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The power of the coconut…


Did you know how useful coconut oil can be, obviously it is great for cooking (although it does send off a pungent odour when first heated), but it can be used for a variety of beauty needs as well, so let’s explore what coconut power has to offer…

Power Health Coconut Oil, (£3.99,

Celebs use coconut oil liberally and in fact, Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed her secret for smooth skin — she slathers herself in coconut oil after a bath.

This natural oil can also be used for removing make-up by applying to a cotton wool pad and gently wiping in one direction (e.g. no scrubbing actions), it also acts as a treatment for dry or damaged hair by gently massaging it into scalp and ends but don’t overdo it as you want it to stay there for as long as possible, preferably overnight so let it absorb not giving a greasy look, or it can be used to soothe dry lips and hydrate dry, chapped hands.


Give it a go – it’s the new Argan oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Dry shampoo for…


Secure an Updo
Dry shampoo can help your hair grip the pins for buns and up-dos. Here’s how: Apply the dry shampoo to your roots and let it sit. Brush it out, but leave a little in so those pins have something to grab onto.

Add Instant Volume
Dry shampoo adds instant volume to thin or limp hair, a trick pros have discovered. To try this trick, flip your hair upside down and spray the roots. Let it sit for a moment, shake the roots with your fingertips, flip your head back up, and go.

Get Extra Hold
Use dry shampoo as your go to product instead of reaching for the hairspray. It will give you texture and a little bit of hold, but not with the same kind of intensity as a traditional styling product.

Go Matte
Spray dry shampoo on the middle of your hair to the ends to add a shine-free finish to your hair.

Freshen Up
Whether you just hit the gym or cooked up a storm, smelly locks aren’t ideal. Give your hair an all-over spritz and wait two minutes (the spray will absorb the odor). Then, brush it out and go.

Create a “Wig”
Spray the entire can of dry shampoo into your hair, and tease it for an instant Bride of Frankenstein-style wig.


Source: Daily Makeover

Manuka Honey DIY facial at home


1. Start with cleansed skin

2. Pick a premium Manuka honey which is 100% raw with a bio active 12+ or above (this strength relates to its anti-bacterial effects). This means that honey has been cold pressed rather than fine filtered and so is closer to its natural state and retaining more of its health benefits.

3. Lightly wet the skin as it makes the application easier.

4. One tablespoon of honey should be enough to spread on the whole face.

5. Leave on for around 15-20 mins – this is where the anti-bacterial effects take place.

6. Wash off with warm water, pat dry. Your face should feel great after so only moisturise if necessary.



Source: Mandy Jhamat

The merits of de-cluttering…









Yes, you already know that you need to clear out the hoards of ridiculous (mainly broken) ‘stuff’.  Did you know that the positive mental effects of clearing out and de-cluttering your life in all aspects makes you feel more ‘on top’ of things and therefore sharper when it comes to organising and participating in your life.

OK, you don’t have to be OCD about it as I am but I am happy truly!

Start with simple things, cutlery, crockery, etc is it all serviceable or do you have part-sets? if the former then fine, if the latter then either create a diverse ‘vintage’ trendy set with 12 pieces of part-sets or donate everything to charity and start again.  There is something to suit every budget from the purse friendly Tesco ranges up to designer labels or mix and match? black and white never goes out of fashion.

Clear out your cupboards, even if it means a piece at a time, buy something new and swap the old one for re-cycling.  You will feel better for it!

Underwear drawers, the most important part of any wardrobe, gone are the greys and lacklustre, out of shape unrecognisable effects and replace them with good looking, amazing to wear and complimentary pieces, that are laid out in the drawers/shelves wherever in a shop style display, begging to be worn and admired.

Clean out your apps from your e-devices, if you don’t use them, then lose them!

Clean up your address book and move anything to be archived onto a hard disc for storage.

Quinoa … our ‘go-to’ ingredient

Quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah’) is the food of the moment, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 as the ‘International Year of Quinoa’.
Why?It is being hailed as a ‘superfood‘ and is about to become your go-to ingredient if you’re looking to lose weight because it’s extremely rich in complete protein and complex carbs. Quinoa has a low GI and contains approximately twice as much protein as rice and almost three times more protein than couscous, promoting weight loss because protein rich foods help you feel full quicker and stay feeling full for longer.’

In fact, quinoa contains so much protein that the World Health Organisation equates the protein levels found here to those found in milk.

