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#BlackFriday Deals #2


nln36All nail varnishes at OPI are reduced...

iPad mini just £149 at John Lewis

Save £100 on the new Kindle HDX

The Amazon Fire Phone, 32 GB (O2) is down to just £250

Get 20% off at by entering SELF14 at checkout

Keep checking for more Black Friday deals as they come…

#BlackFriday Deals #1


Hopefully you’re not out there in the scrum trying to find deals and instead curled up with a cup of coffee and your laptop…

At we’re going to be blogging all day about the best black Friday offers are they present themselves…here are just a few to start you off…

25% off at Karen Millen – this offer lasts until December 1st but if there’s something you want you’d best gran it quick.
Karen Millen Fashions Limited

33% off Isabella Oliver tops category!

Save £97.50 on this No7 Black Friday Bundle


Keep checking back for more…


Liberty Advent Calendar


Who says that kids should have all the fun when it comes to having an Advent Calendar?

Start your Christmas countdown off right with The Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar.

Featuring £420 worth of beauty favourites: ten full-sized products, alongside deluxe samples and exclusive treatment vouchers. Each drawer will reveal a fantastic beauty treat hand-picked from the best brands in the Liberty beauty hall.

Packaged in a box showcasing the iconic Liberty Tudor storefront and featuring a drawer for each day adorned in classic Hera Liberty print, this is the perfect way to make your festive season beautiful, and an unbeatable gift for those in need of a little pre-Christmas pampering.

£149 from

Curry this Christmas…


What are you planning on doing with that left over turkey this thanks giving or Christmas?

Fear not, oh frantic festive ones, because Chaat! magazine has come up with the ideal Christmas gift for the spicy food fan in your life. Teaming up with some of their favourite brands, the spicy food magazine have created an exclusive spicy seasonal hamper, along with a year’s subscription; guaranteed to curry favour and tickle the tastebuds of the lucky receiver.

A recent survey found that 7 in 10 spice adoring adults wish that they had more inspiration to cook Indian dishes at home, while 61% admit that they feel intimidated, confused or don’t even know how to start re-creating their favourite spicy dishes! This exclusive and original gift idea will certainly help to both educate and inspire…

Hurry! There are only 100 of these exceptional Chaat! hampers available. Visit chaat! to order yours now. Yule be sorry to miss out!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Ultimate gift guide











OK, OK I know, you may not be ready for the C-Bomb yet but with only 4 – yes 4 – Friday’s left until the big day, it’s time that you start getting used to it! Christmas is coming and you’ve a measly 4 weeks to prepare.

Well, good news, we’ve embraced the Christmas spirit and we’ve done all the leg work for you. We’ve come up with the most amazeballs gift guide to make sure that you have give someone the Christmas of their dreams.

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Now come and tell us what’s on your list for Christmas…

Fifty Shades Of Grey – The Trailer

50 shades

How are you doing on this cold, wintery November day? Well, we’ve got something to heat you up a little. It’s the movie that fans of the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey have been waiting for….

The trailer for the movie adaptation has finally been released so watch the full trailer below and prepare for it’s launch on Valentines Day 2015.

Eye of Horus Launches In The UK

Eye of Horus

Australian make-up brand Eye of Horus is launching it’s full range of products in the UK and the rest of Europe through BeautyBay.

Eye of Horus launched in the UK market back in November 2013 after reaching cult status in Australia, New Zealand and The Philippines amongst fans, celebrities and Professional Make-up Artists. Eye of Horus’ formulas and products’ performance have been highly acclaimed by both UK print and online media. Proof of this is how their Goddess Mascara and Liquid Define became Finalists in the 2014 Beauty Shortlist Awards on the ‘Best Mascara’and ‘Best Eye Liner’ categories respectively.

We LOVE this brand because they do not test on animals and their products are paraben-free whilst being rich in essential oils and natural waxes.













1.   Facial massage with a specific facial massage tool is the latest beauty must have (I am still using a jade roller but it does work) Dr Bowe: ‘Lower cortisol translates into healthier skin.’

