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LTV Speaks: Brad and Angelina


Hello, it’s Rachael again. Laura is off in foreign climes being suitably fabulous so she’s handed over the reigns for LTV Speaks.

This week I wanted to speak out about the marriage of Brad and Angelina. Now those who know me well, know that I’m not one for celebrity gossip. I’m all for having a little peek in to the lives of the rich and famous but when it comes down to the private aspects of their lives – as the dragons say – I’m out.

I just have no desire to know what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to celebsville. Sure I like to know how they live – for example celebrity real estate images are guaranteed to peak my interest – but seeing famous people walk down the street or stumble out of restaurants…no thanks.

Which is why I am totally loving how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have handled their nuptials. Quietly, discreetly and most of all privately. We don’t need to know the ins and outs of their big day, we don’t need to know if they dined on chicken or shrimp. The only people who need to know all that business are the friends and family of the Jolie-Pitt’s. Am I right or am I right?

The fact that every detail of the lives of celebrities are documented online and in magazines, for me, ruins the whole concept of celebrity. There’s no mystery or glamour associated with film stars these days because we know everything about them, right down to what they ate for breakfast that morning. Not everyone can be an exceptional actress or superstar singer so why not keep a bit of allure involved in the industry.

We all need to start being more mindful of how we ingest celebrity gossip. It’s fine to lust after the latest fashions, to be interested in the work of different celebs etc but there are certain details that you just don’t need to know.

Have a fabulous week,

R x

7 Steps To Cleaner Skin – For Him!



OK so we know you ladies have got the whole skincare routine down to a tee, which is why we thought that we’d offer some vital advice for your man. Skincare Expert and Facial Therapist Amanda Elias has all the answers to help your bloke achieve cleaner skin…

1. . Soften that skin with a gentle moisturiser that contains alcohol or perfume, particularly after shaving. It’s essential to moisturise so that you rehydrate the skin; shaving will strip the skin of its natural moisture.

2. Don’t have a cleansing routine in place? Spring’s the time! Use a face gel/wash for oily, combination skin when cleansing – and a cream cleanser for dry skin. Cleanse daily; once in the morning and twice in the evening.

3. Shave off that winter face fuzz but never dry shave;this can seriously irritate and dry out the skin. Always use a shaving gel or oil. If you have sensitive skin, avoid any products that contain menthol.

4. Consider new products. When it comes to your spring skincare, you don’t have to use just the brands targeted for men. If you have similar skin complaints to your girlfriend/mother/sister ask to try their products to see how they work for you.

5. Get rid of those dry lips by applying a lip balm regularly throughout the day. A stick lip balm is easier and quicker to apply then the balms in little pots. Why not leave one on your desk at work as a reminder to apply?

6. Dispel of dry hands with an exfoliator to remove the dry, dead skin and then moisturise. Start by mixing a little sugar and olive oil together and scrub your hands for roughly a minute, rinse off and then apply some of the olive oil in to your dry hands. For best results, gently warm the olive oil (warm not hot), apply to your hands and then cover your hands with a pair of cotton socks. Leave for a few hours or for even better results, leave on overnight. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, why not treat yourself to a Man-icure?

7. Don’t leave sweaty skin after your  workouts. If you notice breakouts on your body after exercising, use a medicated wash to cleanse the skin as soon as possible after each session. If you don’t have time to shower, quickly wipe over your skin with a clean, cotton flannel and change out of your sweaty workout clothes. Always use a clean flannel and towel.

Pick Of The Day: Space Invaders Wall Sticker


Who wants boring white walls? Seriously?! If you want something a bit different from the norm then you’re going to LOVE our pick of the day from

This space invaders wall sticker will turn any drab wall in to a thing of beauty. This is a retro decal set based on the classic Space Invaders arcade game. Complete with invaders, laser cannon, 5 projectiles, 4 enemy projectiles, 3 explosions and 2 UFO’s.

WE LOVE IT!!! And the best thing about the decal is that when you move or if you get bored of it, it easily peels away. Perfect if you’re renting!

The Space Invaders Wall Sticker is £32.99 and available from

Do Something Different: Austrian Mountain Fitness holiday


Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that you have to wait until next year for your next holiday. You also don’t have to do the usual thing and head to the beach. Instead, why not try something different and indulge in an Austrian alpine escape, which is guaranteed to motivate and condition in equal measures.

The Mountain Ladies of Lungau fitness escape you will contour the peaks, valleys and trails of Austria’s newest UNESCO Biosphere Reserve alongside some particularly fit locals.

The Southern Alpine region of Lungau is your destination, staying in one of St Martin Chalets’ authentic Austrian chalets, each day joined by St Martin’s Power Princesses who will encourage, guide and motivate you during a mix of alpine sporting endeavours, including trail running, summit walks, mountain biking and rock climbing.

St Martin Chalets is located 1.5hrs directly south of Salzburg airport within the Lungau UNESCO Biosphere, Austria’s largest and newest Biosphere Reserve

DURATION: 4 days and 3 nights with no set departure date so longer/bespoke stays are available. The new itinerary is available through until the end of October 2014 (May – Oct 2015) and are subject to availability.

PRICE: From €450 (approx £360) per person based on 6 people sharing. Price excludes flights, meals and car hire except where stated. Price includes Chalet accommodation, return airport shuttle transfer, all activities and guiding plus equipment hire (bikes, rucksacks, helmets, climbing harnesses and poles), use of private gym & sauna, daily Chalet breakfast, a stocked fridge and a traditional Austrian Chalet supper plus dinner in a local castle.

FLIGHTS: Flights depart London and the UK for Salzburg Airport from multiple departure points, from as low as £45 one way.

