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Always apply primer as it stops makeup from shining and fading.  It can be applied using light pressure with fingertips in smooth motions.  Buy a primer that has light reflective technology (illumination) that will impart a radiance to the skin.



Use a concealer brush or very light dabs of fingertips to apply under the eyes, round the contours of the nose and any blemishes.



Blend illuminator and foundation together and apply with foundation brush using light strokes in gentle even movements.  Using just illuminator/highlighter place a dab on the cupid bow (lip) and on the tear ducts of the eyes to create a youthful radiance and glow.



Contour in the hollows of the cheekbones from the top of the ear down to the cheekbone, around the jawline, temples, forehead and a slight sweep down either side of the nose, this should be done using the angled blusher/contour brush in very gently circular motions and repeat until the desired effect is achieved.  Blend the dark and medium contour palettes together and tap away excess.  The light palette should be used to soften the finished look in gentle motions.



Using highlighter from the contour palette or preferred option gently highlight just inside the browbone and over the tops of the cheekbones this should be a subtle light diffused look and should not clash with the contouring at step four above.  A dab of highlighter can be used on the cupid bow  to create a full luscious lip.



Apply some bronzer to the cheekbones very gently to create a radiant glow and continue down the nose, and around the temples and hairline, this should be a subtle flawless finish and not obvious.  Apply blusher gently to the apples of the cheeks only and blend in, pink tones are good for a rosy, healthy glow but again just the tiniest smidge of a dab needed.



Depending on the look desired, use either a nude, smoky or glam palette start with highlighter under the browbone, follow with a light colour from the corner of the eye to merge with the tear duct area, subtle colour in the middle and a darker colour in the crease (socket) down to the outside of the eye.  All applied with a soft eye brush and blended so the colour becomes seamless.  Next apply some gel liner, with an angled brush from the middle of the eyelid down to the inside of the tear duct and from middle to the outside of the eye ending in a flick or a straight line.  TIP: to make the eye appear larger and to enhance the shape this long continuous line is needed.  Shorter lines will create an appearance of smaller eyes.  Blend a subtle gentle line under the bottom eyelid using a light colour shadow or pencil.  Apply mascara.  Apply browdrama mascara to the brows or blend natural and darker shades of eyeshadow directly onto the brow area.



Using a light finishing brush sweep a small amount of translucent finishing powder to seal the look.



Apply a light layer of lip colour using the appropriate brush then outline the lips with a pencil and apply another light layer of lip colour with the brush.  Dab a small amount of pigment/eyeshadow or light reflective lip colour in the centre of both lips to create a full lush lipped mouth.



Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy have excellent brushes which are named making it easier to know which tool does which job.  For Blending, try the appropriate brush or a blending sponge which is very easy to use.

Clean the tools with a face wipe to rid of excess product and then wash them out regularly with shampoo.  Brush cleaners work well but have to be shampooed and rinsed as they leave an oily film but they do get the brushes really clean (use monthly).

Buy duplicates and triplicates of your tools so that you have a handy clean supply ready during washing/drying times.

Makeup works well in layers, so after each process you may want to go back and repeat steps such as the highlighting which is mentioned repeatedly above.  Colour and contouring is achieved in this way, by repeating the layers until the desired effect has been achieved, overloading the brushes and applying excess in one layer will not look radiant in the finish!  Take your time and before you know it, this fine art will be achieved in 10-12 minutes.


For tutorials/refreshers/new techniques consult our vlogs/tutogs on our website keyword searching for tutorials at




Trialling Sheer Cover

sheer cover






Day 1&2

We at MDV are busy trialling the sheer cover mineral makeup.  It was created originally for people with skin conditions from rosacea to birthmarks and skin defects that need to be covered up but without detracting from the look of flawless, glowing, natural complexions.

At first use we are impressed with the ease at which this makeup is applied and the resulting look.  We will be doing daily workouts and running around to test how the cover lasts through the day.

