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The secret to priming for makeup

Every make up artist knows that the steps taken to prep and prime before applying makeup is the key to illuminated and glowing youthful looking skin.  It is therefore an important part of the process.  MAC has launched Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion and Prep + Prime Skin Smoother, and other brands have similar offerings, go find the right one for your skin type and remember that in buying makeup go for the illuminating types such as Giorgio Armani (who won the award for the best in type) other brands also carry these so again select what feels nicest on your skin.  If you need any help contact us online …

Natural dramatic looking lashes … tips on how to


Find Black n brown mixed lashes in one strip – very natural looking (MAC does them amongst others)

Curl top and bottom lashes gently just to give a soft curve (natural look)

Mascara natural lashes

Cut false lashes strip to length of eye (shorter will blend more naturally, longer for more volume and drama)

Glue band on false lashes (glue will dry clear if not black glue)

Cut off bud on a cotton swab (or use an orange stick/wood stick) apply glue and use to secure any areas not sitting straight

Call the online assistant or mail us if you need any help… Good luck!

Pheromone Parties to find your match


Pheromone Parties are the latest craze and apparently with results too… Essentially they work by guests sleeping in a white tee shirt for three nights and then bagging up the ‘smelly’ articles  these are then taken to the party and placed in a bag (pink or blue depending on your gender).  During the night guests are able to pick up a bag and sniff the contents.  Bags are identified by a number and after the party if anyone has been attracted to the contents their profile and picture and bio is emailed to the owner of bag number.

Tips for easier false eyelash strip application


  1. Cut the strip lashes to the length between the center of your eye to the outer corner. (it’s all about blending your inner lash line lashes with the strip). Don’t apply too close to your inner eye, it will make them look less natural and is more difficult to glue.
  2. Spread a thin line of glue along the strip edge, and dry it a little to render it a bit dry and tacky (easier to work with).
  3. Use your fingers to apply the fake lash starting at the outer corner of your lash line (avoid eye lid). Press strip down on the lash line (use tweezers or orange stick or similar). Practise makes perfect, so have a few test runs first
  4. Hold down both edges of the false lash for a few minutes until they are secure on the lash bed.
  5. Finishing touch, a quick squeeze with an eyelash curler (you prefer not to curl) follow with a few coats of mascara to blend the natural and faux lashes (stop when you feel like it)