WIN a Pashley bicycle with Anglian Home Improvements


To celebrate its newly acquired Made in Britain accreditation, Anglian Home Improvements has launched an online competition to give away a Pashley bicycle worth up to £1,000.

Quintessentially English, the hand-built Pashley bicycle has been a firm favourite since the company was founded almost 90 years ago. Pashley Cycles is now the longest established bicycle manufacturer in the country.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply post a picture on Anglian’s Facebook or Twitter page of something that you have made yourself such as a piece of furniture, a delicious meal or a handy garden shed, along with a few words on why you would like to win a Pashley bike. 

The Made in Britain marque is accredited to businesses that sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Great Britain before sale, enabling consumers to quickly and easily recognise British made products.

Anglian Home Improvements has been manufacturing its own products from its factory in Norwich for almost half a century. The Made in Britain marque now covers all of Anglian’s windows and doors; conservatories, orangeries and extensions; rooftrim; flat roofs; driveways; and more.

The competition will be open until Tuesday 30th September and full terms and conditions can be found on the Anglian website

Established in 1966, Anglian Home Improvements is the UK’s biggest double glazing window, door and conservatory specialist. With almost 50 years’ experience, Anglian offers an extensive range of home improvement products, including windows, doors, conservatories, rooftrim and much more. 

Skinny Tan On The High Street


Australia’s hit beauty import Skinny Tan has taken another huge leap forward as it today announces that its full product range is now available on the High Street.

Having recently launched on, Skinny Tan will now be available in 450 independent Alphega listed Pharmacies nationwide.

Skinny Tan is the first product to combine sunless tanning with naturally derived anti-cellulite ingredients – contours muscles for the ultimate in premium at-home tanning.

The company, which was set up by self-titled ‘mumtrepreneurs’ Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson who have driven the brand’s fast growth in the UK since its launch in August 2014. They appeared on Dragon’s Den and managed to get the backing of Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen and fellow dragon Piers Linney.

Kelly Hoppen MBE, Skinny Tan investor, said: “Skinny Tan’s presence in the high street and on is very exciting to us and we’re glad customers will have access to this innovative tanning brand.”

Fellow Dragon Piers Linney added: “This is a hugely exciting step forward for Skinny Tan and one that Kelly and I had in our sights from the moment Louise and Kate wowed us with their product on Dragons’ Den.

Products start at £19.99 and can be found on or your nearest Alphega Pharmacy.











As you may or may not be aware, I am very #into technology and living through innovation so this week the following article has really caught my eye and I think you will love it to.  Simple, efficient and clever:

mai couture

From NASA-made foundations to freckle pens, there’s never a shortage of strangely brilliant new launches in the beauty industry.

Now introducing – make-up made from paper – may just be the most intriguing to date.

Having the appearance of blotting paper these new foundation, highlighter and blush papiers from Mai Couture are tipped to be the next big thing in beauty.

The light sheets, which cost £12.50 for 50, are infused with colour for base, lips, cheeks and eyes.

The makers encourage you to simply press and sweep the paper over your face and then blend to finish the look.

‘Tear a sheet from the booklet (one sheet is enough for both cheeks) then gently rub the coloured side of the papier in a semi-circular motion up the apples of the cheeks. For added depth of colour, repeat motion with added pressure. Discard after each use,’ read the blusher’s instructions.

The papier beauty booklets are #Fittingly on sale at BeautyMart, the boutique founded by Millie Kendall and ex Beauty-Director of Vogue, Anna-Marie Solowij, that hand-picks the best of beauty from around the world.

All in all this is technology and progression that works hand in hand, talking of which, I guess there will be less cleaning up as tools/brushes etc will become a thing of the past?

Absolutely ingenious!

Have a wonderful weekend











Today I am loving the colour lilac and it is literally everywhere from the pastel hue to the deepest darkest lushest…


lilac lashes

Get a double take with Katy Perry for Eylure’s colour pop lashes in purple. Whenever I wear these (which look great teamed with @Mac metallic purple liner), I have people constantly stopping me to ask where I found them.  No longer available in the high street, we are having to resort to Amazon.  


barry m gelly lilac

Get a high shine gel effect finish with gelly nails in Prickly Pear from Barry M. If it is in then it’s on at Barry M.  Perfect complementary colour to seasons trend. £3.99.


guerlain purple rain

Get a gorgeous smokey lavender look with this purple palette from Guerlain. £34, for the most incredible makeover.


Picture 068

Follow your fave celeb’s league in a tribute with this lilac shade from Barry M. Lip Paint in Palest Lavender, £4.49, Barry M. Or with Mac who has a variety of lilacs from Sharon and Kelly Osborne…


lilac mascara

5. VIOLET MASCARA                                                                                                                Step up and opt for pop of violet for a real look at me beauty look. £24.50, Yves Saint Laurent at Selfridges


Wishing you a rainbow filled weekend (as long as it is in purple hues!)




Empowerment through tapping … emotional freedom








Empowerment through tapping … emotional freedom

It’s Wellness Wednesday blog time again! And we thought we would share with you the benefits of tapping to provide relief from emotional stresses and strains usually the trigger points for all behavioural no-no’s (eating, smoking, drinking, et al) and bad habits.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an amazing ‘tapping tool’ for self-help or a key essential of a therapist’s toolbox. Tapping can be a friend for life which will support us when we are coping with the emotional stress of grief and loss, divorce and break-ups, painful memories, abusive childhoods, and other difficult times like physical illness – and accompany us on the path to Self-Realisation, whether we know it or not!


We have a passion for passing EFT on and you can learn it with us at The EFT Centre. And whether you are drawn to this for self-help or perhaps as a therapist, teacher, doctor or healer to offer to others, the way to really learn EFT is from the inside – from your personal experience with it.


Whatever you do with it, give it a try and let us know how you get on!