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Xmas lights Brentwood appearances…


We will be attending the big switch on at Brentwood in the High Street on Saturday 30th November, to personally welcome in the festivities.  We are supporting the incredible Tiger Lilly music and PR guru with her band there and are genuinely excited!

For those of you everywhere, this is the home of TOWIE, wonderful shopping and of course the fabilicious JOEY ESSEX.

We shall be presenting a couple of treats on the day so as the famous quote goes ‘you betta watch out’!!

We have a couple of busy weeks ahead building towards the chaos that is Xmas but it is all fun.

See you there!

Body image – self confidence – the real you


How sad to learn that yet another person has fallen prey to the scandal that we call body image and perfection… Rebecca Adlington (yes, she of gold medal fame) has admitted that she is haunted by trolls who condemn her for not being a replica image of a girl from lad’s mags.

We all tend to become a victim of the circus, whereby we feel we should conform to the idealistic imagery adorned in glossy mags etc however many size 16 and plus size mannequins and models that are on display in department stores, and in real life in front of our eyes, we are always left feeling ‘ugly’ or abnormal for being perfectly normal in fact.

What will it take for us to feel good about ourselves if we don’t conform to modelesque proportions with long lean limbs, perfect white teeth, long flowing glossy locks etc… Aren’t we all beautiful in our own way? and if so, how do we celebrate that? it is important to realise that this issue needs to be sorted for once and for all.

We do all have our ‘off’ days and that is completely usual, where we are not feeling our best, thus we won’t be looking at our best and it is a vicious circle.  This should be relatively shortlived and not a daily burden to be carried around.

Achievement, personality, humour, wit, good souls these are all attributes that should be hankered after and self improvement goals that we should seek to attain.  If we are lucky enough to be born with good genes then that is a bonus.

The message we should be putting out far and wide is this: Be your best self! because that is all that anyone could ever ask of you (including yourself).



Are you willing to shave your entire face to exfoliate your skin. It’s also been said that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did the same thing to keep skin looking youthful.

Now there’s a treatment called dermaplaning that uses a scalpel to remove the top layer of skin —and the dirt and oil that’s on it.  The idea behind it is similar to microdermabrasion —without the redness and irritation— but would you get freaked out at the idea of a scalpel being used on the skin. How do they prevent themselves from taking too much skin off? What if the patient sneezes?

What does make this treatment more beneficial than, a traditional peel is that it doesn’t use chemicals. But not everyone is an ideal candidate for dermaplaning. Like microdermabrasion, dermatologists don’t recommend it for broken out skin.

The jury’s out…



Source: dailymakeover




Spanx Leggings vs Calzedonia push up shape leggings


We here at the ‘house’ really value our comfort, and above all else it is this that we always go for in the end!

Whilst Spanx have been innovative from the start with their wonderful shapewear their pricepoint has not always been competitive and thus we have drifted to other brands for our fix…

The leggings that we have tried out have been somewhat like the spanx shapewear and hosiery which as we know is difficult to get on but does the job perfectly, albeit not in the greatest of comfort (particular when the tops of said items roll down when the wearer moves/breathes both of which are hard to avoid!)…

However Calzedonia has a range of shapewear called the push up legging which comes in a variety of colours and denim (we are a huge fan of the white ones – non see-through and looks amazing on).  The pricepoint at Calzedonia is fair and the wearability of the leggings are very comfortable.  They are work to get on but not a battle and certainly far easier than most others we have tried and tested.

We do recommend a trial of Calzedonia leggings particularly the shapewear items and they have launched a fantastic range for the party season…

BEST LIVE SHOW…Boni Caro Nov 13


It was the best show with live models (including BEFFTA winner of Best female model: Siobhan C Ridguard @SiobhanRidguard and runner up Adunni @dreampw) cast in Venetian splendor, the music, the canapes and the attention to detail was literally…to die for!

Offering all customers (walk ins welcome) a 20% discount, with the sun shining brightly, the music playing (at the right volume), the crowds soon amassed on this little high street in North West London.

Before long, the paparazzi were out in full force, headed up by the one and only PR guru (Dani at Tiger Lilly), Doctor Diane Keith, and a clutch of celebs (Debbie Arnold, Nicci Roscoe, Francine Lewis to name a few), we also witnessed the new music videos from RTC3 Official.  It was a day to remember, and that we shall!



