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Fit Britches … the low down


Fit britches range of slimwear shapewear are available in full body, tops, leggings or shorts.  We have opted for the latter…

They have taken about a week to arrive, so we have literally been bursting with excitement to get started with the trials.

Day One

The signs are inspiring to say the least, as the size medium (10-12) fit with ease! and are just as comfortable to wear, now to test them out in the everyday scenario, and also to perform a strenuous workout in them.  Watch this space…

Day Fourteen

The britches are easy to wear and they are still comfortable, however, it is becoming a bind to have to wear them, so these would be recommended to anyone who is focussed and determined to reshape and can remember to put them on daily for workouts and then change for day wear (so you will need two of them).


Verdict 5/10