Facialist Sarah Chapman created the $38 Facialift tool. According to its product description, it ‘mimics the fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of [a] facial.’

The tool is rolled over the face from the center outwards, and theoretically ‘brightens, tightens, drains toxins and reduces puffiness by boosting the supply of vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin.’

dirty martini

2. Cocktails for everyone!  Anyone who lives in London will know and love Dirty Martini!  DM are planning to open two new venues St Pauls and Monument…with all new menus in all of its swanky bars.

beauty advent calendar

3. An inspired way to avoid chocolates! this beauty advent calendar is a lust have!! The spell book design evokes Selfridges enchanted Christmas theme.  A selection of treats from some of the best brands including YSL and Kiehls.  £85 For something truly decadent head over to Jo Malone for a real treat at £250!!!!


4. Just because you are working out doesn’t excuse you from being fabulous!!!  This offering from Panache won sports bra brand of the year!  Not only will it reduce bounce but how stylish will you be! £38


5. So there are certain foods you can’t eat right? or is it?  Are you exercising and eating healthily but still suffering bloating, bad skin or excess weight.  Do you have a food intolerance.  Check it now with the Ideal Weight Programme from YorkTest, £299.











Today we are addressing the topic of incontinence.  This problem is not age related (sigh of relief) it is a bladder strength issue.  Since Fergie was brave enough to address this issue publicly through the media this week, it seems as good a time as any to investigate this problem further.

fergie incontinence

Often, it starts after the baby’s born: In a bid to shed those extra pounds, you reprise the workout…during which it happens.

This is embarrassing urinary incontinence and lots of women — regardless of age — are secretly dealing with it. Women are twice as likely to have it as men, according the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. About 25% to 45% of women suffer from urinary incontinence, defined as leakage at least once in the past year. The rates of urinary incontinence increase with age: 20%-30% of young women , 30%-40% of middle-aged women, and up to 50% of older women suffer from urinary incontinence.

“It’s embarrassing, and it can really affect your quality of life – your emotional state, body image and sexuality,” says Linda Brubaker, MD, MS, professor of female pelvic medicine at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.

Yet many put up with incontinence needlessly, Brubaker tells WebMD. “People don’t realize it’s a medical condition, and that there’s help. Many women think it’s normal, part of having children or going into menopause.”

Though incontinence is “more common than you might think,” it’s not normal says Brubaker, who sees teens and women both young and old with this issue. “You don’t have to put up with it. There are often simple solutions that work.”

Types of Urinary Incontinence

When you can’t control the release of your urine, you have urinary incontinence. For some the problem can be as minor as the rare dribble, for others as problematic as wetting your clothes. There are four kinds of these plumbing problems, according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • Stress incontinence is that little leak that happens when you cough, laugh, sneeze — any motion that stresses or puts too much pressure on the bladder.

    Stress incontinence can result from pregnancy and childbirth, when pelvic muscles and tissues can get stretched and damaged. It can also occur from high-impact sports, as a result of aging, or from being overweight.

  • Urge incontinence aka “overactive bladder ” is a bit different – it’s the urgent need to go, followed by an involuntary loss of urine — with anything from a few seconds to a minute’s warning. It is thought to be due to spasms of the bladder muscles.

    Conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or a urinary tract infection can cause urge incontinence.

  • Mixed incontinence means you have more than one type of incontinence, with stress and urge incontinence being the typical mix.

    “I think most women have both types,” adds Brubaker. “I don’t believe there’s as much distinction between the two types as we might think.”

  • Overflow incontinence. If you can’t empty your bladder every time you go to the bathroom and experience a frequent or constant dribbling of urine, you have overflow incontinence.

    Certain medications can cause this problem, and people with nerve damage from diabetes or men with prostate issues can also experience this type of incontinence. It is due to impaired bladder muscle contractions or bladder obstructions.

To find your solution speak to a pharmacist/doctor often pelvic toners, exercise or sometimes a surgical procedure may correct the problem.


Source: WebMD