How to make a peplum belt no sewing!


Try making a peplum belt using the following guide, we did it with great success and ease…


This tutorial is for you if you don’t know how to/ don’t feel like sewing. Just a little bit of glue and you’re all set!

leather peplum belt tutorial no-sew quick and easy

Here goes:


mark out points on leather - peplum belt tutorial

Make small marks on the reverse side of your faux leather. I used a ballpoint pen to do so.

Don’t be intimidated by this! The inner circle marks should be your waist size. You can use a piece of string that’s the same length as your waist and lay it out in a circle and mark around it.

For OCD people/ math-lovers: the distance from the center point, line A, should be {your waist measurement} divided by {2π } where π is pi. iPhone users, just turn your calculator sideways to landscape and you’ll get a scientific calculator and just hit the symbol π !

For ease of reference: Waist size 24″ – line A should be about 3.8″ | Waist size 25″ – line A should be about 4″ | Waist size 26″ – line A should be about 4.1″ | Waist size 27″ – line A should be about 4.3″

For line B and C, it just depends on how long you want your peplum belt to be along the front, sides, and back. I used 6 inches for B and 8″ for C. Using the same measurements, go around the circle and make marks all round.

marking how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

Join the marks. If you’re not great at freehand, make more marks!

angled point marking how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

At the front end of the peplum pattern, make an angle for the opening. I took 1.5 inches on either side. But in any case you’d have to try it on and cut more if the belt needs to be smaller.

cut out - how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

Cut it out around the outer circle and inner circle markings. Fit around your waist. I decided I wanted it higher and tighter and ended up cutting off more from the front ends.

glue ribbon - how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

You’re almost there! Just use some glue meant for leather and fabric to glue some ribbon down for closure. You can use leather straps too if you prefer.

glue ribbon 2 - how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

Glue a separate strip of ribbon to either side of the peplum belt. Let it dry and you’re done!

peplum plain

I love how the ribbon gives the leather look a bit more of a feminine feel. Hope you enjoyed this and have a great start to the week!


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