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Napoleon Perdis imparts his wisdom…are you sitting comfortably?


Apply mascara first.
“I’ve always been a big believer in applying mascara first—and last. After you’ve primed your skin, apply a coat of mascara to open your eyes, create that important definition, and map the rest of your makeup look. Once you’ve finished your eye makeup, then apply a second coat of mascara. When you’re completely finished, do one final assessment to see if you need another coat for a finishing touch.”

Line your lips after applying lipstick.
“When it comes to lipstick, I always advise lining the lips last to help contain the color and perfect the shape of the lips without creating a harsh, unnatural line.”

Fill in brows from the outside in.
“When filling in the brows, I recommend working from the outside in to create the most natural shape. Brows typically need more definition on the ends so by using this method you’re applying stronger color where you really need it. When you’re finished working your way in, brush the brows back into place for a natural finish.

Use concealer before foundation.

“Before applying your base, use concealer to cover any areas of discolouration (e.g. under the eyes, around the nose and mouth, and any blemishes). Then apply foundation only where you really need it and blend it out to nothing for the most natural look.”

Line your eyes starting at the outer corner.
“To create the perfect angle for your eyeliner, line the outer corner of the lower lash line first and extend slightly beyond the corner of the eye. Then come back in toward the upper lash line. Using this line as your guide will give you a beautiful line that enhances the natural shape of your eyes.”

Skincare…the lazy low down



Some people have a skincare routine that involves five steps in the morning and another four or five in the evening, with alternate products every few nights. This routine is nothing compared to Korea where women average over 20 steps in their beauty regimens. Is this whole cleanser-toner-serum-treatment-moisturizer-mask situation even necessary, or just a product of modern marketing? Our grandmothers made do with a tub of cold cream, and as we have seen Nivea just won the challenge against Creme De La Mer.  So let’s look at this from the experts point of view…

“‘Less is more’ is often better,” says Dr. Debra Jaliman, board certified dermatologist and author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist. “The benefits of paring down your skincare regimen are that you won’t be exposed to many chemicals. It will also be less likely that your skin will be irritated.” So what’s the bare minimum of steps you can get away with and still have great skin? Dr. Jaliman says just three.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Wash your face.
Dr. Jaliman recommends a “good mild cleanser.” No need to get fancy; any treatment ingredients in a cleanser aren’t on your face for long enough to make much of a difference. If your skin is dry, try non-lathering Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (£7, and online stores). Oilier types should opt for a gentle foaming cleanser, such as Avène Cleansing Foam (£11.50, and online stores) or Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser (£9 , Dry skin types only need to cleanse in the evening; oily types should cleanse morning and night. Follow with a basic moisturizer if your skin feels tight.

2. Wear sunscreen. Every day. No exceptions.
Dr. Jaliman recommends “a broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide with SPF 30.” Renée Rouleau Daily Protection SPF 30 (£22, for its non-greasy, ultra-lightweight feel and non-chalky 7% micronized zinc oxide. If your skin is dry, choose a moisturizing formula such as Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion (£7,

3. Use one anti-aging product.
Make it a retinol, which Dr. Jaliman says is “very beneficial.” Retinol helps reduce fine lines, dark spots, and past UV damage while it improves skin texture and firmness. New NIA 24 Intensive Retinol Repair (£100, features niacin to help prevent the irritation that often comes with using retinol. Olay Regenerist Intensive Repair Treatment (£18, Stronger prescription retinoids (which work in a similar way as over-the-counter retinols) have been proven to fight both signs of aging and acne.

What you can skip:

1. Toner
“Most people don’t need to use a toner so that’s a step I would definitely avoid,” says Dr. Jaliman.

2. A separate eye cream
If your regular moisturizer doesn’t irritate your eye area, just use that (of course, if the eye area is a big concern for you, a targeted treatment might be a good idea).

MDV says:

It is also worth looking at the website for their products that contain the necessary SPF and vital other ingredients, they also have a mask and eyepatches for a little treatment…

I’m in chains…leg chains that is


Leg chains are de rigeur don’t you know!

Worn as a garter type of ornament or hanging from the waist and extending down the full length of thigh to calf.  It is not something new apparently as Egyptian and Roman aristocracy paraded around in it previously.

