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Yellow … because it is summer! and bright too…

fearne cotton feature

Yellow … because it is summer! and bright too…

Who is more savvy than Fearne when it comes to trends and wearing the right thing!

Fearne Cotton was pictured this week launching her AW14 collection for Very, which is newly available from online fashion portal Fashiola!

fearne cotton article

Steal her style with this gorgeous Petal Sleeve Prom Dress, available for £79 from Very at Fashiola











Urban Decay Perversion
Brand new mascara get in on the hype! The formula lengthens and volumizes, applies smoothly without clumping or sticking, no matter how many coats you apply.



L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara 

A unique mascara wand with L’Oréal’s latest … The brush is angled to lift the outer corner of lashes, so you get a beautiful eye-opening effect with all of the flutter you want for your lashes and none of the clumping.

voluminous butterfly



CoverGirl Lash Blast 
The firm bristles ensure you get separated lashes every single time. Not bad for a high street find! 




Lancôme Hypnôse Star 
This super silky formula ensure that no matter how many times you run it through your lashes, they never stick together.




Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara

This dual-purpose formula contains sea minerals that condition lashes so they can grow to their fullest potential, while thousands of cellulose fibers coat the lashes for a look that’s glamorous, rich and full. Expand your lashes’ wardrobe from basic black and brown with four new shades that go from subtle to “look at me!” Our extra large, tapered brush makes application easy and separates lashes effortlessly.
• Packaged in a squeezable tube with the highest quality brush
• Contains 75% more product than normal mascaras
• Conditions lashes so they don’t clump, flake or break

Jane Iredale


Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara 
Created specifically for the lower lashes, which are so fine that they can easily stick together. It separates as it coats, which is why we love it for our top lashes, too.

Clinique Bottom Lash



MAC Extended Play Lash 
Gossy mascara curls as it lifts, on a slim line brush effortlessly coating the lashes in volume and no clumping. 

MAC extended play


















burberry glow

1. Burberry glow a la Supermodel style! Do you aspire to be model-ista well now we mere mortals can!!! Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse graced the catwalks for the Burberyy AW14 show with dewy, fresh-faced glows…which we well know they had to have had applied because they are constantly in the columns on wild nights out and working 24/7.  Herewith the secret weapon known as Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base.  Imparts radiance and moisturisation whilst protecting us against the elements this luminising primer is the perfecting base for your foundation…Buy it now £34!!! Fresh Glow Primer


cub stick lips


Clinique unveiled its now iconic Chub stick which has been replicated and drawn into every beauty line and brand across the lands!!!  Well progress has been made and our newest addition needs to be the Chubby Stick Baby Tint which comes packed with colour and moisture, a must have for lips in all weathers.  The idea here is to bring out your lips natural tones, depending on the consistency and personal preference it could also be swept across cheeks and brows?

50s living

3. Harking back to the 50s may be just the thing for living in harmony together.  According to one couple she takes on the chores of her counterpart (albeit decades ago) role-model to sew, cook, clean and generally look after her man whilst keeping herself looking in good shape, and he, does the bread-winning.  For them it is the winning combination…Could we adapt our lives a little bit to reflect this lifestyle maybe give it a go or at least elements of it and let us know…


stop age


4. Wow yourself and stop aging…In the first instance just ask yourself ‘is this healthy’ don’t follow fad diets and take some exercise, listen to your body it will tell you what it needs…Did you know that the liver and skin and all organs tend to regenerate/replenish themselves in cycles of days (this is not specific).  Hence, how can we look old if our skin is only a few days or weeks old? keep the interior running well and it will show on the exterior! #Thinkaboutit


loreal makeup genius



5. This is one of those times when Technology rules! L’Oreal have launched an app called Makeup Genius which is a ‘magic mirror’ that lets users see what they look like wearing different eyeliners, blushes, and lipsticks without actually applying the products.  Furthermore it contains an inventory of their own products so you can buy the ingredients without any hassle!!!  When you get proficient, you can use this app as ‘springboard’ to purchasing any brand of makeup that you desire.  It only works on the apple products (iPhone and iPad) though so that’s a bit restrictive…

#There’s no excuses now!!


Have an inspired weekend, be fabulous!