Congrats to the team and a huge thanks to everyone who supported and visited…

Mix and Match your style and shape


We are doing it with literally everything now, from the mixed match (mis matched!) bikini wear to the latest fashion prints which are chosen to clash, or to be very matchy matchy.

It is on trend to wear lips with liner over the top of the colour, ditto for the eyeshadow with a white line inside to make our shapes and colours pop!

And it is very fashionable to take a clutch bag and decorate with many chain details… (courtesy of Chanel, Choo, Vuitton to name a few…)

But do remember within all this, that style is how you perceive it, there is no point in simply wearing a colour/theme just because it was spotted in a magazine, the guides are there to be just that, the rest is up to us.  We should have fun interpreting and enjoying mixing up our clothes, makeup, accessories etc.  Otherwise what is the point?

5 Anti-Aging “Cures” That Don’t Actually Work


While we all know we can’t fight the aging process forever, that doesn’t stop us from trying. Luckily, there is a trove of anti-aging products designed to firm, tighten, and smooth, promising to help us keep that youthful glow.

But, according to board-certified facial plastic surgeon Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS, who’s made a living helping women combat the telltale signs of getting older, only a small fraction of these products actually make good on their claims of preserving youth. “Only Retin-A and alpha hydroxy acids can reverse and slow down some of the signs of aging,” he says. “They don’t do miracles, but they work.”  Want to stave off fine lines and wrinkles? Dr. Naderi says you should steer clear of these popular anti-aging “antidotes.”

Celebrity-Endorsed “Miracle” Cures
Beware of products that seem too good be true—especially anything that claims to have magical properties, Dr. Naderi says. “On any given weekend, we have all seen the long infomercials starring Cindy Crawford and her ‘magic melon’ cream. It’s a fine moisturizer and if you like it, use it, but don’t waste hard-earned dollars on this nonsense,” he advises. “Cindy doesn’t look the way she does because of whatever melon mojo she rubs on her face —it’s her genetics.”

Vitamin E and Coconut Oil
While products that include Vitamin E or coconut oil are great at moisturizing our skin, they won’t turn back the clock, despite various brands’ claims.

Stem Cells
This treatment seems to be the buzzword these days, but Dr. Naderi says that while there have been big advances in basic stem cell science, clinical research in the U.S. is still at a very infantile stage. His advice? If you see a doctor wanting to inject you with stem cells, or a product claiming you should rub them on your face, walk the other way and don’t look back for another 10 years or so.

Topical Collagen
“I have injected thousands of faces with collagen or hyaluronic acid fillers,” Naderi says. “However, the endless commercials for collagen facial creams claiming to take years off without surgery or injections are bogus—schlepping it on the skin is just a temporary illusion.” These substances, he explains, give a good smooth “feel” to the skin by covering wrinkles, but they don’t actually change the wrinkles at all. Instead of buying these products, he suggests eating well and avoiding tobacco and tanning, both of which destroy can our skin’s collagen.

Pricey, Brand-Name Creams
Famous creams like La Prairie, StriVectin, and Crème De La Mer are all good moisturizers, Naderi says, and some contain peptides that can give temporary improvements to fine lines. Unfortunately, none are going to transform your skin the way Tretinoin or  Retin-A can (and at a fraction of the cost, at that). “If money is no object then enjoy these brands, but if you want your dollars to count then use a cheaper drug store brand of moisturizer combined with a prescription of Retin-A,” he suggests.


by Natasha Burton

SainSonic GS8.2E Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machine


Lose weight in the comfort of your own bathroom! This device will tone, hone and shape you up (obviously diet and exercise speeds the process) in half an hour per day, or week, however quickly or patiently you are prepared to wait…

Too good to be true? No, we have trialled it and it works.  Don’t forget to order the transmission gel (if all else fails it may lubricate car parts?) but honestly, we are very happy with the results.

Do take on board that you will be needing a visit to the WC more regularly as the machine breaks up fat cells and toxins that require to be released.  Up your water intake and you are good to go…literally!

T25 workouts – yes 25 mins per day 5 days per week


T25 is the latest invention to hit our screens thanks to Shaun T the Mr Motivator of his time (and ours today) at Beachbody.