Day 3

Been in touch with Guthy Renker customer service and spoken to the team who have submitted an RAN reference to return the current ‘Medium’ kit in return for a replacement ‘Tan’ kit, having loved the products and the efficiency and usage for the past few days, it isn’t giving quite the coverage that is expected, so we are going to the next shade up.  Hopefully the items will not take too long to arrive, but we will keep you posted as to the ‘service’ level we are experiencing. Fingers crossed!

There is a 2 minute video to introduce users to the quick application but we don’t forget you can always add eye makeup and build the blushers/highlighters as you go.



Thank you for your great service to the public!”

“After being approached by an attractive young woman with face cream samples on the high street in Hampstead in front of a Forever Flawless shop, I did go inside, heard her spiel and let her put some products under one eye and on the inside of the wrist (exfoliation) that you mention. I am nearly 70 fairly gently aging, and accept it. She tried to lure me with one pot of product at £149 and two others with equally high prices–”but today because… blah, blah, blah, I’ll give you these two free with the purchase of the first.” I had no intention of buying anything, came home, googled them and found your website warning about this scam. Thank you for your great service to the public!”


Lip wrinkles and lines…


Vertical wrinkle lines between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip. It is caused by loss of muscle tone and/or collagen. The next step is to keep skin moisturized. Dry skin wrinkles easier than moisturized skin. The third, and most important step, is to build up a “cushion” or “padding” of muscle beneath the skin containing the vertical wrinkles. This will prevent the skin from being able to wrinkle easily. This is done by using two different resistance exercises (described below) to build up the muscles that underlie the wrinkled skin, which are causing the “smoker’s kiss” appearance. This muscle building will not alter the appearance the face. The newly-toned-up muscles will not be obvious in any way, except that they will make that area of the face appear younger. Toning these muscles will cause a youthful firmness that prevents the skin from being able to wrinkle easily. It will take years off of the appearance of that portion of the face. Resistance exercises work very effectively for many parts of the face, according to Flex Effect at, but this article focuses only upon those muscles that can eliminate the appearance of the “smoker’s kiss” condition-those unsightly vertical lines (wrinkles) between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. This natural cure eliminates wrinkled lips. After building up the muscles that eliminate “smoker’s kiss,” less time and attention will be needed to maintain that level of muscle tone. It is easier to maintain muscle than to build it. The following two exercises help to reduce or eliminate “smoker’s kiss.” Results can be noticeable within one to four weeks, depending upon how frequently these exercises are repeated daily. If continued, the “smoker’s kiss” condition can be completely eliminated within one to twelve weeks, depending upon how diligently these exercises are practiced. Keep in mind that the below-prescribed number of minutes is for building muscle. Less time is required to maintain it once it is built. 1. Exercise #1: 10 minutes per day, minimum (more time will produce faster results): Place something gently against the lips (hand, fingers, or book). Do not press in against the teeth. Next, try to open your lips against this resistance (without wrinkling the skin). It is especially important to try to raise the upper lip against the resistance of the hand, fingers, or book which are preventing the lips from being able to open. At the same time, try to open the bottom lip. Exercising both lips will produce balanced muscle toning and will add a youthful fullness to both lips. Do this for 10 minutes daily, minimum. This exercise is very easy to do while reading, watching TV, or using a computer mouse with one hand. Simply use the free hand to provide lip-resistance. 2. Exercise #2: 10 minutes per day, minimum (more time will produce faster results): Place index fingers inside both corners of the mouth, separating lips slightly. Do not stretch your mouth. Then try to close your mouth and lips against the resistance of the fingers which are holding the mouth corners apart slightly. This tones many facial muscles from the lower chin up to the nose, including upper and lower lip muscles. Once the desired level of muscle is achieved, muscle tone can be maintained permanently by practicing each exercise for 5 minutes daily, or 10 minutes every other day. Although for many, this amount of time is adequate, for some, additional time may be required if wrinkles begin to reappear. In these cases, increase the maintenance time as necessary. Each person can find their own exact number of “maintenance” minutes required to prevent the “smoker’s kiss” condition. Most people are absolutely delighted with the results and are very thankful to have found a natural cure that eliminates wrinkled lips, resulting in a more youthful facial appearance.               Anne CopleyYahoo Contributor Network