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BB Beauty from Sainsbury starting at £4

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Sainsbury is set to launch its own brand of beauty products as of September 2013.  With beautiful tones such as corals and nudes from lipsticks to varnishes, this range is looking promising, not the least of which is attributed to the purse-friendly price tag starting at around £4.00.

Buyers need not worry about the quality either as it has been created by industry professionals so it will tick all the boses for longevity and skin friendly ingredients.

NOTICE – Forever Flawless (re4ma uk) will prove no link to Orogold


Roy Evans of re4maUK will be posting up paperwork to disconnect and disassociate his company selling/marketing Forever Flawless in the UK from Orogold and any associated or held companies therein.

They approximate this should take one month to complete.

Forever Flawless – CEO Roy Evans … discusses no link to Orogold with MDV




“We are not Forever Flawless we re4ma ltd and we have the exclusive distribution licence in the UK for marketing the American Brand known as Forever Flawless.  We are not related in anyway to Orogold, Dead Sea cosmetics, Gadi or any of those Israeli held companies.  Our company operates in Spain, Hong Kong, Scandinavia, South Africa holding and managing stores in the beauty industry around the globe.”

Please contact Roy if you have any complaints or issues with the Forever Flawless Skin Products or if you have any queries arising from this or previous articles.

The Deepest Cut!


Is it for pleasure or business, have you been on an emotional roller coaster, or simply want to change your look and don’t know why…

It is usually triggered by an emotional journey however long or short the duration, but we do resort to changing our hairstyles.  Knowingly or not.  The colours on offer on the High Street are too tempting and for a brief (45mins) we can change ourselves, if only visually, but it quite often points to something shifting inside us, deep down or superficial.

A change of the season is on the way, or more profoundly a big shift is happening on an internal level, we want to lose weight, or change our thought processes, or life has thrown some unexpected events at us (each one will prove to be for the better however difficult it may be now to accommodate and accept it).

Whilst a change is as good as a rest (as the old addage goes), it is useful to perhaps be a tad introspective and take note of the reasons promoting this.

Whatever it is and why just enjoy and go with the flow though.