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How are you planning to spend Easter? I’m going to be snuggled up under the duvet catching up on my neglected Netflix membership. But, my mind could seriously be changed for this special chocolate making masterclass event at the Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth.

This event is PERFECT for chocoholics as it includes chocolate tasting, chocolate/wine pairing and chocolate truffle making.

The event takes place on Saturday 4th April at 4pm and costs £75

Included in the £75 price are a glass of dessert wine and chocolate wine so those taking part can find out how these complement the very best chocolate they will be tasting.

Chocolatier Gerry will also teach participants how to make delicious Belgian truffles by hand as they sample a glass or two of some of the hotel’s award-winning Cava, imported directly from Barcelona.

After making around 20 truffles each, attendees will then learn how to package them beautifully – perfect as gifts on Easter Sunday.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is nestled in Bournemouth’s fashionable Soho quarter and is the perfect place to unwind. It is a superb 19th century Grade II listed building and is located a short walk from Bournemouth’s town centre, a beautiful golden sandy beach and the Bournemouth International Centre. The hotel is themed on chocolate and each room has a personalised name relating to the food of the gods and its fascinating history.

To book or to find out more about the Chocolate Boutique Hotel, visit

Would you wear a big mac?


Not content with dominating the fast food business, McDonalds want a piece of the fashion industry too. They’ve come up with a range of “Big Mac” inspired clothing and interior accessories which were unveiled at a ‘McWalk’ fashion show in Sweden this week.

Here’s just a sneak peek of what’s in the range:

Big Mac Thermals: “Now you can stretch, run and ski together with the hamburger of hamburgers. Order your limited edition thermals today and enjoy.” These retail at around £40

Big Mac – Bedding: “Finally the hamburger of hamburgers can keep you warm at night. Order your new bed linen today.” Can be yours for around £30


Big Mac – Wallpaper: “Now you can make your walls good enough to eat. Order your Big Mac wallpaper today and enjoy!” a snip at £38 a roll!


and they even have a dog coat coming soon.


Some profits will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House charity but even with that in mind, we’re not quite sure that we’re Mc Loving It!

Dry shampoo with the smell of summer


Oh dry shampoo, I do love you. How you extend a good blow dry and bring drab, dull hair back to life in just a few squirts.

One of my favourite brands is Batiste’s dry shampoo, thanks to its oil-absorbing, sweet-smelling, volume-boosting properties it’s saved my hair from many a disaster.

And now they’ve just released a new limited edition – Eden (£3.29) which is exclusive to Superdrug and will sum up your summer in one squirt. A sweet smell of sugar melon and honeysuckle will leave you feeling lady like and summery.  Bring it on!



Be romantic. Take a walk.


I like to spend my Sunday’s reading. I usually stumble around a variety of sites catching up on the weeks news and opinion pieces.

But I have to say, one of my favourite pieces this week is from the New York magazine. They did a feature on ‘Late Night New York’ which interviewed a bunch of different celebrities about their late nights. The article featured (one of my favourite women) Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Boderick.  Have a read – it’s super sweet…

Sarah Jessica Parker: Before we were married, we used to walk a lot because time didn’t matter.

Matthew Broderick: If we had a fancy outing in midtown, we’d walk all the way home to Tribeca.

 One thing that Matthew used to do to me, he used to walk me with my hand over my eyes…

 I led you, and the rule was you had to keep your eyes covered.

 And he would walk me into completely random places and take my hand off my eyes and I would be in the most strange, unconnected-to-the-previous-spot places. I would be in the lobby of a residential apartment complex, or a Starbucks, or at the very door of a tenement that I obviously couldn’t get into.

 You’re like listening and trying to figure out where you are, and then when your eyes finally open, boom, you’re two inches from a lamppost.

 He would spin me and sort of make me lose my bearings.

 The first time it happened, we were somewhere near Union Square, and…

 We ended up in the lobby of Zeckendorf Towers. I was very delighted by it. I think the reason we remember it is that it paints a portrait of a time that, for many couples, they don’t have anymore. There’s a sort of leisure, before more grown-up responsibilities dictate your life.

 New York has so many close-together, completely different, crazy things you can suddenly be staring at after a five-minute walk from one spot to the next. You’re in a totally new environment.

This is without a doubt one of the coolest articles the NY mag has published. Go read some more late night stories and let us know on twitter (@maison_du_vann) which one is your favourite.


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Nicky Clarke HairWise … Interview

Collection 1









Q: Disney have just released their next big blockbuster movie adaptation of the fairytale classic- ‘Cinderella’ which of your new products would you suggest to transform tired hair in to Cinderella tresses?


A: Our DeepTreat range from the Nicky Clarke HairWise range is perfect for hair that needs a burst of nourishment. It’s includes an intensive repair shampoo and conditioner and DeepTreat heat barrier protection spray designed specifically for damaged or worn out hair and uses macademia seed and patchouli to transform tired tresses. Perfect for any Cinderellas looking for their Prince Charming to take them to the ball!