1.  For a sartorial transition from serious professional to free spirit for two weeks wear your kaftan with ease! Belted, loose, printed or chiffon it doesn’t matter it will add an ‘edge’ to any outifit.  Available everywhere from designer to high street.  It is also your ‘go to’ piece for travelling, which makes packing dilemmas a breeze.



stiletto workout



2. With the explosion of striptease, pole dancing, and high-heeled workouts, you can’t help but wonder if sporting stilettos actually tones your body. We all know that sense of confidence we get parading in a new pair of heels. But should we heed warnings from the experts when they warn us against the ills of this footwear? Check out the benefits of heels, and share what you think about high-heeled workouts. Improved baby making (and sex life!) sporting heels naturally alters the posture and we tend to lean a tad forward thereby tightening the core, abdominal and pelvic muscles…better calf muscles as they appear toned and lean… 




Dancing at Tower Bridge



3. Brilliant! We really don’t take advantage of living in the UK, especially the freedom of the City of London!  There are free shows everywhere, try watching the shows outside the Southbank or Tower Bridge.  Royal Festival Hall; this hulking presence on the South Bank was built for the 1951 Festival of Britain. Sixty years on, it’s still at the forefront of London’s cultural scene. Although primarily a hall for major concerts, it’s a pretty safe bet that the ground-floor stage area will be busy with a free concert, exhibition or workshop, especially if you visit on a weekend. While you’re there, be sure to take the singing glass elevator up to the fifth floor, where you’ll find a little-known balcony area with impressive views of the Thames. There’s free Wi-Fi throughout the building, too.
• Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, SE1,020-7960 4200,




9 three quarters king cross


4. Harry Potter fans of all ages get to enjoy this real life amusement which is free! at Kings Cross.  Best of all there is a photo opp here with all the props!! There is also the addition of the Harry Potter shop as well, which means you can actually visit and buy without having to spend money on an entrance ticket as you would do at the studios.

platform nine and three quarters



rare lioncub


5. Footage released by Twycross zoo in Leicestershire shows two Amur leopard cubs in a den with their mother just minutes after birth. Panthera pardus orientalis are the rarest sub-species of big cats with experts estimating less than 50 individuals in the wild, putting them on the critically endangered list. International negotiations continue around plans to reintroduce Amur leopards to their native Russia




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Calypso’s top 10 tips for summer skin care


Are you enjoying the heatwave? Here at Maison Du Vann we are LOVING it!
But you have to stay safe in the sun – there is not one person out there who rocks the bright red look.

We’ve been sent some tips from Calypso (seriously – is there anything that says summer more than the smell of suntan lotion?) on summer skin care…

Calypso’s top 10 tips for summer skin care

  • Adults should start their sun exposure wearing a minimum of SPF30 and a minimum of SPF30 should also be used for children and those with sensitive skin.
  • Take extra care with young children as their skin is very delicate, babies under 12 months should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Ensure suncream is applied to dry skin at least 15-30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • You need at least 35ml of suncream to ensure you cover your entire body and receive the correct level of protection – reducing this quantity will leave you more exposed to skin damage.
  • Stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm, when the sun’s UV rays are strongest.
  • Wear loose clothes, a wide brimmed hat, wrap around sunglasses and drink plenty of water. 
  • Re-apply your sunscreen frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling. 
  • Apply suncream even when it’s not particularly hot or sunny. 80% of UV radiation is still present on cloudy days meaning it is vital to apply cream daily even if it’s not a clear or scorching hot day.
  • Care should be taken when storing sunscreens as exposure to heat and light may cause degradation of the product. As a safeguard, you should discard any product which has developed an unusual odour, you know is old, or that has become discoloured or watery.
  • SPF (sun protection factor) and UVA symbols are the two important ratings to guide your choice when selecting sunscreen. SPF measures how much longer you are safe to stay in the sun than without protection. If you apply a sunscreen with SPF 30, this means you can stay in the sun 30 times longer than you could without sunscreen. The UVA symbol refers to the ratio of UVA and UVB protection, and ensures a product has similar levels of protection against both UVA and UVB. A product without this symbol could indicate that the product mostly protects against UVB.


3 Quick Tips For Anti-Aging


Right, let’s just get it out there – we are all going to age at some point. Sure you can buy fancy lotions and potions but at some point – you’re going to get older.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay young without resorting to a plethora of Botox and filler treatments.

