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NEW BEAUTY TREND…Facials by paper mask


We advised back in February that we would be heralding in the age of the new paper mask facial that was introduced to us from Asia, via NYC at Sephora.  We are delighted to offer to you this inexpensive treatment as of now…

Celebrities’ flawless and seemingly age-defying skin is usually attributed to expensive facials (the outcome of which is normally enhanced by good genes).

Now, this new product promises to deliver the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.
Already a huge hit in Asia, and having been widely reported on, these paper based gel face masks offer results that you’d only usually get from professional spa treatment for time-poor consumers, who don’t have the time to set aside an hour for a fortnightly at-home beauty ritual.
Another advantage of the product, is that it is less messy than traditional masks.  The biggest attraction of all is the low-cost!