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Orogold and Forever Flawless vs. Diamond Blend THE GOOD NEWS


All is not lost!

We have found, during testing, a wonderful product in the form of Diamond Blend.  This is what they promise:

“Diamond Blend is a high-tech formula using both innovative and natural ingredients to create a range of top-to-toe instant rejuvenation treatments that target and solve the signs of ageing. Ingredients such as diamond particles and arctic marine phytoplankton are used in the Diamond Blend formula to slow down the ageing process and restore the skins vitality.Diamond Blends formula provides younger looking skin within 30 minutes. Not only is the formula rich in both minerals and nutrients, it also helps slow down the ageing process with regular use.”

This is what our tests revealed:

Diamond Blend does exactly what it promises, it is reasonably priced for a ‘bottled miracle’ (our consumers say) and results our instantaneous, without parabens or nasty hidden chemicals we can safely say that this product is great for everyone, all ages, skin types and gender.

In fact we liked it so much that we are in the process of arranging a Maison Du Vann goody bag of Diamond Blend for our customers, so watch out for that it will be an exclusive…

Cosmetic Scams BEWARE…Orogold and Forever Flawless



It is a sad fact of life that consumers are to be scammed, no more so than the abundant complaints virtually spilling unabated on many websites globally about Oro Gold.  Before we go any further we have also been approached by Forever Flawless (in the exact same pitch at the same UK shopping centre as was previously occupied by Oro Gold who are, quote ‘a related company’).  Whereas Oro Gold was selling the benefits of 24karat properties and derivatives thereof, Forever Flawless is doing the same, using the same technique and leading consumers down the diamond route.  PLEASE TAKE CARE… Let’s address this situation methodically:

1. The sales pitch which can be likened to being pushy and aggressive, and as most of the articles suggest on the web, you will be beckoned by the question ‘do you want to look younger’ or more recently, ‘have you got 5 mins?’ The answer you must give is a reounding ‘NO…why do you ask?’ do not walk over to the kiosk; stand still and listen to the approach in words, without the backup of samples, formulas or prices.  In our case, we had a wonderful sales rep by the name of Eddie – a charming and delightful boy who had been sent to London by his Israeli boss who ‘owned the company’.  We trialled ALL the creams and experienced the same PVA trick on the inside of our wrists which would have worked wondrously had it not been for the fact that we test products for a living, and have to exfoliate entirely every day! hence the skin that was being rubbed off was impossible (unless you are a snake and shed skin 3 times a day). We tried the thermal masks, collagen series, moisturizers, eye creams etc and so on, in fact it is probably safe to say we have smelt and used every product in the range.  Charming Eddie was marvellous, due to the fact he had run out of samples, he was kind enough to give us actual products to try.  We did hear the ‘numbers game’ being spieled out but unfortunately had no ‘cash’ available and their kiosk had no signal that day to process card payments! so we walked away.  During testing it was found that the products did not live up to their ‘intentions’ whilst they were pleasantly fragranced they did not bestow us with any anti aging miracles, nor did they fight acne to give the skin a blemish free radiant glow.  Unfortunately we were unable to find Eddie ever again, he did mention that he was visiting Vegas to launch the products there and similarly here in the UK at Selfridges/Harrods/Harvey Nichols and Westfield but none of these sites ever materialised.

2. Being in the cosmetic/beauty industry we were approached to try the newly launched range of diamond products now known as Forever Flawless.  Since having learned that they are ‘the same company’ and remembering Eddie’s ‘heads up’ on the upcoming launch of a diamond range we declined to test them.

Orogold was due to exhibit in Ireland recently at the Irish Beauty Show but they were a no show on the day.

Money Saving Expert online has also warned consumers about this company and related entities (Forever Flawless, Dead Sea Cosmetics) etc.

Anyone who is caught out must go to Consumer Advice Bureau (08454 04 05 06 ) and Action Fraud (call them on 0300 123 2040).

These products are not worthy of the hugely inflated price tags please be careful, if you need any advice we are available online so contact us.