Here are three secrets to help you stay feeling young and looking even younger…

Secret Tip #1: Feed Your Face
Good beauty starts in the kitchen. If you eat food such as spinach, avocado, nuts and seeds on a consistent basis, you’ll find you start to feel and look great. So step away from the junk food, swap it for some good wholesome fruit and veg and knock years off.

Secret Tip #2:  Go Somewhere
In other words, get up off the couch, turn the TV off and do some exercise. This doesn’t have to be strenuous. Find an activity or two that you enjoy. Walk, run, weight train, ride a bike, get on a pogo stick – anything that causes your body to move. This will allow your body to stay young by stretching muscles and keeping you limber at the same time.

Secret Tip #3: Quit the booze
Sorry but that nightly wine or g&t is going to have to go! Booze doesn’t help keep your skin fresh, it stops you from getting quality sleep which will lead to bags and eventually – dull skin.

What do you do to stay looking young? Tell us on twitter @maison_du_vann

Be fabulous on the move with new Magic Mirror


Holiday season is upon us which brings with it the inevitable dilemma of what to pack to help you look and feel your best.

Especially designed with the fashion-conscious traveller fan in mind, the ‘Festival Edition’ from new accessory brand Magic Mirror can be used three-ways (full-length, pyramid and vanity) to provide the perfect travel-safe solution and help solve those getting-ready dilemmas from every angle. 

With an eye-catching geometric canvas cover, the ultra portable, durable and lightweight mirror has already won the hearts of Annie Mac, one of the UK’s most in-demand DJ’s and presenter and model, Arielle Free.

If you’re only taking carry on baggage then you may not want to take glass with you, which is fine because the Magic Mirror is made with shatterproof reflective acrylic, so you can take it anywhere without having to worry.

Magic Mirror’s Festival Edition retails for £38 from with free UK delivery for a limited period.
















Raw chocolate: the latest superfood

1. So it turns out that chocolate can in fact count towards one of your five a day. Who knew?

Whilst such claims are still in the fairly early days of research, what we do know for sure is that raw chocolate is free from refined sugar and dairy, and packed full of antioxidants and flavonoids. The bean, or nib of the bean, is presented in its natural state – not cooked, overprocessed or mixed with a vat of cheap filler ingredients.

What sets raw chocolate apart is the very fact that the cocoa beans are no longer roasted, but are instead left outdoors to dry naturally. This lack of exposure to oven temperatures allows the preservation of nutrients such as iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and vitamin C, in a similar way to uncooked vegetables.

The resulting raw chocolate, also known as cacao, is a very complex foodstuff with more than 300 chemically identifiable compounds, and is said to be significantly richer in antioxidant flavanols than green teared wine or even açaí berries.

Making conventional chocolate is complicated. The cacao beans have to be picked before being fermented, roasted, ground down, pressed, mixed with fat and sugar, and turned into bars and other sweets – thus using a lot of energy in the process. The other good news about raw chocolate is that, not only does it have health benefits, but since production of raw chocolate is far less energy intensive than making normal chocolate, it’s good news for the environment too.

The taste and experience of cacao is more intensely chocolaty, so you need less to satisfy you – just a small nibble; a bite-sized chunk to satiate those cravings.

So with a nutritional profile that even dark chocolate can’t compete with, isn’t it time you went raw?

Harvey Nichols Foodmarkets stock an array of raw chocolate bites, including the iQ Choc Original Bean-to-Bar (479419), a variety of Conscious Chocolate organic bars such as Goji & Coconut (467944) and Wild At Heart (467946), and inSpiral Chocolatey Superfood Bites (480245). Pop into your nearest store to purchase, or call +44 (0)207 201 8088 to order.


2. SAD

An insatiable desire for all things cheesy, creamy, and carby may be the sign of a serious health problem.

Q:  Why do I crave comfort food more in the winter?

A:  Seasonal changes in food cravings are a good example of the tight link between food and our hormones and emotions. If you notice a marked changed in your levels of desire for baked macaroni and cheese (No. 1 comfort food) as the weather turns colder and darker, it could be due to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

This condition is characterized by increased anxiety, oversleeping, lethargy, and problems concentrating. Since comfort foods are generally high in fat and carbs, they can increase serotonin production and thus feelings of wellbeing, making them a natural pick for anyone feeling low.