Q: Upcoming hair trends! What can we expect to see as we move through to summer?


A: Long glossy ponytails were all over the catwalks and I think that’s a great look which looks really current and fresh. I’m also a big fan of loose beach hair for summer.


Q: Where do you get your personal inspiration from?


A: I get inspiration from everywhere. I love London because style comes from the street and women are so eclectic and open to new trends. I also love looking back over clients I’ve worked with like Naomi Campbell and Sienna Miller, who continue to look amazing.


Q: What is your “can’t live without” product? {and why}

A: Our new Lift, Thicken and Shine Spray from Nicky Clarke HairWise range is my can’t live without product. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and it the product in the range I’m proudest of.



Q: In the 60’s we had twiggy, in the 90’s Jennifer Aniston – what celeb would he say currently has iconic hair status?

A: I think the era of iconic hair styles has gone. These days it’s all about women looking individual and embracing their own individual styles. I think we should celebrate individuality.


Q: In light of the ever growing no shampoo/lather brigade as fronted most regularly by Chas Wen – What are the main disadvantages to following this?

A: The main disadvantage is that people’s perception of clean hair is that you should have a lather when you wash. It’s a about changing a mind set.


Q: What is the best advice to all Kim Kardashian fans to prevent them from going extreme blonde and ruining their hair?


A: I don’t think going blonde means ruining your hair. It’s all about taking care of it and making sure it’s kept in its best condition. For blondes I’d recommend our LightBoost range for a bright tone injection. It contains camomile and sweet neroli which is perfect for boosting highlights.



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Nicky Clarke
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WANT: Everly Woven Shift Dress


Did I mention that I was excited to be leaving winter behind?

Well, that means one thing – SUMMER WARDROBE A GO-GO.

I’m currently lusting after this shift dress from Nordstrom which looks so comfortable and is perfect for travelling in.

The dress comes in black, lilac, tomato and navy and can be found on Nordstrom. 


V8 Juice Are Giving Back Your Lost Hour


How are you coping with losing an hour this morning? Struggling? Yearning for an afternoon nap? Well, don’t despair because the makers of V8 juice have found a way to give you that lost hour back.

To do this they have created a fully interactive online experience that will give you practical, applicable tips to streamline your busy life and take back that lost hour. These tips can also be applied on any day to give you more time in the future.

When you visit the “Hour Gift To You” website you can click through six time saving tips, all of which highlight real life examples of how to use your time more effectively. As each tip is read the clock face moves backwards 10 minutes, by the 6th tip you have reclaimed your hour.

Combined, these tips can literally save you an hour on any given day, not just when the clocks go forward.

Role Models for all generations…









Role Models for all generations…


Finally we have former wild children shaping up to be role models and future mentors for our generation.

If Katie Price can attempt this, then surely that will signal the end of ‘trashy’ reality shows, #trashtalk and the like.

We salute you, and let us all tread this path…PLEASE




I Love A Bit Of Variety









I Love A Bit Of Variety

‘I love a bit of Variety’ – The Party at Press Nightclub

I Love A Bit Of Variety

Variety is celebrating the success of the ‘I Love a bit of Variety’ campaign. To thank you for buying a T-shirt, supporting the campaign and helping raise enough money to sponsor a sports wheelchair!

I Love A Bit Of Variety

Everyone loves a bit of live music- and a drink, including our Celebrity Ambassadors who were there on the night along with the face of the campaign, the one and only, Babs Windsor!

I Love A Bit Of Variety


What an absolute pleasure and privilege it was for MaisonDuVann to be a sponsor at the event, meeting wonderful people and witnessing fantastic awards such as these.

Barbara Windsor is a truly magnificent human being giving of her time and kindness in equal measures, a professional and an icon for sure:

I Love A Bit Of Variety

We also spoke to Lizzie Cundy  who confirmed that her life has definitely taken a turn for the better now and we are inspired by this woman who managed to pick herself up and march on to become the beautiful, intelligent strong person she is today…

I Love A Bit Of Variety

What a worthy cause this event was and we look forward to participating in its future ongoing success.

Ray Quinn a new addition to the celebrity ambassador role gave of his time and voice on the night.

I Love A Bit Of Variety I Love A Bit Of Variety

Great role models and humans alike.  The evening held a raffle, another wheelchair was sponsored and will be awarded shortly.  So go buy a t-shirt and follow the instructions!

I Love A Bit Of VarietyI Love A Bit Of VarietyI Love A Bit Of VarietyI Love A Bit Of Varietymonkey and ltv

What a night! Thank you to everyone from MakeUp to Photography and in between!


Tigerworld PR

Kim Rix Photography

Roger Goodgrove Photography

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Juan Lopez MUA

Jeffrey Euen-Gow MUA and Marketing

Laura Taylor-Vann