research has shown that cocoa is rich in flavanols, which have been shown to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. 


A flavanol in cocoa called oligomeric PCs has been linked to weight loss, displaying anti-obesity properties. There may be a correlation between eating dark chocolate and feelings of fullness.

In one study, it has been observed that chocolate eaters had lower BMIs than non-chocolate eaters. (It was also shown that chocolate eaters were less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.)

chocolate bar

Let’ remember that everything in moderation is what is best and while oligomeric PCs have been linked to weight loss, that’s based on a study done on mice. As for dark chocolate increasing feelings of fullness, this applies when compared to eating milk chocolate. And there is no proof that eating chocolate causes lower BMIs it is a correlation. Finally, this was based on pieces of chocolate not the whole bar.

chocolate chips

In summation; consume cocoa-rich dark/semi-sweet chocolate, for its health properties and filling factor be aware of portion size and your total calorie intake. Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips are versatile, and a little goes a long way. Each tablespoon contains approximately 70 calories, 4g fat, 9g carbs, and 8g sugars.



SPF What You Need To Know







SPF What You Need To Know

Living is learning we all know this! And yet we do not understand enough about sun safety, apart from being ageing it can also manifest unwanted side effects so with this in mind, let’s look at the steps we can take to be safe in the sun…

spf umbrella

There’s no such thing as a harsh chemical free SPF in studies of molecule biology they are all toxic to our cells whilst avoiding uvB (burn light).  uvA is on the other hand completely misunderstood and even ignored, the best way to describe it is like the radiation fall out of an atomic bomb, it’s invisible i.e it does not burn or make the skin red, and goes right through all the layers of the skin to vulnerable new cells… very damaging.

You can cover up.

You can go in the shade.

You can alternate from sun to shade to sun to shade (recommended).

vit d

We need vitamin D from the sun and we need a broad spectrum (uvA & B) protection.

Here are some alternatives:

decanter with coconut oil and coconuts on green background

1. Apply natural oils on the skin first to neutralise the damaging radiation of uvA you are effectively taking out the main source of ageing and the worse forms of skin cancer also remember you do not have to be in direct sun light to absorb uvA radiation that’s why the oil will protect even if you’re in the shade Great! The oils also offer additional benefits

uva and b

2. uvB (the burn light) how do you stop that? Go in and out of the sun with just the oil and use shade at peak times, hat, T shirt etc get out of the sun when you start to go red or get the tingle to the skin.

3. Use spf’s: if you have the natural oils on you have a barrier to the chemicals in spf’s.

A yound boy playing at the beach wearing sun-smart clothing.
4. Do the same for the children cover them in oil and have a hat and T-shirt, beach clothing for prolonged exposure. Use the shade if needed then spf on top of the oil is an option to stop the burn.
sun products

Intensive Gel

Be Safe and Enjoy





Essentially Yours



Protect Yourself From Poolhair

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Protect Yourself From Poolhair

OK so it is a problem that besets most of us and especially beach blondes! We love dipping to cool off in the heat but more often than not this will render our tresses dull and discoloured.


Shower Pre And Post

Hair is porous and once it’s saturated with moisture, very little chlorine will be able to enter the shaft, the cuticles of your hair acts like a sponge. If they’re drenched with clean water, it is harder for the pool water to then infiltrate and cause damage. Alternatively use travel-sized conditioner in your bag and pre-treat your hair before entering the pool. Remember to rinse off afterwards.


Hair Oil

We recommend coating the hair in oil at the pool, olive, argan, morrocan or specific hair oils are good. Remember to keep your head covered, as oil will also cook your scalp in the sun.



Clarifying Shampoo

This is an excellent way to treat the hair after a day down at the sun lounger, because it will remove any residue of damaging agent.  We also recommend the silver anti discolouring shampoos for blondes.

Dissolving an Aspirin in water and rinsing hair with the solution will work wonders to counteract the green hue.

Remember to consult your hair technician and discuss sun protection requirements, they will probably have products you can pack too.



Eggs The All Day Go-To

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Eggs The All Day Go-To


Meal and Snack Ideas

In a mug. Love a morning egg scramble, but don’t feel like breaking out (and cleaning up) a pan and utensils? Make an egg in a mug, a.k.a. an egg scramble made in the microwave! Scramble cover and turn on the power…

As a hard-boiled snack. Hard boil a few eggs, chill ’em, halve them, and scoop out the yolks. Now fill the whites with hummus, salsa… or tuna for a mega-protein fix.

In salads. How about some chopped whites in deli-style salads or a sliced whole egg over leafy greens.

In sandwiches. Egg. Salad. Sandwich. Easy on the mayo and yolks, and stick with light bread or rice cakes.

Wrap. Scrambled eggs in a deli wrap? Source tortillas with less than 150 calories.

In your oatmeal. Slowly add liquid egg whites into simmering oatmeal to increase the portion size and the protein count.

Egghead! here is a fact: the majority of the filling protein is found in egg whites, a large egg has around 72 calories and 5g fat, each egg white has about 17 calories and no fat.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on.  Basically eggs are your go-to ingredient, remember to keep a varied healthy eating regimen.  As the saying goes, it is all in moderation.

#Eggs-ercise Your Healthy Options

Myth Busting Debunking Food Groups

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Myth Busting Debunking Food Groups

There are so many false myths out there! Make sure you get your facts straight so that you can avoid the most common weight loss mistakes.

Uttering the word “carbs” can open a backlash of ugly commentary and dirty looks being considered taboo by many “fad diets” and wrongly accused of causing weight gain and obesity. This very necessary macronutrient provides energy for optimum health and fitness.  There is a difference between good and bad carbohydrates and that is the only truth that should be considered as they also help with weight loss!

Unfortunately many “fad diets” have taken on the more is better approach when it comes to protein and support intake of protein alone as the best way to lose weight.  In this case, the body is flooded with too much of a good thing and missing out on good carbs and some healthy fats.  Eating a wide-variety of healthy foods from carbs, fats and protein will be the success of maintaining a healthy body.

Eating healthy fats actually helps with weight loss and maintaining a healthy heart.

Drinking plenty of water is essential for a healthy body and it is unbelievable that even water has become a controversial subject.  We could not survive without water and 2/3rds of our body makeup is comprised of water.

Eat healthy and #Live A Life You Love