See your doctor, and if it turns out you do have SAD, try some of these treatments to deal with your wintertime blues instead of heading to the kitchen.

Vitamin D
Improvement in blood levels of the “sunshine” vitamin is associated with a decrease in depressive symptoms. I recommend that you get your vitamin D levels checked (this is a simple blood test that your physician should have no problem approving for you), and then supplement with vitamin D according to your test results. If you want to skip the blood test, you can start taking 2,000 to 3,000 IU of vitamin D each day, as this dosage is shown to be safe. I would caution against supplementing with higher levels, however, without having a blood test done.

Light Therapy 
This involves sitting in front of a light box, which simulates natural light, for a predetermined period of time each day. For the most effective treatment, you should look directly into the light box light. As with most things, start out slow with 10- to 15-minute sessions, and work up to longer sessions depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Get Outside
It doesn’t get much easier than a walk outdoors. One study in Denmark found that going for a stroll outside was as effective as light therapy for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder. And there’s no substituting nature photos on your laptop for time spent taking in real nature: In a review of research looking at the impact of nature versus technologically simulated nature (for example, nature scenes projected on HDTVs), researchers found that technologically simulated nature is as effective at improving mood and wellbeing as staring at a brick wall, but a real window to nature improves wellbeing and reduces stress.

esther mcvey

3. Hooray for the Cabinet she-reshuffle!!! Expect power dressed women and getting the job done.  This is a brilliant strike for women everywhere, all ye women-folk that will be working together and looking great!  We are expecting great things.


mesh dress

4. Wow them all in this ‘Is she isn’t she’ number…Trust @LaurenPope to provide the dazzle factor,  love her style!  If you cannot find it then ask the ‘mavens of stylista’ @styleonscreen





5. Kale and superfoods on your nails! So if you cannot bear the thought of ingesting kale try painting it on…the nail varnish range is apparently packed with leafy green superfoods which is said to

  • stimulate advanced keratin production
  • Also hydrates and nourishes as it’s absorbed by the nail

#There’s no excuses now!!


Have an inspired weekend, be fabulous!



























1. Jason Vale JuiceMaster it is a must-have.  After only two days you will see and feel the difference, your energy levels will be better than ever and your body will tell you when it is hungry.  If weight reduction is part of your healthier lifestyle goal, eat small meals 3 times per day with 2 snacks.  If bulking up is your focus, eat 3 times per day.  This machine is incredible it will literally juice anything and quickly! No need to peel or prepare your ingredients.



super elixir

2. Super Elixir is brought to us by none other than @ellemacpherson Elle Macpherson who has long since been showing us the way to a clean, healthy lifestyle.  If you are after a vibrant and radiant system this is the start.  She has teamed up with Doctor Simone to bring us this formula which basically controls the PH balance in our bodies.  It is important to understand the damage that incorrect PH balance wreaks on us causing everything from disease, stress to fast aging and in between.  Order now or at Selfridges 




scalp facial


3. Brilliant! A scalp facial, gentle massager from the innovative brand that we have come to know and love at Alterna.  This product is a treatment and a beauty miracle, it removes the build up and residue of all things tress related.  Leaving you feeling invigorated and literally squeaky clean.  Buy online and have it shipped, it is cheap and fast…


avon skin so soft



4. Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray, £3.50 – reduced from £5 from Avon is still the brand’s best-selling body oil, selling one product every minute. Amazing when you consider how many body oils are around now. Except this one has a secret hidden talent – the Original version contains citronella and jojoba oil, a fresh, citrus scent that we love, but mosquitoes and midges don’t.



MIC ny

5. They have been working hard! Partying harder! the Made In City poshingtons are finishing up filming and bringing themselves home…Cannot Wait! Party, Posh, Parades!

@MIC #MadeinChelsea



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Spruce Up Your Garden


We know how beautiful you are but how about your garden? I stubbled upon this amazing product last week whilst nosing around Whole Foods that I just have to share.

Seed bombs by KaBloom are handmade and contain a mixture of peat free organic compost, coir and a selection of flower seeds. You simply remove the top, throw in your garden and wait for the wild flowers to start growing.

Kabloom is a small design company based in Scotland and they develop design led, unique and eco-friendly products inspired by interactions with nature and the urban environment.

You can find out more by visiting