He promises to deliver you a finely honed body, toned to perfection and results are visible after the first day… Unlikely you say? Oh no it isn’t… (well you know the rest), but we, here, at MDV have been trialling this offering and with very pleasing results at the end of week one!

Having completed the Insanity gruelling challenge this feels like a safer bet (but only because it is a 25 min program as opposed to the usual 45-59 minute versions).  The workouts are accompanied by the usual suspects to make you feel better, work harder, choice of music and volume! but also a low impact route (for those of us who have had children and therefore suffer bad backs and weak pelvic floor!).

Please do give it a go, because for a small outlay (relatively speaking) it comes with everything including how to eat, sleep, function etc but it is of course, brilliant, as we have come to expect of Shaun and Beachbody.

celebs selling creams…


We have been warned and now it is official checkout various daily papers, blogs etc, we must not trust celebrity endorsed/owned anti aging skincare unless it contains specific ingredients…

“The bottom line is that if these creams could accomplish the same thing as a medical procedure, they would be drugs and not cosmetics — and that’s what you have to keep in mind when deciding whether to try or buy,” says Marsha Gordon, MD, vice chairman of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, making it a milder version of retinoids (a prescription-only wrinkle fighter). While it takes several weeks to see results, retinol is the most effective over-the-counter anti-aging ingredient when it comes to “smoothing wrinkles, unclogging pores, lightening superficial brown spots, and improving the texture of the skin,” says Amy Wechsler, New York City dermatologist. Because of retinol’s potency, skin irritation is common, especially in direct sunlight. Apply retinol-based products at night on dry skin to avoid sensitivity and be sure to apply a moisturizer with SPF every morning.

If you have dark spots resulting from acne scars, sun damage, or old age, lighten them with niacinamade, a vitamin-B3 derivative that prevents melanin, or pigmentation, from rising to the surface. “It may help to improve the skin’s moisture barrier and collagen production, all of which reverses the appearance of sun damage,” says Wechsler. Plus, it’s known to reduce inflammation, and even acne.

Hyaluronic Acid
Though you probably associate the word “acid” with harsh and abrasive, hyaluronic acid is the exact opposite. It’s a humectant, meaning that it draws out water from the air and dermis (the skin that lies below the surface). Look for a lotion that contains hyaluronic acid, “which can add to the moisturizer’s hydrating qualities, and may even spur new collagen production,” says Wechsler.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Unlike hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs for short) are exfoliators that gently dissolve the “glue” that holds surface skin cells together, letting the dead ones slough away to reveal youthful looking skin. This process encourages cell turnover, which typically slows with age. Getting rid of dead skin also lets moisturizers, serums, and skin treatments penetrate the skin and work more effectively. But look for products with no more than 8 percent AHAs. “In high concentrations, AHAs can help fade brown spots and fine wrinkles, but they make skin extra sensitive to the sun,” says Wechsler.

L-ascorbic acid
L-ascorbic acid is just a fancy word for “vitamin C.” Though vitamin C is a good-for-you ingredient that helps boost the immune system, it’s a little more complex when skincare is involved. Think of vitamin C as a wild card — extremely volatile and unstable. “When exposed to air, it undergoes oxidation and becomes ineffective,” says Wechsler. When vitamin C is stable and good, it’s really good. It’s an important antioxidant that helps build collagen, reduce inflammation, and promote elasticity to plump up skin. But how can you tell if vitamin C in a product is stable? Look for “L-ascorbic acid” in the ingredient list.

If there’s one skincare product to swear by, it’s a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Avobenzone is a common chemical ingredient in sunscreen that blocks UVA rays. It’s often paired with benzophenone-3 or oxybenzone to shield against UVB rays. For maximum protection, apply a chemical sunscreen directly on skin before serum, lotion, or makeup. Hate the thought of chemicals? Go for a mineral block that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, suggests Wechsler. But because of its chalky texture and shield-like barrier, a mineral block should be applied last, after serum and moisturizer.

Slow down the clock with an antioxidant-packed skin saver. “Antioxidants help prevent and repair damage to your body tissue by encouraging cell growth,” says Wechsler. More importantly, they neutralize free radicals (unstable, damaging molecules in your body caused by elements such as sunlight, smoke, and pollution). The most popular antioxidants include vitamins C and E, pomegranate, green tea, and coffeeberry extracts.