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Lingerie for Less from Accessorize


If there’s one thing that makes you feel good it’s splashing out on some new lingerie…but with Accessorize summer offer of 3 for just £12 you can afford to give your whole underwear drawer a make over.

Having the right lingerie can make you feel comfortable, sexy and well, generally fabulous. In fact, if there’s one self confidence tip we give to women here at it’s to get yourself a draw full of pretty undies – and not for anyone else but for YOU!!

Now get yourself over to and check out just some of the gorgeous underwear in the 3 for £12 sale! Treat yourself!!



Apple Brazilian Brief, Rose Lace Brazilian Brief, £6 each

 Iris Mesh Shorty Brief, Cherry Frilly Brief £7.00 each Summer sexiness for less – just what we love!  

Fancy heading to New York for just £150?


If you love your shopping or like to sight see then New York is bound to be on your must visit list.

Well do we have good news for you….

Budget airline Norwegian has launched it’s new London to New York route with tickets costing from £150 one way! Which means more money for you to hit Fifth Avenue with.

Norwegian Airlines is the second largest airline in Scandinavia and operates flights to 126 destinations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Thailand – plus Oslo-US routes.

This will be the first budget airline to launch a transatlantic flight and whilst tickets start FROM £150 (perfect if you’re planning to travel out-of-season) their full price tickets still work out to be a bit of a bargain. Flying to New York in September will cost around £420 (return), compared to £670 for BA, Virgin and Air France.

So girls get your bags packed and get ready to head Stateside for some serious shopping and a few cosmopolitans.

Calgel nails turns up the heat this summer…go tropical







Calgel nails turns up the heat this summer…go tropical

Calgel introduces Tropical Treasures; a collection that will hit the Summer by storm.

Be the envy of all beauty addicts this season with these new long lasting, high shine true gel shades.

Each one of the five new colours will make a bold statement by adding a pop of colour to any outfit.

Violetini: A Palma Violet Pastel Shake and Stir me with your sunkissed skin.

Marina Shaka: Tropical Turquoise Match me with your structured whites.

Banana Colada: Neon Yellow with a Dash of Cream Wear me by the poolside with your hot Aztec print accessories.

Pom-a-Rita: A Vibrant Pomegranate Pink Work me with edgy florals.

Lime Isle Sour: Zesty Neon Lime Rock me with a bright pink lip.

The Calgel Way….

This July, Calgel will be celebrating 15 years of the first gel generation. The true ORIGINAL one phase soak off gel is available in an amazing 130 colours. Calgel is a flexible gel designed for the natural nail and includes the option of extending length without an artificial tip.

Burton Sous Vide and Heston Blumenthal…

Burton Sous Vide






Burton Sous Vide and Heston Blumenthal…

You definitely need to know about the Burton Sous Vide, a new British made luxury kitchen appliance. Championed by Heston Blumenthal and other gastronomic gurus, sous vide is the essential new cooking method, and the Burton Sous Vide combines cooking excellence with chic!


The Burton Sous Vide is a unique product. Entirely British made, ecologically sound and unusually good to look at, the Burton Sous Vide precision water bath is quietly beating its larger competitors at their own game. It’s got bigger capacity, better energy consumption and a highly superior safety function.


Created for the domestic market, but of commercial prestige, it’s the perfect method to prepare spot on fish, meat, game and vegetables and to experiment with kitchen flair and fun.


The Burton Sous Vide can be made to order in any number of colours, making it a kitchen accessory as well as a cooking essential.


The founder, Richard came up with the idea for the Burton  Sous Vide whilst his wife was ill with cancer. The water oven proved to be a great solution as he took on cooking responsibilities for the whole family.


Sealy pillows and fascinating facts…






Sealy pillows and fascinating facts…

Renowned around the world for their fabulously comfy beds which are making everyone sleep more deeply from the White House in Washington to the Savoy in London, Sealy UK are now delighted to launch their new 2014 pillow range which is available in all major high street stores.

Everyone has their own personal preference for their ideal pillow to sleep on: some of us like one, two or even three … though latest research shows that over half of us (66%) sleep with 2 or more pillows. But whatever your preference Sealy, masters of the science of sleep, have a new range that ensures there is a perfect pillow for everyone. These new pillows, including a new revolutionary one which contains cooling gel, are guaranteed to send you into blissful slumber as soon as you lay your weary head on one. You will truly become a ‘Deeper Sleeper’ – Sealy’s objective for everyone – so you get up in the morning refreshed, rested and ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

Did you know that 10% of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead house dust mites and their droppings? Urrrgh! But this latest research* from Sealy and the British Chiropractic Association found that 1 in 5 people haven’t replaced a pillow for over a year and 20% (1 in 10) leave it for more than two years. 1 in 10 also have no idea what type of pillow material they sleep on and a staggering 84% don’t think it is important to consider their pillows and how they can impact on the health of their neck and back and 40% never even consider the matter when they last bought a pillow. This is quite mind boggling considering the research also showed that almost half of people (48%) complain that neck or back pain has prevented them from sleeping. As Rishi Loatey from the BCA says “A pillow is the overlooked ingredient in promoting a good sleeping posture. Your perfect pillow should keep your head in line with the rest of your body and mould to the shape of your head and neck.”