The nutritional values of the grain are staggering, it contains useful amounts of phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin E and B group vitamins as well as fibre.

These are all essential for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth, releasing energy steadily, reducing cholesterol and preventing disease.

And the good news doesn’t stop there.

Quinoa is also gluten-free and cholesterol-free, making it essential for people with restricted diets. Incorporating it into your diet couldn’t be easier.  It has a delicious nutty flavor and and interesting texture. It can be boiled and used instead of rice for salads or pilafs, to make stuffings or as an accompaniment to stews and casserole. It is also available as flour and is added to breakfast cereals.




source: Suzannah Ramsdale

How To Do “No Makeup” Makeup Look


The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.

The key to the preparation is having clear skin to achieve the “no makeup” look. A good routine that keeps your skin looking flawless, will also mean that you’ll barely need any makeup.  We highly recommend the Diamond Blend range of products which are always being revised and added to as needed.  We also like DreamTone by Lancome it works well (although results are visible from 3 months plus).

Tint to match your complexion.
Tinted moisturizer products are light and allow your skin to show through makeup. Avoid that “cakey” look, If your complexion is relatively even, you can get away with a simple tinted moisturizer and then spot conceal blemishes, under eye circles or discolorations.  If your skin requires more than a tinted moisturizer in terms of coverage, look for a liquid foundation with a natural finish. A great one isGiorgio Armani Maestro Foundation (£38). It uses innovative fusion technologies that instantly and immediately impart radiance to the skin and blur out defects.  It has a huge range of tones to tailor-match your own.  We also recommend Stila cosmetics illuminator, corrector, bronzer One Step product range (24) they are revolutionary in their powerful yet easy to use dispensers that magically transform your look ..

Brush your brows.                                                                                                                                               Play with the direction upward near the nose and outward for the tail ends and fill in with eyebrow pencil where necessary, using two shades to achieve a natural tone and finish with an invisible brow mascara, or we particularly like BrowDrama by Maybelline, in shades for Blonde to Dark hair the results are wonderful and application takes a few seconds.  Remember that bushy-esque brows impart a youthful, radiance to the overal image.

Eyes and lids                                                                                                                                                         Apply a flesh tone color with slight flecks of gold or copper under the lower eyelid against the water line, this can be done in just a few flicks of the wrist, you are not going for red carpet glamour, just a natural radiance.  We also like to add a white line to the inside of the bottom eyelid to give a very clean look to the eye area and this works especially well if you are not opting for mascara on the lashes.

Brush some mascara lightly                                                                                                                   Sweeping gently over top and bottom lashes and give them a good curl.
Just enough to thicken your lashes a bit and add definition to your eyes. If you get clumps, brush through them with a metal lash brush.  It also works well without mascara at all if you so desire.

Choose a flesh tone matte lip gloss or lipstick and apply to lips.                                                          This will also work with a neutral coloured lipbalm, particular products that lend themselves to this clean look are Liz Earle range of lip treatments.

Apply a bronzer or burnt peach colored blush to cheek bone for slight contrast.                   Remember to steer clear of any products with too much shimmer or irridescence.



Fabulous flying essentials…


In your carry ons you will need rehydrating must-haves and whatever works for you is fine, on board we find that the Elizabeth Arden range of 8hour potions do the trick but they are unctuous and heavy so just go with your own faves…

Under eye revivers (we like the nip and fab venom to boost and brighten up)

Facial moisturizer (also use on hands or wherever you feel dry)

Lip balm

Use as often as required and if you are going overnight, don’t forget deodorant, face wipes and tooth brush!




Excuse me – Are you; Audrey Hepburnesque?


This is the back detail of the dress…

This weekend we visited a friend’s boutique – set up primarily for men with deep plush green carpets and comfortable leather chairs and sofas, racks of gentlemen’s clothing, accessories, shoes and the like it also houses some women’s clothing in a separate dressing area…

We discovered some beautiful vetroage (vintage/retro) items and here are two of our faves, we can literally envision Audrey strolling by the Riviera in her long elegant high waisted trousers with cropped jacket in beautiful yellows and greens with chiffon scarf delicately adorning the ensemble.

Anyway, the items are also available for sale over the phone and here is a taster for you.  If interested please call Jonty’s and ask for Jane the shop owner on 01473 214571, we are also hoping to bring some of her inspiration and in-shop alteration talent to the London area.