Although it is an attractive addition to any wardrobe worn on bare legs or over leggings, it may be a tad impractical when driving, passing through security or mounting stairs…Anyway get out there and try!


Illuminate prior to foundation


A useful and helpful tip for all makeup fashionistas!

Put a good covering of illuminating primer onto your faces first thing after moisturizing.  The Lancome eclat miracle


or Stila illuminate one step

Stila One Step Illuminate 30ml

prior to foundation works wonders to produce dewy natural and glowing skin…In some cases this will be enough to complete the look and we champion the Stila one step colour corrector which is a miracle in a bottle…it is idiot proof as well, you can put lashings of it on and it will still look good with fingers, palms or a brush!

Stila One Step Correct 30ml



Argan Oil is known for its nourishing power and rich in natural antioxidants rendering it particularly effective in hair products with its intensive humectant properties which work on dry, damaged hair.



These products are made in England!


Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for £1 new Argan Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner from visit their website and quote the promotional code of MDV10 which will allow lucky followers to receive 10%discount while stocks last.


The results are in and announced after a one month trial Nivea has outperformed its expensive opponent (and given an anti-age result of skin looking 5 years younger than the tester’s age).

One of the other real benefits highlighted during the test was the fact that Creme De La Mer needs to be warmed up in your hands until it takes on a translucent texture and appearance as this is when it is at optimum performance level, it then needs to be patted into the skin until absorbed this takes approximately ten minutes…

Obviously there will be some people who are unable to use Nivea due to reactions or intolerances to the properties that are contained therein.  For this we propose Diamond Blend skincare, it uses marine phytoplankton and oxygenates the cells of the epidermis thus plumping up the skin and giving an immediate youthful effect. visit their website and quote the promotional code of MDV10 which will allow lucky followers to receive 10%discount while stocks last.

Blue Lipstick…

From RiRi to the fashion catwalks of SS14 are we yet convinced that blue lips can ever look good (other than if we want to look like we are freezing?)

Well the simple answer is yes, just work it, there are many shades out there, and of course Barry M will have the staples for you, so for smaller price tags start there in the high street and just…well pull it off.  If you look comfortable and convincing, it will be just that.

Remember to keep the rest of the frame simple.  The focus is the blue lips.

The eyes have it!


Eyes for AW13 are smoky and simple – yes it sounds like a dichotomy in terms, but truly it is easy to create, and if you are going for this simple pastel panda eye look (descriptive isn’t it?!) then keep the rest nude in terms of colour. Define your brows or not, up to you (using two powders helps to keep it looking more natural (dark at the socket and lighter at the tail end), hint of pink creme on the cheeks and a nude lipstick no outlines. It is simple to create, and remember to use a fine brush, you can always add more… simple smoky pastel panda eyesAlternatively, try the black line it is flat this season not winging upwards and is also very easy to create with a gel liner, remember always start off simple less is more. Also in style this season is the half and half! create a smoky pastel eye in a nude shade and then add a thin black line inside or outside the lids…and go heavy on the lips! If you want a more punk look then do the heavy black line on top and halfway underneath the eye and finish off with black dots all the way into the corner of the underneath. There’s sparkle aplenty abounding in the fashion shows layer this heavily in the inside corners of the eyes (near the bridge of the nose) and pink cheeks and lots of lip! Monochrome madness is the taste of the season, using plenty of smoky dark colour around and underneath the eye and then simply highlight the inside lids with a white line! Whatever you do have fun.

AW13 is here and has landed with re and e-tailers

AW13 has definitely arrived both in seasonal change (look out of the window!) and in our favourite high street  and e-stores…

To sum it up, Primark has everything you could wish for, Topshop have outdone themselves, the colour is pink everywhere all shades and you cannot go wrong, cocoon style oversized garments including coats and just go for it and have some fun. If you need any help we are here, chat to us on line.

Do not forget to get the makeup sorted, it is ‘invisible’ trends this season, less is more (i.e. the makeup is looking positively nude), work those lips and do not forget the importance of layering there, also we are using straight lines on the upper (and some lower eyelids and under eyes).