Following up on the huge success of their revolutionary Hybrid bed which contains a new type of gel infused foam on top of specially designed springs, and was launched late last year, Sealy’s Cooltech Gel Pillow is top of this new range which is rolling out across the UK now. The cool, refreshing and rejuvenating gel layer encased in a mesh interliner cover, absorbs and dissipates heat via thermal conductivity which helps your head stay

cool for longer, thus ensuring you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer in comfort. This pillow is perfect if you suffer from overheating in bed.

Other pillows in the range include the latest version of a pocket spring pillow, the Pocket Springback. Pioneers of this concept, Sealy launched their ‘sprillow’ a couple of years ago but this new, refined version is now softer and even more comfortable and supportive, and features 28 tiny individual sprung pockets nestled in memory foam layers which aids air circulation and offers resilience and comfort all night.

The Optimal Latex Pillow is highly responsive, moulding to the contours of the head and neck for gentle neck support. Latex provides effective pressure relief and springs back into shape instantly, supporting you when you move position. The key point with this pillow is that is encased in Thermex™ to help maintain ambient head temperature. This pillow is ideal for side or back sleepers.

Other pillows in the range are a set of Spinal Support Pillows, in 3 different sizes to suit small to large frames, so it is easy for someone to find exactly the right one for them. These superior pillows are specifically designed with a cellular support centre which increases air circulation and ensures the neck and spine are maintained in a straighter, more neutral position for real comfort. The range comes in medium to soft support.

Finally the Zonal Support Pillows are compact and dense, specially designed with a tubular foam insert at the base of the pillow for gentle neck support and engineered to their their shape perfectly. This range comes in medium to extra firm support.

Complementing this new range of pillowtastic bedding, Sealy have also launched a range of Mattress Enhancers in different depths which will give your bed a new lease of life as well as supporting the body and alleviating pressure points, thereby allowing muscles to relax. All these superb Sealy Enhancers are encased in Thermex™ and have a space mesh interliner to help maintain ambient body temperature, and they have a ventilated memory foam core centre to distribute weight more equally and alleviate pressure points.

So if you want to join the ranks of Sealy Deeper Sleepers, why not take advantage of this technologically advanced range of pillows and enhancers and Sealify your bed…you won’t regret it as you drift off for the sweetest of dreams.

Soulful food good for you and your soul…








Soulful food good for you and your soul…
Innovation for those of us who want to stick to a calorie controlled intake.  The
clever people at Soulful food produce award winning one pots made of well
sourced, healthy ingredients (they’ve even found a British Chorizo maker) and
they’ve just launched a new flavour.
They will also be at lots of the summer events – they have a silver airstream so its
fun and games ahead. Soulful food one pots are the perfect solution for those
evenings when you want to eat well but are short of time – and each pot contains 2
of your 5 a day and under 500kcal.
Mexican Bean, Sweet Potato and Quinoa (NEW)
Moroccan Chicken Tagine
Butternut, Lentil and Spinach Stew
Thai Green Chicken Curry
British Pulled Beef Chilli
British Pulled Pork Stew

New You Bootcamp…calling you

boot camp







New You Bootcamp…calling you

Have you got what it takes? Determination, spirit, guts … are you ready to have them tested to the limit.

Boot camps are all the rage these days, many celebs are often seen doing what they have to at them!

If you feel brave enough then have a go!



Crystal clear vases…what a vision

acrylic vase






Crystal clear vases…what a vision

Tapered Tower Separator (from £21.00) 
Turn your living room into a tropical oasis with these 100% waterproof acrylic vases from Crystal Clear. 
Perfect for creating the illusion of tropical waters in the home when filled with floating flowers.
Can also be filled with other items to create a desired look.
Available from


Mini easel desktop stand – storage problems gone…

ipad easel






Mini easel desktop stand – storage problems gone…

Ipad/Tablet Easel Stand (£25.19 inc VAT)
A striking mini easel stand – perfect for holding iPads or similar sized tablets.The
fully adjustable easel by Luminati will allow for all types of iPads and tablet devices
to be held in either a portrait or landscape orientation. Perfect for simply holding
your iPad on your desk – great for use when viewing a film or when cooking and
following a recipe.
The easel can also be made using Greencast acrylic on request, which is the first
100% recycled cast acrylic.

Roxy lifestyle fitness wear








Roxy lifestyle fitness wear

Finally we are being brought some great variety in colour and style for our fitness lifestyle.  Let’s face it, the thought of exercise is one of those things we just have to do, it is almost a duty, yes we feel better afterwards etc, but it is the doing that can be daunting, I do mine at 6am before my brain has time to argue or find excuses!

Finding fun, funky and comfortable sportswear has never been easier and now it is offered to us via Roxy who inject passion and thought into their pieces…whether it be paddle, hiking, surfing, yoga or cardio they have it all.







Roxy lifestyle fitness wear