Monthly Archives: December 2011

Teeth whitening results

The most effective teeth whitening products, for speed, comfort and noticeable results, so far we have tested, gels, creams, mouthguards, dentist trays etc… The outstanding winner by far is crest 3D advanced whitening products, they are strips that are stuck onto the teeth, best results have been those applied as close to the gumline as possible and wrapped over the top (crown) of the teethline.  Followed by flossing at least once a day (keeping the teeth as clean as possible allows for the whitening to take place round all the corners etc).  There has also been an article in the daily mail science pages that the more attention paid to oral care has been linked to a decrease in pneumonia as the bacteria is being constantly flushed away.  So it is a double whammy!  TIP if like us you have a wide smile, use double the amount of strips e.g. two packs per day not one.  This means you need to buy double the amount of boxes so that you are still applying it for 2 weeks, 3 weeks etc or whatever is recommended…

Update April 2014

The new blanx shock LED toothpaste for everyday use and blue light whitening treatment are fantastic, no sensitivity and very fast.  The toothpaste activates in natural light, so the more you smile, the whiter the result!  There is also a complementary mouthwash.  Don’t forget to floss though… we have tested these products against Crest 3D all systems, Rapid White, Pearl drops and Brilliant White.


Lash enhancing serums – results

Having been using the lash enhancer religiously now for a month we can absolutely report 100% success rate.  New lashes, longer lashes (on the bottom very visible), the only downside (there has to be some?!!!) is that the lash extensions are requiring to be infilled sometimes weekly or fortnightly, as the natural lashes are growing faster and better and then falling out.  Totally expected, and indicative of a healthy regenerative cycle.

Swarovski crystallised accents


Dress up your lashes for the party season, go bold or just a hint of dazzle!  Call us now or use the online assistant for advice on how to order or alternatively how to create the look yourself at home even on natural lashes.